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Discographies & References - Label

Here we go with complete discographies and references of record companies with its label listings. Some includes sessionographies which are very interesting not only to those who are on a music-historical mission.

Maurizio Maiotti: Phonocolor Records - Complete Italian Discography 1959-1971
Art-Nr.: 0071303

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(2015/Jamboree) paperback, 21x28 cm, 80 pages, hundreds of rare b/w and color illustrations. Phonocolor, Style, Oscar, Big Ben and Primavera 45RPM. EP, LP 1959-71. Custom printing - limited quantities.

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Robert Gordon: Respect Yourself - Stax Records And The Soul Explosion
Art-Nr.: 0019065

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(Bloomsbury Publishing) Gebunden, Englisch, 480 Seiten, B&W photos throughout and 8-page color insert, Gewicht: 785 g, Maße: 243 x 166 mm. The story of Stax Records unfolds like a Greek tragedy. A white brother and sister build a monument to racial harmony in...

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Barbara Barnes Sims: The Next Elvis - Searching For Stardom At Sun Records
Art-Nr.: 0042430

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(2014/LSU) clothbound, english, 218x137 mm, 240 pages.  An American institution, Sun Records has a history with many chapters—its Memphis origins with visionary Sam Phillips, the breakthrough recordings of Elvis Presley, and the studio’s immense influence on...

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Rüdiger Bloemeke & Heinz-Günther Hartig: London Label-Lexikon - London Records in Deutschland 1954-1974
Art-Nr.: BFB10029

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Rüdiger Bloemeke • Heinz-Günther Hartig • Ulrich Schlieck • Richard Weize - London Records in Deutschland 1954-1974 216 Seiten, 259 x 208 mm, gebunden / Leinen mit Schutzumschlag - German language Einleitung: Ein Label macht Geschichte 45 Künster-Biografien...

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Prestige Records: Prestige Records - Prestige Records - Album Cover Collection (Book&CD)
Art-Nr.: 0017007

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(2009/Concord Editions) Hardback, 26x26 cm, 128 pages, color, incl. audio CD (9 tracks (43:29). Edited by Geoff Gans, with an introduction by Ira Gitler.

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Maurizio Maiotti: Maiotti, Maurizio - Jolly Records -Complete Italian Discography 1958-1971
Art-Nr.: 0071301

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(2013/Jamboree) paperback, 21x28 cm, 96 pages, hundreds of rare b/w and color illustrations. Custom printing - limited quantities.

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Starday Records (HB): Starday Records - Nathan D. Gibson & Don Pierce: Starday Story
Art-Nr.: 0031034

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(2011/Univ.Mississippi) English, Clothbound, 272 pages, b&w photos; 'The House That Country MUsic Built' The story (& discography) of one of Country Music's most influential record labels. Essential reading!

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Columbia Records (78RPM): Columbia Records (78rpm) - Note The Notes-Illustrated History 1901-1958
Art-Nr.: 0071471

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(1998/MONARCH) English, Paperback, 15x23 cm, 64 full color pages. Mike Sherman & Kurt Nauck

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Victor Records: Victor Records - Michael W. Sherman: 78RPM Collector's Guide
Art-Nr.: 0071470

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(2010/SHERMAN) English, Paperback, 18x25 cm, 288 pages, completely illustrated (full color/high quality paper).

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Mouse Tracks - Disney Records: Mouse Tracks - Disney Records - Tim Hollis & Greg Ehrbar (HB)
Art-Nr.: 0071180

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(2006/UNI.MISSISSIPPI) Clothbound, English, 230x186 mm, 221 pages, many b&w illustrations.

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Pye Records: Pye Records - Betascript Publishing (Wikipedia Articles)
Art-Nr.: 0071469

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(2010/Betascript) Paperback, English, 15x22 cm, 126 pages.

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Reprise Records: Reprise Records - Complete Italian Discography 1961-1987
Art-Nr.: 0071463

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(2008/JAMBOREE) Paperback/Broschur, 21x28 cm, english/italian, 94 pages, complete illustrated in color and b&w.

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Rock-A-Billy Record Co.: Willie Lewis - The Story Of A Hep Cat ...
Art-Nr.: 0012032

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The Life and Music Of Willie Lewis by Sven Bergmann; German/English Hardback/Gebunden, 23.5x31.5 cm, 222 Seiten/pages, b&w photos Definitely the most completed book including the biographical part and the discography about Willie Lewis and his Rock-A-Billy Records...

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Polydor Singles Deutschland: Polydor Singles Deutschland - Manfred Günther & Günter Lotz: 1953-1970
Art-Nr.: BFB10015

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Die Polydor-Singles Deutschland, 1953 - 1970 von Manfred Günther & Günter Lotz A Name like Music The German Polydor Singles 1953 - 1970 POLYDOR – A name like music. Especially in the fifties and sixties the releases of this label drew a lot of...

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Sun Country: Colin Escott & Martin Hawkins
Art-Nr.: BFB10007

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The Sun Country Years Country Music in Memphis, 1950 - 1959 by Colin Escott, Martin Hawkins & Hank Davis BFB 10007 EAN: 4000127100078 ISBN: 3-924787-06-9 DIN-A5; 128 pages Sun Records of Memphis, Tennessee is still the most famous record label in the...

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