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10cc, formed in Manchester, comprises Eric Stewart (vocals, guitar), Lol Creme (vocals; guitar) and Kevin Gogley (vocals, drums) who had played together as Hotlegs, a group which had a surprise British Top Five hit with 'Neanderthal Man' (Fontana) in 1970, and Graham Gouldman (vocals, bass), a successful songwriter of the Sixties who had written hits for the Yardbirds and Hollies among others. All from Manchester, the group were based at Strawberry Studios, where they recorded a series of self-produced hits on Jonathan King's UK label : 'Donna' (1972), 'Rubber Bullets', 'The Dean And I' (1973) and 'The Wall Street Shuffle' (1974), all of which showed total mastery of pre-vious rock styles, performed with a wit and polish that marked a new self-consciousness in British rock. All the members of the group write and produce equally. In 1975, after two equally fine albums, 10cc (1973) and Sheet Music (1974), they left UK for Mercury where they had a transatlantic hit with the ambitious The Original Soundtrack and the single from it, 'I'm Not In Love', a fra-gile ballad that epitomized both their inventive use of the studio as a musical instrument and their craftsmanlike atti-tude to song construction. Their second Mercury album, How Dare You (1976), which was even more ambitious, saw them less sure of themselves. None the less, it and its single, `Art For Art's Sake', were enormously successful.

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Changing Faces - The Best Of 10cc And Godley & Creme (LP)
10cc & Godley & Creme: Changing Faces - The Best Of 10cc And Godley &... Art-Nr.: LPTGCLP1

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(Phonogram UK) 16 Tracks - Snack Attack was created specially for this release!
Dreadlock Holiday - The Collection (CD)
10CC: Dreadlock Holiday - The Collection (CD) Art-Nr.: CDSPEC2105

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(Spectrum) 18 tracks (74:10) with 12 page color booklet. Indefinable on almost every level, 10cc manage to embody pop, heavy metal, reggae, doo-wop, soul and opera, sometimes all on the same track! Here you'll find such classics as I'm...
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Sheet Music (1974)...plus
10CC: Sheet Music (1974)...plus Art-Nr.: CDGLAM26

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CD on GLAM RECORDS by 10CC - Sheet Music (1974)...plus
10CC (1973)...plus
10CC: 10CC (1973)...plus Art-Nr.: CDGLAM25

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CD on GLAM RECORDS by 10CC - 10CC (1973)...plus
The U.K. Singles Collection
10CC: The U.K. Singles Collection Art-Nr.: CDGLAM27

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Food For Thought (1975)...plus
10CC: Food For Thought (1975)...plus Art-Nr.: CDGLAM54

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Live And Let Live (1977)...plus (2-CD)
10CC: Live And Let Live (1977)...plus (2-CD) Art-Nr.: CDGLAM55

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Meanwhile (1992 - )...plus
10CC: Meanwhile (1992 - )...plus Art-Nr.: CDGLAM52

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Look Hear? (1980)...plus
10CC: Look Hear? (1980)...plus Art-Nr.: CDGLAM53

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CD on GLAM RECORDS by 10CC - Look Hear? (1980)...plus
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