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Narvel Felts Narvel Felts Rocks (CD)

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1-CD Digipak with 40-page booklet, 35 tracks. Total playing time approx. 79 mns. •...more

Narvel Felts: Narvel Felts Rocks (CD)

1-CD Digipak with 40-page booklet, 35 tracks. Total playing time approx. 79 mns.

Another great rocker in our highly acclaimed and constantly expanding ROCKS! series! 
Wild-and-woolly rockabilly – his early sides including 1956 live performances!
Multi-label compilation features Felts classics originally on the Mercury, Sun, ARA, Pink, Cone, Hi, Rollin’ Rock, Rockstar, Renay, Southern Sound labels—all of them blistering rockers.
Recordings from his ’wild’ period before he broke through to mainstream.
In-depth liner notes by compiler Bill Dahl cover the entirety of Narvel Felt’s early rocking career.
Rare photos and illustrations in the booklet.

Considering his incredible vocal talent, stardom remained surprisingly elusive for Narvel Felts for far longer than it should have; only during the ‘70s did his name become a household word among country music fans.  

Narvel Felts first emerged as a wild-and-woolly rockabilly during the ‘50s, laying down some amazing demos with his Rockets at Sun before moving over to Mercury for his sizzling 1957 debut release and then to other labels, always retaining his own distinctive sound. 

‘Narvel Felts Rocks’ is the first CD compilation to span his early career, featuring his best rocking sides for Sun, Mercury, ARA, and Hi as well as five untamed live performances from 1956 with Jerry Mercer’s band that predate his recording days altogether. By the time Narvel broke through to the mainstream, he’d already built quite a recorded legacy—and this disc is convincing proof!

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  • Interpret: Narvel Felts

  • Album titlle: Narvel Felts Rocks (CD)

  • Genre Rock'n'Roll

  • Label Bear Family Records

  • Preiscode AR
  • Edition 2 Deluxe Edition
  • Artikelart CD

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Felts, Narvel - Narvel Felts Rocks (CD) CD 1
01Cindy LouNarvel Felts
02Cry Baby CryNarvel Felts
03Lonely RiverNarvel Felts
04Foolish ToughtsNarvel Felts
05Night CreatureNarvel Felts
06GenaveeNarvel Felts
07Kiss-A-Me BabyNarvel Felts
08Vada LouNarvel Felts
09MaybellineNarvel Felts
10Cutie BabyNarvel Felts
11Did You Tell Me (You Didn't Care)Narvel Felts
12Tally HoNarvel Felts
13TonyNarvel Felts
14Mr Pawnshop BrokerNarvel Felts
15Chased By The DawnNarvel Felts
16Hard Time Gettin' HomeNarvel Felts
17Go Go GoNarvel Felts
18Sweet, Sweet LovingNarvel Felts
19Lola Did A DanceNarvel Felts
20Rocket RideNarvel Felts
21Blue Suede ShoesNarvel Felts
22Lover BoyNarvel Felts
23Little Miss BlueNarvel Felts
24Baby Let's Play HouseNarvel Felts
25I'm Headin' HomeNarvel Felts
26Your True LoveNarvel Felts
27Mystery TrainNarvel Felts
28Lonesome FeelingNarvel Felts
29Tongue Tied JillNarvel Felts
30Riverside DriveNarvel Felts
31My BabeNarvel Felts
32Woman LoveNarvel Felts
33Dee DeeNarvel Felts
34Get On The Right Track BabyNarvel Felts
35Pink And Black DaysNarvel Felts
NARVEL FELTS DID YOU TELL ME When I was thirteen years old we still lived in Arkansas and... more
"Narvel Felts"



When I was thirteen years old we still lived in Arkansas and I traded my BB gun for a beat up Gene Autry guitar that was held together with a Prince Albert tobacco can and some bailing wire. A year later, when I was fourteen, we had moved to Missouri and I picked cotton and ordered a new one from Sears & Roebuck for $15.98. Then in early 1956, I was seventeen at the time, I entered a high school talent contest at Bernie, Missouri. I sang Baby Let's Play House and when they wanted an encore there was a new song I had heard a few times by Carl Perkins, called Blue Suede Shoes. By chance there was a disk jockey in the audience that night from KDEX radio in Dexter, Missouri - his name was Weldon Grimsley, and the next day I was sitting at home listening to the radio, and they said "if Narvel Felts is listening please contact KDEX immediately". I ran outside and told my daddy what they had said on the radio. It was cold winter time and he had the water drained out of the radiator of his 1946 International truck. He put water in the truck and drove me eight miles up the gravel road to Bernie to the nearest phone, and I called KDEX an they said"bring your guitar and come on." I took J. W. Grubbs with me and they gave us a little Saturday afternoon radio show, live.

