Various: Beat Beat Beat (DVD)
Art-Nr.: DVDABC103

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(ABC Entertainment) NTSC all regions - Dave Dee, Dozy Beaky, Mick & Tich and The Troggs performances from German TV!

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Various: Hollywood Singing And Dancing - The 1950s (DVD)
Art-Nr.: DVD8106

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(2009/GMT) 128 Min., color and b/w, English, Region Code Free, NTSC - The golden era of musical!

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Various - Western: Go West, Sing West - Songs und Stories aus dem Wilden Westen (2-DVD)
Art-Nr.: BVD20132

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2-DVD DVDPac with booklet, 13 chapters, 52 songs. Total playing time approx. 325 minutes. (P) 1986, color, NTSC, 4:3. Languages: English, German. Regional code: 0 Special Note: The music was made exclusively for this DVD project and cannot be found elsewhere! This...

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Various: Play Your Own Thing - A Story Of Jazz In Europa
Art-Nr.: DVDVBM0115

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(2010/VB) NTSC, Code 4, Stereo, DD 5.1, DTS 5.1, 16:9, 90 Min., English/F/I. A Story of Jazz In Europe. A Film by Julian Benedikt. "Play Your Own Thing" is an ecploration of the origins, first steps and changes of direction that have repeatedly occured in European...

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The Beatles: Help!
Art-Nr.: BLRY3741586

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(2013/Universal). Sound:DSS 5.1/DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1/PCM Stereo;Bild:1080p; region code:? running time:96 Min.

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The Beatles: A Hard Day's Night 50th Anniversary Edition
Art-Nr.: BLRY41113

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(2014/DFW). Bluray. 1080p / 16: 9;Spr: E, Sub: NL;running timet: 280 Min.

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Various - History: Target You! II - More Cold War Educational Films from The Golden Age Of Homeland Security
Art-Nr.: BVD20134

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1-DVD with 48-page booklet (English & German language). 5 Educational films • English • NTSC • b&w / colour • codefree, total playing time 238 min. Target You II: More Cold War Educational Films From The Golden Age Of Homeland Security from Bear Family...

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RODRIGUEZ: Searching For Sugar Man
Art-Nr.: DVD7065133

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(2012 ) Documentation / music film, 83 min Language: English Sound : Dolby Surround Sound 5.1 Picture : Widescreen Subtitle: German

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Various: Rock & Roll Weekender Walldorf May 2010 (2)
Art-Nr.: DVD270004

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(2011/DYNAMITE) PAL, Deutsch/English, 16:9, Stereo, 79:05 Mins., documentary incl.16 performances.

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Various: The First Ladies Of Christmas (CD&DVD Set)
Art-Nr.: DVD12074

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(2004/MaWa) 14 tracks (CD) plus DVD (NTSC, Code 0) of winter landscapes with on screen lyrics to sing-along to 13 songs of the season. Karaoke DVD mit Winterlandschaft (13 Titel)

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Various: Cruzin TV Oldies CD & Bonus DVD
Art-Nr.: CDTH579251

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(2006/THUMP) 13 tracks plus DVD, Code 0, Color, English, containing an episode of 'Cruizin TV' (California Car Show & Lifestyle series featuring Hip-Hop and new R&B music)

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Various - History: Target You! Cold War Educational Films
Art-Nr.: BVD20109

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1-DVD with 28-page booklet (English & German language). 9 Educational films • English • NTSC • b&w / colour • codefree, total playing time 131 min. On August 6, 1945, a United States bomber dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan. As we are approaching...

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TANGO FEDERICO: Dance Lessons Vol.1 (0)
Art-Nr.: DVDJAS1001

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(2003/HASMICK) NTSC, Color, 60 minutes;

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