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Press - Various - At The Louisiana Hayride Tonight (20-CD) - relix


Press - Various - At The Louisiana Hayride Tonight (20-CD) - jambands
While the Grand Ole Opry—which both preceded it and continues into the present day—is better known, the Louisiana Hayride, broadcast from Shreveport in that state from 1948-60, has earned an indisputably vital place in the history of country music. Unlike the Opry, the Hayride demonstrated a willingness to showcase up-and-coming talent, like a kid from Tupelo with the odd name Elvis, who first appeared on the radio program in 1954 and then returned a year later for the Hayride’s television version. Presley sang 15 songs in all during his visits, all of them included on this massive boxed set from the German Bear Family label.


Press - Various - At The Louisiana Hayride Tonight (20-CD) - Rolling Stone
A 20-CD set perfectly captures the show where rock & roll began
On October 16th,1954, Elvis Presley made his first appearance on Loui-siana Hayride, performing "That's All Right," recorded weeks earlier. "They've been looking for some-thing new in the folk-music field for a long time," the radio show's host Frank Page told the 19-year-old.


Press - Various - At The Louisiana Hayride Tonight (20-CD) - Vive Le Rock, UK
20-CD mega-box of musical gold. 9/10 This is a huge box chronicling the weekly radio show 'Louisiana Hayride', broadcast live on Saturday nights spanning three decades. There's also a lavish 225-page hardback LP-sized book, rammed with info on the shows and artists. The show proved to be a cradle of stars, not least Hank Williams.


Press - Various - At The Louisiana Hayride Tonight (20-CD) - shreveport-bossier
New Louisiana Hayride Boxed Set Celebrates Shreveport Music History

Know someone who loves Louisiana music history? An expansive new boxed set from Bear Family Records, At the Louisiana Hayride Tonight, chronicles the lifespan of the Louisiana Hayride in a way that it has never been chronicled before. The release of this set has generated a wave of press coverage including articles in Rolling Stone and the New York Times. Spanning 20 (!!!) compact discs and 559 tracks, the set compiles 24 hours of live recordings from the legendary country music showcase that broadcast from Shreveport Municipal Auditorium and other locations, helping to launch the careers of artists like Elvis Presley, George Jones, Johnny Cash and more.


Press - Various - At The Louisiana Hayride Tonight (20-CD) -
The Louisiana Hayride was one of dozens of syndicated radio broadcasts scattered across America in the wake of World War II. Most of these have been forgotten to all but historians, but the Louisiana Hayride endures, albeit not to the extent of its rival and role model, the Grand Ole Opry. Based out of Nashville and founded in 1925, the Opry embraced its role as a standard-bearer, whereas the Hayride was an upstart, happy to take a chance on unknowns.


Press - Various - At The Louisiana Hayride Tonight (20-CD) - New York Times
In the 1950s, country singers made sure to visit the Shreveport Municipal Auditorium to appear on the Louisiana Hayride, a weekly three-hour broadcast featuring performers like Hank Williams, Kitty Wells, George Jones and, starting in 1954, a newcomer named Elvis Presley who got the crowd roaring. Famous names and local sensations mingle on this exhaustive, c


Press - Various - At The Louisiana Hayride Tonight (20-CD) - Wall Street Journal
Based in Shreveport, La.’s 3,800-seat Municipal Auditorium and broadcast by 50,000-watt KWKH radio from 1948-60, with some segments picked up for even wider audiences by CBS and Armed Forces Radio, “Louisiana Hayride” had a rambunctious style all its own. Chicago’s “National Barn Dance” and Nashville’s “Grand Ole Opry” had preceded it by decades, but this vaudeville-style show was born and thrived just as country music found mass acceptance, a commercial explosion it contributed to smashingly.


Press - Various - At The Louisiana Hayride Tonight (20-CD) - rolling stoneAmericana begins here. From 1948 to 1960, Louisiana Hayride was the rougher cousin, on radio and television, to Nashville's Grand Ole Opry, the show where the beginners and unknowns, the bad boys and strong women in country music, first came to make friends and become family. Produced at the Municipal Auditorium in Shreveport, the Hayride gave early exposure


Press - Various - At The Louisiana Hayride Tonight (20-CD) - mother jones
Prepare to Time Travel Through Louisiana’s Version of the Grand Ole Opry
Country music fans will find plenty to like in this massive music collection.