A little while after that, on March 24, 1956, I ran across Jerry Mercer one night at the Fourway Inn in Dudley, Missouri. He got me up to sing and invited me to come to Pop Schmitzer's, near Malden, the next night and sit in with him some more and this led to a regular job in Jerry Mercer's band along about the spring of 1956. We played a lot of the local clubs in south-east Missouri, north-east Arkansas and some in Illinois and played a package show that summer with Roy Orbison when  Ooby Dooby  was his current record and Go Go Go  the  B-side of it. Eddie Bond and The Stompers were also on the show and Eddie 's record on Mercury at the time was I Got A Woman and Rockin ' Daddy.

During 1956 from the spring until about mid December I worked with Jerry Mercer and I would play the slap bass when he was singing and he would play it when I was singing. We would trade and both of us played. I would play rhythm guitar when I sang and he would play rhythm guitar when he sang. During this period of time we did that show with Roy Orbison and Eddie Bond at Dexter, Missouri, and within a couple of weeks after that show I wound up with an audition with Sun Records. Calvin Richardson, who was my manager and a Dexter music store owner at the time, told me that Roy was going to help him get an appointment at Sun for me, so Leon Barnett and I drove down in my Chevrolet to Sun. It was very hot summer-time, probably August or early September, when we auditioned for Jack Clement. Jack told us to write some more songs, bring the whole band back. However, we did not wind up doing that until early 1957. In the meantime, in December of 1956, Jerry Mercer got married and decided to quit the music business. The band now became 'Narvel Felts and the Rockets'.

#On my Sun recordings Jack Clement was the producer. We went in with the band, the first time was in January 1957 when we did five songs, then we came back for an

other session i

n April. I had felt like there were three sessions but the Sun session book doesn't confirm that. They say that the following session was in early April of 1957 and it would probably have been the one that produced My Babe. I remember at the first session Roy Orbison was in the control room with Jack Clement. Conway Twitty was still Harold Jenkins and had a chair pulled up by my microphone in the studio, listening to me. I had met Jerry Lee Lewis at Taylor's cafe next door that morning, and Johnny Cash came in at the front office and watched us for a little while that day. I remember that at the session when I recorded My Babe, I said the line, "when she's hot, there ain't no coolin,'“ I remember Jack Clement and Roy Orbison had their heads popping around, looking at each other kind of in surprise when I said that, like it was a sort of shocking line at that time.

After I'd finished the last session at Sun, Jack Clement said  "well think we've got a record here. It may take about a year to get around to releasing it because we've got so many in front of you." At the session when Conway Twitty was also there, Roy Orbison called Conway and myself off in a corner, and said, "Boys, if I were you, I would look elsewhere for a label. That's what I'm going to do when my contract's up, because Sam's not interested in me, he's not interested in you, he's not even interested in Perkins. He's only interested in Cash and this new kid, Jerry Lee Lewis."

In early March of 1957, I was playing the Fox Theatre in St. Louis and Fred Varney, who had some connections with Mercury Records in Chicago, wanted to take us to Chicago to audition for Mercury. At that time I still was recording for Sun. We were at the Fox Theatre playing, I believe it was probably three shows a day, possibly more, with the movie 'Rock Pretty Baby'. We did not go to Chicago at that time, but a little later, after we had done the other session for Sun and Jack had said, it would be a year before they could release anything. I was doing another tour of theatres in Illinois and we were playing in Lichfield, Illinois, I believe two nights off in between, Fred Varney came by again. He had had a man named Cliff Mantle book those theatres and they were kind of partners in the business. Fred had a printing company in St. Louis. He offered again to take us to Chicago and this time we took him up on it.

