Bonus Points Program

General conditions of participation

1. Bear Family Records Bonus Points Program
1.1 The Bear Family Records Bonus Points Program (hereinafter the Bonus Points Program) is operated by Bear Family Records GmbH, Grenzweg 1, 27729 Holste. The bonus points program is a bonus program for our registered customers with which you can collect bonus points after opening a customer account and when you receive our goods. To redeem these bonus points, you can receive specially marked premium goods from us..

1.2 For the participation in the bonus points program, the conditions of participation apply in their respective valid version. You agree to be bound by the General Conditions of Participation when setting up your customer account. Participants can be any natural person who is 18 years of age. Participation is free. By signing up, you also agree to be informed by e-mail. The bonus points program starts on 01.09.2016


2. Collecting bonus points General
2.1 When purchasing certain goods specially marked by us as part of the bonus program via the electronic shop basket system of our online shop, participants receive bonus points on their customer account . The credit will be visible automatically in you account as soon as your order has the status "paid", but no later than 14 days after receipt of your order. Bonus points may only be redeemed for purposes set out in these General Conditions of Participation.

2.2 Objections to the correctness or completeness of your point of view must be submitted at the latest within one month after the date of the credit memo; otherwise, the point position is deemed approved

2.3 If you order via more than one customer account, the bonus points will be credited to each of your accounts. A transfer of points from one customer account to another is not possible.


Bonus Points
2.4 For each complete Euro of your order value you receive 1 bonus point. For special promotions you can also be credited with bonus points on a specially announced scale.

2.5 In case of reverse processing of a contract (for example, revocation, cancellation of contract, contestation, withdrawal, exchange etc.) for which bonus points have been credited to you, as well as in case of missed bookings and misuse, the corresponding point credit will be cancelled and withdrawn from your bonus credit account.

2.6 It is reserved to exclude the allocation of bonus points if you are granted other discounts or reductions for an order or in case of services within the scope of special actions. The respective point announcement of the specifically ordered goods is then decisive. A credit for Bear Family Records bonus points is also excluded for products that have a selling price of 0 Euros (for example, samples, loyalty gifts, bonuses), redeemed gift vouchers and other discounts and subsequent deliveries. Since you leave our customer account with the payment method "Pay via Amazon", you will not be credited with any bonus points for orders with this type of payment.

Expiration of points
2.7 Bonus points have a validity of 12 months each from the time the points are credited to your customer account. They automatically expire after the end of the quarter following this period. The expiry date for termination / finalization is set out in sections 4.3 and 5.2.

3. Redeem bonus points in redemption terms
3.1 Premiums can only be redeemed against premiums posted on our Online shop at the points stated in the respective bonus points. After the sending of an award order, the redemption of bonus points is no longer possible. The bonus points are redeemed by priority, which means the first purchased bonus points are redeemed first.

3.2 Your bonus points account and points credits are non-transferable and can not be converted into cash and disbursed. The current status of your point account can be viewed in your personal customer account area under "My account".

3.3 The availability of premiums may vary depending on season and seasonal periods. Therefore, the premiums are issued as long as stocks last. If a premium listed in the premium announcement is no longer available, a premium of comparable quality and quality can be delivered upon request or no premium payment will be made. Unused bonus points will be credited to your bonus account. Any payments made will be adjusted or reimbursed.


3.4 The shipping costs of the premium depend on the current shipping costs of Bear Family Records. Click here to view the shipping costs at Bear Family Records. The bonus is placed in the shopping cart by clicking on the "Select premium" button. For your bonus, you can add more goods from the Bear Family Records Shop at your regular prices

3.5 In the event that a premium is defective on arrival at your place our general terms and conditions will apply as regularly with all purchases from us which you also accept for premium products as part of the ordering process. Please send returns to the following address: Company Bear Family Records GmbH Grenzweg 1 27729 Holste


4. Termination of your customer account
4.1 You may terminate your account at Bear Family Records at any time without meeting a deadline via written notice to Bear Family Records.

4.2 A termination of your customer account by Bear Family Records is only possible subject to a deadline of four weeks to the end of the particular month, unless the termination is due to an important reason. An important reason is e.g. the abusive handling of the bonus points program by the customer.

4.3 If you terminate your customer account with us or if you cancel for an extraordinary reason, your bonus points will be forfeited without compensation. If we terminate your customer account in due time, the expiration of your bonus points shall be in accordance with section 5.2.


5. Completion of the bonus points program
5.1 Bear Family Records reserves the right to amend or supplement the Bonus Points Program subject to a reasonable period of time in the event of a material reason even without observing such a deadline with due regard for your legitimate interests.

5.2 If the Bear Family Records Bonus Points Program will be discontinued, you will be given the opportunity to redeem your bonus points collected up to the setting in accordance with section 3 for one month after setting. If this is not carried out within the time limit your bonus points will be forfeited without compensation.


6. Changes
6.1 Bear Family Records also reserves the right to amend or supplement these General Conditions of Participation to the extent that this is necessary in the interests of simple and safe processing, in particular to prevent abuses. Changes will be sent to you via e-mail to your e-mail address given in the customer account. A change is considered approved if you do not cancel your customer account within one month after the date of receipt of the e-mail. You will be informed separately in the notification.

6.2 Bear Family Records reserves the right at any time to make changes or additions to the bonus program, the premiums or other procedures described in the Participation Conditions.


7. Other

7.1 If the aforesaid provisions are not or become part of the contract, in whole or partially, the contract shall remain valid. 7.2 German law applies, with the exception of its international private law. The application of the United Nations Convention on the International Sale of Goods (CISG) is excluded.  In the event of any conflict between the English and German versions, the German version shall prevail.


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