Press - Various - At The Louisiana Hayride Tonight (20-CD) - elmoremagazine
When it comes to deluxe box sets, the Bear Family has long ago set the bar at the top. Lately it seems they are into topping even themselves with each new release. Consider the sheer size of what they have assembled here: 20 CDs containing a total of 529 live tracks, 30 live transcriptions and commercial records made at the mothership, radio station WKHW, 167


Press - Various - At The Louisiana Hayride Tonight (20-CD) - Hyperbolium


Press - Various - At The Louisiana Hayride Tonight (20-CD) - No Depression
In 1925, the Grand Ole Opry started up a radio program from Nashville that allowed the rural community access to some of their favorite string pullin', family harmonizin', good ol' boys and girls, filling the air waves with all the major league plunkin' and wailin' a body could want. All the big stars showed up and entertained the live audience as well as taking it to the fields via the airwaves.


Press - Various - At The Louisiana Hayride Tonight (20-CD) - Grammy Award News
New "Louisiana Hayride" Box Set Celebrates Early Country & Rock Facebook Twitter Email With rare gems from Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Hank Williams, and more, new compilation shows depth of iconic radio show's catalog NATE HERTWECKGRAMMYS OCT 31, 2017 - 12:19 PM Long before YouTube channels, Spotify Discover Weekly playlists, "Louisiana Hayride" provided a springboard for many great country artists. Broadcast out of Shreveport, La., on KWKH AM 1130 from 1948 to 1960, the legendary radio show hosted blossoming talents such as Hank Williams, Johnny Cash and of course, Elvis Presley. In a massive new 20-disc, 559-song compilation titled At The Louisiana Hayride Tonight,


Press - Various - At The Louisiana Hayride Tonight (20-CD) -
All in all, Hawkins is very proud that the set is available to music fans who might not be aware of other radio shows of the time besides the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. "This is the biggest project that I've been involved with. I did a 12-CD set on Sun Records, and some other country and blues boxes, but this one is twice the size of those, and we're very pleased to get these out. Bear Family has done a great job in presenting this audio as clearly as possible


Press - Various - At The Louisiana Hayride Tonight (20-CD) -
‘At the Louisiana Hayride Tonight’ chronicles 12-year program run in astonishing detail Bear Family’s latest box-set is their biggest ever, weighing in at 9.5 pounds and consisting of 20 compact discs and a 224-page hardback book. It’s the size of 20 LPs stacked on top of one another, clocking in at an astonishing 25+ hours of audio. At the Louisiana Hayride Tonight is an astonishing historical record of the country music program’s 12-year run (and then some), broadcasted on Shreveport’s KWKH-AM. The Louisiana Hayride was a radio program akin to Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry or Los Angeles’ Town Hall Party, in that it presented popular country musicians of the day on the airwaves. However, the Hayride was notable in its presentation of early rock ‘n’ roll acts, as well as the fact that the show wasn’t just one headliner and a bunch of undercard performers.


Press - Various - At The Louisiana Hayride Tonight (20-CD) - No Depression
Bear Family Records has released many outstanding sets over the years, but this time it has surpassed even its own high standards. The At The Louisiana Hayride set is a 20-CD set comprised of 559 tracks from 167 different artists from 1948 to 1960 and a lavish 224-page hardback book (LP sized) full of photos and memorabilia. Most of the tracks have not been heard since they were first broadcast, and many of the photos have never been seen outside the radio station's walls, let alone published.


Press - Various - At The Louisiana Hayride Tonight (20-CD) - Jeff Burger
As I mentioned in a recent review of Woody Guthrie: The Tribute Concerts, Germany’s Bear Family label is renowned for its over-the-top archival box sets. You may practically have to rob a bank to afford some of them, but they’re almost invariably worth every penny, thanks to excellent remastering, extensive and meticulously researched liner notes, imaginative packaging, and—last but not least—fine and mind-bogglingly comprehensive programs.


Press - Various - At The Louisiana Hayride Tonight (20-CD) - thevinyldistrict
VIA PRESS RELEASE | Featuring more than 25 hours of music, this unprecedented collection comes packed in an LP-sized package complete with a 224-page hardcover book with rare performances from stars like Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, June Carter, Kitty Wells, George Jones, and Webb Pierce, as well as a previously unknown Hank Williams recording.


Press - Various - At The Louisiana Hayride Tonight (20-CD) - pastemagazine
If all the great new music from rookies and veterans alike wasn’t enough for us this year, we also were offered a pile of revelatory reissues and collections by some of the great artists of the 20th century, from never-before-heard live performances to rare b-sides, demos, tributes and plenty more. The best boxed sets of the year contain literally days worth of amazing music, some of which you’ve heard in scattered bursts through the decades, some of which you haven’t.