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Press - Mojo Magazine

Various ***** The Knoxville Sessions, 1929-1930: Knox County Stomp

BEAR FAMILY CD Flawlessly curated box set of landmark Brunswick, Vocation recordings from Knoxville, Tennessee. The third in a trilogy of Bear Family sets documenting the Appala-chian music scene at the end of the 1920s, this 4-CD collection, with a superb hardback book by Ted Olson and Tony Russell, show-cases the wide variety of talent captured during two extended sessions at Knoxville's St James Hotel. Hillbilly string band Ridgel's Fountain Citians sang fine barn-shakers like Baby Call Your Dog Off -


Presse - I-News UK

The Explosive Little Richard The Okeh Sessions Bear Family By the mid-1960s Little Richard was, as Bill Dahl points out in his excellent sleevenotes to this vinyl reissue, facing a musical dilemma A R&B star turned rock’n’roller he’d enjoyed huge success in the late Fifties with a string of rock’n’roll classics for the ...


Press - - Posted: Sunday, August 28, 2016 2:22 am


JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. – Neither the Carter Family nor Howard Armstrong will literally return from the dead anytime soon. Likewise Appalachia circa late 1920s. However, with the recent completion of Bear Family Records’ trio of boxed sets, each elevates in the public eye.

Windows opened to Appalachian times and people long gone by when Germany’s Bear Family zeroed in on the Bristol Sessions. Its complete recordings box set, “The Bristol Sessions: The Big Bang of Country Music 1927-1928,” in 2011 proved revelatory.

Maybelle Carter as best she could returned from the grave. Music arose from a forgotten heap. Culture rebranded as honorable.

East Tennessee State University professor Ted Olson shepherded the Bristol Sessions and subsequent complete recordings sets from the John-son City and Knoxville Sessions in a number of ways. He served as reissue producer, wrote liner notes and researched each of the three monumental collections.

“It was a labor of love,” said Olson over lunch last week at Yee-Haw Brewery. “Bear Family spared no expense.”


Press - Swedish Country Music Magazine
Bear Family fortsätter sin kultur-gärning med att ge ut CD-boxar på hillbillyinspelningar. Tidigare har de gett ut inspelningarna från städerna Bristol resp. Johnson City.


Press - CREOLE MUSIC OF THE FRENCH WEST INDIES —A DISCOGRAPHY 1900-1959 John Cowley (Editor) Bear Family Publications BFB 10028 (2014); 367 pages; illustrated; ISBN 978-3-89916-7054

Things have come a long, long way since discographies were just lists of records with personnel and recording dates where known. This beautiful-looking tome was originally intended as a list of 78s containing French Caribbean music; this includes recordings made in mainland France, England and the U.S.A. within the specified time constraints, and jazz recordings featuring French-Caribbean musicians (from Guadeloupe, Martinique and French Guiana) with either French or American musicians, or their involvement with Latin or African sessions; popular entertainers such as Henri Salvador receive only partial listings, comprising only those titles that are 'idiomatic repertoire of the French Antilles". It became apparent that the end of the 78 rpm era was difficult to define, so 1959 was picked as the most logical end-date. Standard discographical format is followed in the listing itself, which means of course that the first listed session is of four North American spirituals recorded by Louis Achille in 1934! Releases are given for 78s, microgroove and CD issues, there is a checklist for vinyl and CD releases, a list of names, and a title index, in addition to the main discography itself. That may be the prime purpose of the book, but it is actually less than half of the story.


