The Outtakes CD-Album-Series by Bear Family

Rock and Roll Outtakes on CDs

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be at a recording session?

Have you ever wished you could have been a fly-on-the-wall when the Everly Brothers, Johnny Cash, or others were recording in the 50s and 60s?

Now Bear Family takes you there. Many record companies kept the tapes rolling as the artist tried one version (or 'take') after another. Then, after the session, the producer would choose the best 'take,' and the remainder would be stored away never again to see the light-of-day ... until Bear Family came along.

We have painstakingly gone through all the 'outtakes' boxes and chosen those that are substantially different from the issued take. We included the false starts, studio chatter and jive as well. So now some of the greatest artists of the last fifty years are holding a session in your living room, and you're invited!

The Rock and Roll Outtakes on CDs released by Bear Family Records.

The Everly Brothers: The Outtakes
Art-Nr.: BCD15931

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1-CD-Album mini box (CD-size) with 64-page booklet, 34 tracks. Playing time approx. 80 mns. Have you ever wondered what it's like at a recording session? Have you ever wished you could have been a fly-on-the-wall when the Everly Brothers were recording in the 1950s...

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Johnny Tillotson: The Outtakes (2-CD)
Art-Nr.: BCD16815

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2-CD Cap-Box with 60-page booklet, 58 tracks. Playing time approx. 2 hrs 47 mns. Two CDs provide a superb collection of alternative takes recorded by Johnny Tillotson at Cadence Records. The set offers Johnny Tillotson fans and collectors an opportunity to...

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Billy Riley: The Outtakes (2-CD)
Art-Nr.: BCD17122

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2-CD-Album Cap-Box, CD-size with 68-page Booklet, 79 tracks. Playing time: 148:59. Billy Riley is a classic figure from Sun's golden age. The set contains outtakes of every one of Riley's Sun singles. 78 tracks with studio chatter and previously unreleased...

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Gene Vincent: The Outtakes (6-CD)
Art-Nr.: BCD16842

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6-CD Mini-box (CD-size) with 75-page booklet, 219 tracks. Playing time approx. 451 mns. The ultimate collection for the ultimate rock 'n' roll fan. With this collection and Bear Family’s companion volume, fans can own every single note ever recorded by the...

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Johnny Cash: The Outtakes (3-CD)
Art-Nr.: BCD16325

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3- CD Cap-Box with 100-page booklet, 111 tracks. Playing time approx. 223 mns. Bear Family Records is proud to present the most eagerly awaited entry in its series of Studio 'Outtakes' releases that includes the Everly Brothers and Janis Martin . The CD-set...

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Janis Martin: The Outtakes, Plus
Art-Nr.: BCD16154

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1-CD Digipak (4-plated) with 36-page booklet, 29 track. Playing time approx. 60 mns. Rock 'n' roll was a boys club; few women could handle it, but Janis Martin could! In 1956, RCA Victor (which had just signed Elvis ), signed Janis too. She cut some of the...

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