He took us to 35 East Wacker Drive, just walked in the Mercury offices with us and the band, so the people were saying "what are you doin', bringing a band in here like this...? " Anyway, they finally decided to listen to us and so we brought the equipment up and sat in the office with no microphone, and Art Talmadge walked over and stood near me where he could hear my voice over the band. I was kind of singing in his ear. We did a couple of songs and he said send them on down to Universal Studios to record. We went down that afternoon and recorded until probably midnight after taking supper break, and wound up recording ten songs. Within a month my first record Kiss-A-Me Baby andFoolish Thoughts  was on the market. I believe it was the 10th ofJune, 1957.

The band that I recorded with at Mercury was still the same that was on my Sun sessions. Also a piano player named Chuck Stacy worked some of the songs on the Chicago session with us. The line-up was myself doing vocals and rhythm guitar, Leon Barnett on lead guitar, J. W. Grubbs on bass, Bob Taylor on drums and Jerry Tuttle playing steel guitar and saxophone; in fact later on that year we recorded an instrumental that featured Jerry on saxophone, called Rocket Ride. That record came out and really started getting some action, this was early '58. The story goes that Art Talmadge heard a radio station in Chicago play Rocket Ride on a slow speed and it sounded like a stroll record to him, and they had a hit at the time with the Diamonds’ The Stroll, and so he slowed it down, and it was re-issued very quickly as Rocket Ride Stroll. That was actually a re-recording and I believe it was Sil Austin and the Orchestra who recorded Rocket Ride Stroll and they issued it under my name. The original Rocket Ride was just us, the Rockets. We did that at RCA Studio B in Nashville in October of 1957, featuring Jerry Tuttle on saxophone...

Narvel Felts Did You Tell Me
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Customer evaluation for "Narvel Felts Rocks (CD)"
31 Jul 2019

If you’re unfamiliar with Narvel, this is a great place to start.

21 Jul 2019

Diese CD ist ein Genuss.

Presse - Narvel Felts - Narvel Felts Rocks - Oldie Markt
Die Reihe von Rock 'n 'Rollern, die irgen-dwann zur Countrymusik wechselten, ist schier end-los und der bei Keiser in Arkansas am 11. Novem-ber 1938 geborene Mann war einer von ihnen. Er begann 1956, als er einen Talentwettbewerb in sei-ner High School gewann. In den 50er und 60er Jah-ren brachte er vor allem Rockabilly, doch dann schwenkte er ab zur Coun-trymusik. Die 35 Songs beweisen, dass er ein phantastischer Sänger und echter Rocker war. Diese CD ist ein Genuss.

12 Jun 2019

absoluter Kracher

laüft seit 2 Tagen bei uns in der Dauerschleife kommt auch eine BOX ??

16 May 2019

Pink & Black Days!

this is a real fine collection
have a great weekend

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Press Archive - Narvel Felts - Narvel Felts Rocks - Old Time Review UK
Press Archive - Narvel Felts - Narvel Felts Rocks - Old Time Review UK While not musically groundbreaking, this collection is a nice diversion from the usual names that appear in conversations about the genre. Anyone who enjoys good authentic Rockabilly music will get a good kick out of the selection but may be bemused by other influences that occasionally seep through. Bear Family Records have created a full package that represents a prolific but underrated era in the career of Narvel Felts. There may be one or two issues, but none detract from the excellent sound quality and raw Rockabilly. If you’re unfamiliar with Narvel, this is a great place to start.
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Felts, Narvel - Narvel Felts Rocks (CD) CD 1
01 Cindy Lou
02 Cry Baby Cry
03 Lonely River
04 Foolish Toughts
05 Night Creature
06 Genavee
07 Kiss-A-Me Baby
08 Vada Lou
09 Maybelline
10 Cutie Baby
11 Did You Tell Me (You Didn't Care)
12 Tally Ho
13 Tony
14 Mr Pawnshop Broker
15 Chased By The Dawn
16 Hard Time Gettin' Home
17 Go Go Go
18 Sweet, Sweet Loving
19 Lola Did A Dance
20 Rocket Ride
21 Blue Suede Shoes
22 Lover Boy
23 Little Miss Blue
24 Baby Let's Play House
25 I'm Headin' Home
26 Your True Love
27 Mystery Train
28 Lonesome Feeling
29 Tongue Tied Jill
30 Riverside Drive
31 My Babe
32 Woman Love
33 Dee Dee
34 Get On The Right Track Baby
35 Pink And Black Days