Press -Alain Boulanger/John Cowley/Marc Monneraye Creole Music Of The French West Indies -A Discography 1900-1959 Bear Family Publications As the sub-title says this is essentially a list of recordings that document the output of musicians from Martinique and Guadeloupe at the turn of the 20th century, and if that may sound a little on the dry side then the results are anything but. For a start the book is a visual feast, with each page dotted with


Press - Creole Music Of The French West Indies A Discography - Brill Online Books
Alain Boulanger, John Cowley & Marc Monneraye, Creole Music of the French West Indies: A Discography 1900–1959. Holste-Oldendorf, Germany: Bear Family Records, 2014. 367 pp. (Cloth US$ 61.18)

This book is a rarity—a discography that dazzles: one part visual treat, one part meticulous scholarly document. Its publisher, known for lavish boxed sets of rereleased popular music of the past (mostly American and European), took its first major plunge into Caribbean music in 2006 with ten CD s of classic Trinidadian recordings from the late 1930s accompanied by a thick, beautifully illustrated book including chapters by several of the world’s leading calypso scholars


Press - ■ The Advocate music

Buzzin' the Blues
Lavish box set pays tribute to swamp blues artist Slim Harpo
Germany's Bear Family Records, probably the world's greatest reissue label, has given swamp blues artist and West Baton Rouge Parish native Slim Harpo the star treatment. James Moore, the singer and harmonica player whose stage name was Slim Harpo, is the subject of the lavish new Bear Family box set, "Buzzin' the Blues: The Complete Slim Harpo." The LP-sized box holds five CDs, 142 tracks and a profusely illustrated 104-page book written by roots music historian Martin Hawkins. Moore died at 45 in 1970. Be- Hawkins fore his death, he wrote and recorded a remarkably consistent catalog that includes the national hits "Rainin' in My Heart" (1961), "Baby, Scratch My Back" (1965) and, the 1957 swamp-blues classic that later was recorded by The Rolling Stones, "I'm a King Bee." "Rainin' in My Heart," Moore's soul-ful ode to love gone wrong, became a south Louisiana anthem that always pulls couples to the dance floor. His in-fectious "Baby, Scratch My Back" is as funky as blues gets. Besides The Rolling Stones, the many music stars who have re-recorded Moore's songs through the decades in-clude Otis Redding, The Grateful Dead, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Joan Osborne, The Who, The Yardbirds, The Kinks, Dave Edmunds, Van Morrison (with Them), Hank Williams Jr., Pink Floyd and the Doors. In Baton Rouge, the annual Slim Harpo Music Awards keeps Moore's name alive while simultaneously honor-ing musicians who've been influenced by him and have spread his music far and wide.


Presse - Chuck Berry Recordings 05.11.2014

Chuck Berry: Rock And Roll Music – Any Old Way You Choose It
Bear Family BCD 17273 PL, 16 CDs, 350 pages in two books

Collectors of our kind of music already know: When Bear Family takes care of one of our favorite artists, you can purchase the result without any doubt, no matter if they cover Bill Haley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, or as here Chuck Berry. So why write a review then? Because there are collectors who think more than twice when a box comes with a price tag of 300 Euros (or $400). So what do you get for the money?
One thing you will get is simply everything, no less than the total musical works of Chuck Berry. Just turned 88, this pioneer of rock music in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s worked for the labels Chess, Mercury, and Atco. During these times more than 300 studio recordings originated. And all of them are in this box.
The Chess recordings had been reissued in 2008 to 2010 by Hip-O Select, a sub-label of Universal Music. Likewise the Atco recordings are available on CD.


Press - FRANK FROST with THE NIGHT HAWKS - Hey Boss Man!
(Bear Family, Germany) LP It's great to see Bear Family back in the vinyl game with this high quality, 180gm, direct metal mastered repro of this unheralded Blues classic, origi-nally released on Philips International in 1962. Arkansas-born Frank Frost was a singer, guitarist and harp player who got his start in the Tate '50s backing Sonny Boy Williamson.


Press - Duane Eddy
Twangin' From Phoenix To L.A. (5-CD)
Classic Cuts June 2012

Duane Eddy was immensely influential as a musi- cian. His electric guitar instrumentals forged an entire rock guitar cul- ture.As an artist in his own right, he was immensely success- ful totalling fifteen hits in five years from 1958 to 1963 while his Peter Gunn single continues to express an iconic sound that was much covered by many of the early beat groups in the early sixties, as well as more contemporary outfits such as The Art Of Noise (with Eddy guesting on guitar, no-less) and Emerson Lake and Palmer.

