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Discographies & References - Styles

Here we go with complete discographies and references regarding different musical styles. For example the "Blues Bible"! One of the biggest and most completed works ever had to be divided into 2 books (A to K and L to Z) covering all Blues/Rhythm & Blues/Black Rock'n'Roll recordings and sessions between 1943 and 1970. But hey, there's much more: New York City Paramount record listing by matrix numbers - wherelse you can find those books? -or the history of the Bossa Nova, California Surf and Drag, record listing of certain Jazz styles like the Be Bop. It's more than worth to check it!

Hot Rod Music 1961-1965: Rolling Stone' History Of Rock And Roll: The Definitive History of the Most Important Artists and Their Music
Art-Nr.: 0041652001

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Taschenbuch - 554 Seiten -  Plexus Publishing Ltd -  1992 - Englisch FOR THE FIRST TIME in more than a decade, ROLLING STONE'S classic history of rock has been completely revised, redesigned and updated to include the most important new sounds and...

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Jay Warner: The Billboard Book of American Singing Groups - A History 1940-1990 by Jay Warner (PB)
Art-Nr.: 0041192

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542 pages/Seiten; 23.5/17.5 cm; Paperback: A comprehensive look at most of the singing groups either black or white you will recall. Includes biographies and discographies; many excellent black & white photographs. Eine ausführliche Zusammenstellung von...

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Chas McDevitt: Skiffle - The Definitive Inside Story by Chas McDevitt
Art-Nr.: 0041610

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(1997/Robson Books) English, Hardback w.dustjacket/Gebunden mit Schutzumschlag, 17x24 cm, 294 pages, rare b&w illustrations. Foreword by Mark Knopfler and George Harrison. Few stock copies of the 1997 original version! Skiffle is the first book in 40 years to...

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Alain Boulanger, John Cowley & Marc Monneraye: Creole Music Of The French West Indies A Discography 1900-1959
Art-Nr.: BFB10028

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Creole Music Of The French West Indies, A Discography, 1900-1959 Compiled by Alain Boulanger, John Cowley and Marc Monneraye With an historical essay 'Mascarade, biguine and the bal nègre' by John Cowley Translators: Patrice Champarou (English to French) Chris...

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Roads Of Jazz: Roads Of Jazz - New Orleans, Chicago, Kansas City, New York, Los Angeles, Paris, London, Berlin (incl. 6-CD)
Art-Nr.: 0042422

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(2009/Edel ) 119 tracks on 6 CDs The 155 -page book in LP format , is written in German and English language and produces very lovingly and lavishly with numerous color photos and peppered with lots of information . This earBOOK embarks on the trail of jazz...

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Disco: Disco: The Music, the Times, the Era
Art-Nr.: 0042424

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(2011/Sterling) Clothbound w.dustjacket, 288 pages, english, 31x24 cm, full color illustrations. From its beginnings in Paris, disco quickly spread around the world, taking hold of a small club on L. A.'s Sunset Strip and ultimately becoming a lifestyle that...

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VOCALION: Vocalion 1000 & Brunswick 7000 Series
Art-Nr.: 040330

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325 pages

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Art-Nr.: 040329

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Vol.1, 1929-32,

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PARAMOUNT: NYRL Rodeheaver, Marsh & 2000 Series
Art-Nr.: 040327

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Vol.3, 1922-29, 257 pages

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Last Of The Good Rocking Men: Todd R. Baptista
Art-Nr.: 0042103

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2002, English, Paperback, 15x23cm, 48 pages, b&w photos and label shots; informative facts about the world of Gospel and Rhythm & Blues, featuring bands like the Bombers, the Four Jacks and many more!

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The Rough Guide - Latin: Sue Stewart: 100 Essential CDs
Art-Nr.: 0071438

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English, Paperback, 10.5 x 14.5 cm, 200 pages THE ROUGH GUIDE to ESSENTIAL LATIN CDs is the blueprint for a great record collection. Containing detailed reviews of 100 recordings, from Beny Mor and plenty of others that deserve to be. Provocative and right up to...

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Rock In Deutschland: Lexikon deutscher Rockgruppen und Interpreten
Art-Nr.: CDROM008106

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Diese CD-ROM ist ein Dokument der deutschen Rockgeschichte. Sie enthält die kompletten, unveränderten Biografien der drei Buchausgaben 'Rock in Deutschland' aus den Jahren 1975, 1979 und 1984. 250 Biografien; 2000 Musiker; 1500 Alben; über 200 Fotos &...

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Scott Yanow: Bebop - Essential Listening Companion
Art-Nr.: 0041687

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English, Paperback, 19x23.5 cm, 392 pages, few b&w photos; On the heels of swing in 1945, Bebop changed everything. This is the ultimate guide to the innovators, tunes, and attitudes that evolved jazz from a dance music to an art from. Through anecdotal...

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Dave Oliphant: Texan Jazz
Art-Nr.: 0041679

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English, Paperback, 15.5x23 cm, 482 pages; Texas musicians and jazz share a history that goes all the way back to the origins of jazz in ragtime, blues, and boogie-woogie. Texans have left their mark on all of jazz's major movements, including hot jazzm swing, bebop,...

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