Compilations CD-Box-Sets in high quality deluxe editions by Bear Family

Compilations CD-Box-Sets with music in high end deluxe editions

Bear Family Records is world renowned for unrivaled compilations. The collections are thoroughly thought through and make sense. Are you tiered of thrown together editions with dubious origins and mediocre fidelity? Welcome to Bear Family Records!

This category hosts exciting and extraordinary releases! You will find witty Calypso with lots of social criticism; the only surviving recordings by German Jews during the Nazi regime; all versions of Lili Marleen on one CD-Box-Set and several label retrospectives, i.e. D-Records, Sun and Sarg.

Culturally important documentations, history and music: it's all right here on Bear Family Records. If you should need something hot for mopping the floor get yourself "The History Of Skiffle." Keep its clean, Bud!

Woody Guthrie: Woody Guthrie - The Tribute Concerts
Art-Nr.: BCD17329

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Exclusive 3-CD set accompanied by two beautifully illustrated books containing historic liner notes and Guthrie biography, original concert reviews and photographs, attendees interviews and artists bios, and concert ephemera.   * DeLuxe packaging, two hardcover...

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Various - Historic Sessions: The Knoxville Sessions 1929 - 1930, Knox County Stomp (4-CD Deluxe Box Set)
Art-Nr.: BCD16097

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4-CD boxed set (LP-size) with 156-page hardcover book, 102 tracks. Total playing time approx. 300 minutes. •    With this set, Bear Family Records completes the map of commercial recording in East Tennessee in the late 1920s and early 1930s....

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Various - History: Black Europe - The Sounds And Images Of Black People In Europe- Pre 1927 (44-CD Box)
Art-Nr.: BCD16095

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Grammy Nominee 2015 BEST HISTORICAL ALBUM Black Europe: The Sounds And Images Of Black People In Europe Pre-1927 Jeffrey Green, Ranier E. Lotz & Howard Rye, compilation producers; Christian Zwarg, mastering engineer (Various Artists) Label: Bear Family...

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Various - Bear Family Records: 40 Years Bear Family Records (3-CD - 1-DVD)
Art-Nr.: BCD17050

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3-CD/1-DVD boxed set (LP-size) with 308-page hardcover book, 72 tracks (plus 2 documentations). Total playing time approx. 223 minutes (audio), 75v minutes DVD video) Bear Family celebrates its 40th year in the business Bear Family boxed sets continue to set the...

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Various - Record Label Profiles: Big 'D' Jamboree (8-CD Box)
Art-Nr.: BCD16086

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8-CD box (LP-size) with 168-page hardcover book, 285 tracks. Total playing time approx. 686 mns. ​The dawn of rock 'n' roll, like you've never heard it before - live from Texas 1950-1958! Hear stars like Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Gene Vincent, Wanda Jackson...

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Various - Historic Sessions: The Johnson City Sessions - Can You Sing Or Play Old-Time Music? (4-CD Deluxe Box Set)
Art-Nr.: BCD16083

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4 -CD boxed set (LP-size) with 136-page hardcover book, 100 tracks. Playing time approx. 302 mns. The famous 1927 Bristol Sessions , produced by Victor Records in Bristol, Tennessee are known as ' The Big Bang Of Country Music .' But don't overlook the recordings...

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Various - Historic Sessions: The Bristol Sessions - The Big Bang Of Country Music (5-CD Deluxe Box Set)
Art-Nr.: BCD16094

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The Bristol Sessions 1927 - 1928 - The Big Bang Of Country Music (5-CD) 5-CD boxed set (LP-size) with 120-page hardcover book. 124 tracks. Playing time approx. 6 hrs 25 mns. Double nominations for the 54th GRAMMY Awards ('Best Historical Album', 'Best Album Notes')...

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Various - Record Label Profiles: The Sarg Records Anthology (4-CD)
Art-Nr.: BCD16296

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4-CD box (LP-size) with 60-page hardcover book, 113 tracks. Playing time approx. 274 mns. Beginning in 1954, Charlie Fitch 's Sarg Record Company maintains a steady presence on the music scene in the multicultural milieu that is South Texas. With a catalogue that...

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Various - Record Label Profiles: The LIN & KLIFF Story (4-CD)
Art-Nr.: BCD15950

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4-CD box (LP-size) with 52-page book, 124 tracks. Playing time approx. 296 mns. Joe Leonard 's Lin Records of Gainesville, Texas arrived relatively late among the independent labels that began the years following World War II, and it was not especially prolific,...

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Various - Bear Family Records: 20 Years Bear Family (4-CD & Book)
Art-Nr.: BCD17005

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4-CD boxed set (LP-size) with 96-page book 1975 - 1995 20 Years Bear Family Records A celebration like this doesn't come along very often —only every twenty years. Over the course of the last two decades, Bear Family has become the byword for quality in reissued...

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