Eddy – obviously a frustrated audiophile – talked about the origination of that ‘twang’,“When
I first went into the studio in the fifties, I learned that the bass strings recorded better than the high strings. They were more powerful and more gutsy. So that’s how I came up with the sound. I had to be careful not to overplay. [If you do] It runs together and takes away a lot of the feeling and direction. I had this amp that was more powerful than any on the market at the time. It didn’t actually make it louder but it made the sounds clearer.” This new release from German- based Bear Family (www.bear-family. de) includes all of the tracks recorded for the Jamie label, by Eddy, including Peter Gunn, but also others such as Rebel Rouser, Cannonball and Yep.


Press Archive - Next Stop Is Vietnam - Culture and Society
American musicologist Hugo A. Keesing has compiled a 13-CD collection of more than 300 songs of, by and about the Vietnam War and the soldiers who fought in it. Leavened with excerpts from historic speeches and broadcasts – Eisenhower on the ‘military–industrial complex’, Johnson requesting the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, the rst draft lo ery draw, and many others – the anthology, while selective, o ers a comprehensive overview of the war, the war at home and the legacy of both as re ected in popular culture. A fourteenth CD-ROM includes all the song lyrics, and a highly pictorial.


Press Archive - Next Stop Is Vietnam - EL PAÍS
Next stop is Vietnam' contiene 13 discos y un libro de 300 páginas
58.220 dejaron su vida— en la guerra de Vietnam (1964-1973), cuya sombra persigue no solo a los supervivientes. Next stop is Vietnam.


Press Archive - Next Stop Is Vietnam -
Now this is what I call a box set: the kind you need two hands to lift. … Next Stop Is Vietnam: The War on Record 1961-2008 has more than 300 songs on 13 CDs documenting in music the American experience of the Vietnam war, and includes a hefty LP-sized hardback book.


Press Archive - Next Stop Is Vietnam - New York Times
.. NEXT STOP IS VIETNAM: THE WAR ON RECORD: 1961-2008 By the time you get to Huey Lewis and the News’ “Walking on a Thin Line,” on the 10th disc of this astonishing anthology, you need a little bit of Mr. Lewis’s optimistic rasp, even though he’s singing from a post-traumatic-stress perspective: “Taught me how to shoot to kill/A specialist with a deadly skill.”


Press Archive - Next Stop Is Vietnam -
NEXT STOP IS VIETNAM: The sound of history being debated | Elsewhere by Graham Reid
Preview track Jan Berry: The Universal Coward

On Christmas Day 1969, at age 18, I flew in to Saigon. It was 10 months after the Tet Offensive which saw Vietcong soldiers at the door of the American embassy in Saigon and the war was at a peak. I went to Vietnam because I was curious . . . and because could.
In fact, surprisingly, anyone could.
Saigon, the capital of South Vietnam, was on PanAm’s regular route -- PA001 if I recall. But there was an obvious reason why most people wouldn’t want to go.


Press Archive - Next Stop Is Vietnam -
So what we have here is not just a jolly selection of gallows humour music and doom-mongering from the likes of The Doors and Pete Seeger but a complete cultural record of the ordinary people who put their thoughts into song; direct, affective, often devastating but always riveting. An incredible production.


Press Archive - Next Stop Is Vietnam -
Davanti all’indignazione della guerra tutti inorridiamo. Nell’epoca dei grandi movimenti, dell’eclettismo, delle speranze, del mondo che (ci si augurava) andava cambiando in meglio però c’era - e purtroppo ancora c’è - chi quelle guerra, qualsiasi guerra, la viveva e la vive sulla pelle.


