World Music and historical in big-sized CD box sets by Bear Family Records

History and World Music CD box sets in high end deluxe editions by Bear Family Records

History and World Music combined by Bear Family Records with much attention, respect and love for the detail as CD box sets in highest quality. History takes a huge part in Bear Family's products but this category contains some extra historical recordings which are important not only to history teachers. If you focus on the anti-fascism songs of the Spanish civil war or the 'Atomic Platters' of the cold war.


You'll find the rising of the Calypso craze from the late 1930s up to the early 1960s as well as the history of black musicians in Europe and much more! Every box set contains a deluxe book with a variety of informations, stories, historical advertisements and pictures, some were unreleased before. Check it out and start your journey deep into history and its stories of this world!

Various - History: Battleground Korea - Songs and Sounds of America’s Forgotten War (4-CD Deluxe Box Set)
Art-Nr.: BCD17518

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4-CD deluxe boxed set with 160-page hardcover book, 121 tracks. Battleground Korea - Songs and Sounds of America’s Forgotten War DeLuxe packaging, plus hardcover books Total no. of pages: 160, format 27 x 27 cms, in carton slipcase  Total number of...

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Various - History: Beyond Recall (11-CD & 1-DVD)
Art-Nr.: BCD16030

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11-CD/1-DVD (NTSC) boxed set (LP-size) with 516-page hardcover book, 256 tracks. Playing time approx. 829 mns.  "BEAR FAMILY deserve the gratitude of jews all over the world. This is the most exhaustive collection of Jewish music from Nazi Berlin ever...

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Various - History: Black Europe - The Sounds And Images Of Black People In Europe- Pre 1927 (44-CD Box)
Art-Nr.: BCD16095

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Grammy Nominee 2015 BEST HISTORICAL ALBUM Black Europe: The Sounds And Images Of Black People In Europe Pre-1927 Jeffrey Green, Ranier E. Lotz & Howard Rye, compilation producers; Christian Zwarg, mastering engineer (Various Artists) Label: Bear Family...

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Various - History: Spanien im Herzen - Lieder des Spanischen Bürgerkrieges (7-CD - 1-DVD Box)
Art-Nr.: BCD16093

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7-CD/1-DVD Box (LP-format) with 316-page hardbound book, 127 tracks. Total playing time approx. 326 mns. •    127 Spanish Civil War songs on 7 CDs. •    300-page hardbound book in three languages (English, Spanish, German)...

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Various - History: Calypso Craze (6-CD - 1-DVD Box)
Art-Nr.: BCD16947

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6-CD / 1-DVD boxed set (LP-size) with 176-page hardcover book, 173 tracks. Total playing time approx. 484 mns. - DVD: 14 chapters, c. 86 minutes The set comprises six CDs, covering the following topics: •    Before The Craze: Calypso Hits Of The...

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Dixon Brothers: A Blessing To People
Art-Nr.: BCD16817

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4-CD boxed set (LP-size) with 164-page hardcover book, 121 tracks. Playing time approx. 242 mns. ' Dorsey Dixon is the poet laureate of [America's] textile industry.' - Archie Green. The definitive collection of one of the quintessential Depression-era hillbilly...

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Various - History: Atomic Platters (5CD & 1DVD mit 292-seitigem gebundenem Buch in LP-Grösse)
Art-Nr.: BCD16065

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5-CD/1-DVD Box (LP-format) with 292-page hardcover book, 142 tracks, playing time approx. 6 hrs. 12 mns (audio); 9 clips (DVD, region: 0) Certain parallels between those days and the present obsession with Homeland Security can be pretty scary. 'Deja vu all over...

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Various - History: Calypso 1938-1940 (10-CD)
Art-Nr.: BCD16623

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10-CD box (LP-size) with 316-page hardcover book, 267 tracks. Playing time approx. 752 mns. The ultimate classic calypso anthology! Return with us to Port of Spain, Trinidad during Carnival in 1938, ’39, and ’40. In 1938 Decca Records in New York shipped recording...

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