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The Petards


They loved making music and shared a common vision and the will to realize it. They revealed surprising abilities and talents with which they almost lasted for a few years for themselves and for the entire Upper Hessian region.

She achieved many of her early goals: Well over 1000 performances, 100,000 sold copies of the 1st LP, repeated tours abroad, No 1 hits, LP release in Japan etc. Only the biggest wish: they were denied a number 1 in the USA. The story of the Petards is a very unusual success story, even if the Schrecksbacher firecrackers never became intercontinental rockets...

They not only had more ideas than most of their rock colleagues, they also implemented them permanently themselves:

They offered a sovereign stage choreography.
They designed their own stage clothes and had them sewn.
They were the first band in the country with an ingenious lightshow (incl. strobe lights). The individual parts for this were purchased from the Kassel-based electrical trade.
They were the first band to distribute stickers with their own logo (and other promotional material anyway).
They built up a network of 380, mostly really active fan clubs, which made them as popular as they are today only possible via MTV/Viva.
They repeatedly exchanged the concert stage with a theater stage
They organized the legendary Herzberg festivals, at which German pop mainstream met the underground for the first time.
To top it all off, Arno delivered his incomparable drum solo every evening at his shooting range with two bass drums (New!).

Eventually they were overtaken by the times, the spirit of the times, the growing competition (with hair, musicians & managers & connections), sometimes even overtaken: For some years they set the bar very high for other bands. They consistently fulfilled their demands, which many an alternative Krautrock/Underground band failed to meet:

They were absolutely independent.
They wrote their own plays.
They were their own road managers for a long time.
The man on the rhythm guitar was the manager.
The man on bass was the fan support.
They designed their own logo, posters and record covers themselves.
They were also as professionals their own promoters, organized many appearance from A - Z themselves.

Actually, this band shouldn't have had any success, because they were carrying around some handicaps. It speaks for them that they took them away effortlessly for years:

The Petards had no manager, no connections in the music business, no role model to copy.
They were, albeit ambitious, yet isolated boys from the deepest province.
Two band members were objectively seen very moderate musicians.
Two band members wore toupees from the beginning because of their sparse hair growth. (A phenomenon that is still rare in rock history.)

With this CD edition of their total output, 25 years after the end of the band, a late happy ending is delivered.

Let's go back to the beginning....

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The Petards: A Deeper Blue (LP, 180gram Vinyl)
Art-Nr.: BAF18046

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- The first volume  in our series with 1:1 vinyl re-issues of the four original Petards albums. - One of the most popular and successful German beat and rock bands. - The first album of the group, originally released in 1967. - New edition - re-mastered;...

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The Petards: Hitshock (LP, 180gram Vinyl & A3 Poster)
Art-Nr.: BAF18048

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Vinyl LP (180 gram) with DinA3 poster. 12 tracks. Total playing time 34:50 minutes.  • Third in our series with 1:1 vinyl reissues of the four original Petards albums. • At that time the Petards were one of the most popular and successful German rock...

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The Petards: The Petards (LP, 180gram Vinyl)
Art-Nr.: BAF18047

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1 Vinyl LP (180 gram) with DinA3 poster. 11 tracks. Playing time approx. 34:57 mns. Second volume in our series with 1:1 vinyl re-releases of the four original Petards albums. At that time the Petards were one of the most popular and successful German rock bands....

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The Petards: Anthology (6-CD Deluxe Box Set)
Art-Nr.: BCD16180

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6 CD box (LP format) with 70 pages of book, 119 titles. Playtime approx. 378 mns.  PETARD (Mrs. pétard, péter, to make a light explosion) The brothers Klaus and Horst Ebert already played in a Skiffle & Dixie Band, the Magic Stompers, during their...

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The Petards: The Petards (CD)
Art-Nr.: BTCD971404

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(1989/Bear Tracks) 20 tracks - The Petards have tried the impossible. In the early years of rock music, they met as a completely isolated German band from the provinces to achieve their national breakthrough on their own - the dream of international fame in the...

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