Press Archive - Next Stop Is Vietnam -
Det tyske plateselskapet Bear Family Records er kjent for å ta på seg antologisering av musikk det skal bjørnekrefter til for å gjennomføre. Det spørs om ikke selskapet overgår seg selv med utgivel- sen av «...Next Stop is Vietnam: The War on Record: 1961–2008».
I 1963 fikk countrysange- ren Bob Necaise en hit med sangen «Mr. Where is Viet- Nam». Necaise skrev sangen på ti minutter og fikk den fem år gamle sønnen til tromme- slageren i bandet sitt, The Delta Sho-Men, til å bidra med det essensielle spørsmå- let, altså «Hvor er Vietnam?».


Press Archive - Next Stop Is Vietnam -
AllMusic Review by Stephen Thomas Erlewine [-]
Bear Family is no stranger to ambitious box sets, but they’ve never attempted anything as monumental as ...Next Stop Is Vietnam: The War on Record 1961-2008, a staggering 13-disc aural history of the U.S. entanglement in 'Nam. The size of the set is suitably weighty for the topic, and the leisurely length allows explorations of plenty of curious detours -- left turns that wind up telling more about how the war cut into the fabric of American society than


Press Archive - Next Stop Is Vietnam - npr music
The history of the Vietnam War has been told many times in hundreds of books, movies and plays. But Next Stop Is Vietnam explores the impact of that conflict through the popular music it inspired.
In 1969, Gary Hall was an orthopedic technician at the 17th Field Hospital in An Khe, in Vietnam's Central Highlands. He saw what seemed to be an endless stream of wounded and dead, and Hall says music took him away, at least temporarily.
"In An Khe, the popular song was 'Love One Another' [by] The Youngbloods," Hall says. " 'Come on people now, smile on each other, everybody get together, gonna love one another right now.' That's the one I remember really strongly."
But if you ask a lot of veterans, the song that captures their feelings about Vietnam is "We Gotta Get Out of This Place," a 1960s pop hit by The Animals, which was really about young people trapped in a British urban slum.


Press Archive - Next Stop Is Vietnam - npr music
The history of the Vietnam War has been told many times in hundreds of books, movies and plays. But Next Stop Is Vietnam explores the impact of that conflict through the popular music it inspired.
In 1969, Gary Hall was an orthopedic technician at the 17th Field Hospital in An Khe, in Vietnam's Central Highlands. He saw what seemed to be an endless stream of wounded and dead, and Hall says music took him away, at least temporarily.
"In An Khe, the popular song was 'Love One Another' [by] The Youngbloods," Hall says. " 'Come on people now, smile on each other, everybody get together, gonna love one another right now.' That's the one I remember really strongly."
But if you ask a lot of veterans, the song that captures their feelings about Vietnam is "We Gotta Get Out of This Place," a 1960s pop hit by The Animals, which was really about young people trapped in a British urban slum.


Press Archive - Next Stop Is Vietnam - Record Collector
Coincidentally, it's a 40-plus-year overview of rock'n'roll itself, spanning every genre from the expected topical folk (Seeger, Ochs, Paxton) to exploitative pop in search of a hit. Only around 40 choices were automatic, ranging from Staff Sergeant Barry Sadler's gung-ho No 1, The Ballad Of The Green Berets to Give Peace A Chance and Marvin Gaye's What's Going On. Each disc is themed: exploring early war songs, keeping the flag flying, anti-war protest, war is hell and war is over. Draft dodgers split the nation, many right-wing country songs adopting the "America: Love It Or Leave It" stance, notably Victor Lundberg's extraordinary 1968 Top 10 hit, An Open Letter To My Teenage Son, advising his son that if he burns his draft card: "From that moment on - I have no son."


Press Archive - Next Stop Is Vietnam -
Vilket som – tyska skivbolaget Bear Family har gjort det igen och frågan är om de någonsin har gjort det bättre. Nog för att återutgivningsbolaget tidigare grävt på arkeologisk jungfrumark tidigare, boxar med tyska judiska orkestrar är ett sådant spår, aningen skiljt från den totala genomgången av Sun-arkivet.


Press Archive - Next Stop Is Vietnam - Shindig
VARIOUS ARTISTS ...Next Stop Is Vietnam: The War On Record 1961-2008 Bear Family 13-CD box set/book
Unprecedented in terms of its sheer scope, the comprehensive-ness of its all inclusive approach, the depth of research involved and the determination of Bear Family to do justice to what is a truly monumental subject -there has never been a box set quite like this. Housed in a 12" x 12" slipcase sleeve ...Next Stop comprises 13 CDs, containing a total of 334 tracks and a playing time of some 16 hours and 49 minutes, accompanied by a full colour hardback book with a foreword by Country Joe McDonald detailing the history of the conflict which came to be known as the first rock 'n' roll war. Each of the 13 discs is organised around themes (Proud To Serve, Hell No - We Won't Go, Peace, Now!), which reflect the various phases and key events in the unravelling history of the conflict and the diversity of responses to it both on the battlefield and back at home in the US.


Press Archive - Next Stop Is Vietnam - Soundi
Next Stop Is Vietnam -megaboksi sisältää Vietnamin sodan inspiroi- maa musiikkia peräti kolmentoista CD:n voimin. Tämä lodju tekee folk-, kantri-, blues-, rock&roll-, soul-, gos- pel-, protesti- ja agitaatiomusiikkei- neen ja muine ääninäytteineen paatu- neestakin militaristista pasifistin. Tar- jolla on presidenttien ja senaattorien puheita, uutispätkiä rintamalta, mie- lenosoituksista sekä katkeroituneiden sotilaiden ja veteraanien haastatte- luja. Lisäksi mukana on CD-romppu, jolta voi seurata biisien tekstejä.


Live At The Star Club Hamburg
Bear Family
The first of the rock’n’roll wild
men, Jerry Lee scared the life out of every parent during the late fifties with his ferocious on-stage antics, almost killing the piano he played during each performance.This was a man who lived for the moment and proudly displayed his sexuality to the world while thrilling the youngsters who gazed, mouths agape, at this fiery ball of energy, to steal an image from his great hit, ‘Great Balls Of Fire’.

His life was packed with incident and scandal. He was thrown out
of bible college, thrown into jail, lionised for marrying his thirteen year old cousin, admitted to hospital for alcohol and drug abuse and... well, the films and books reveal all.

Originally released in 1964, this vinyl LP is a welcome reissue of a classic live album. Backed by the Nashville Teens, Lewis rips through his own hits and gives superb renditions of others too. From his own ‘Great Balls Of Fire’ and ‘Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On’ to covers
of ‘Hound Dog’, ‘Long, Tall Sally’
and ‘Your Cheating Heart’, this is a tour de force performance. In fact,


Press - Recorcl Collector
You smell that blood on the ivory? The furry folk of the Bear Family have just remastered the poll-topping masterpiece from 1964 - Live At The Star Club, Hamburg - on vinyl and clothed it in a stunning gatefold sleeve designed by Ulf Harten.


Live At The Star Club Hamburg
Bear Family LP Sometimes touted as one of the greatest live rock 'n' roll albums euer, there's no denying that The Killer is truly an the rampage during this show at The Star Club in 1964. Backed by The Nashville Teens, Lewis marauds through a set that includes several of his own classics such as 'Great Balls Of Fire' and 'Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On', as well as covers of Little Richard, Elvis and Ray Charles songs among others. Although he would neuer fully recover the same lofty status he once enjoyed in the popularity stakes following the furore he caused by marrying his teenaged cousin a few years earlier, it's evident that Lewis is clearly a man back at the top of his game performance wise in this show. This vinyl-only reissue will also appeal to collectors, coming as it does replete with a pop-up, gatefold cover depicting a map of Hamburg's legendary Reeperbahn district, as well as the hell-blazing bonus kack 'Down The Line'.


Press - Om Gene Vincent, med sitt temperament och sin lynnighet, var rock & rollens John McEnroe så var definitivt Eddie Cochran dess motsvarighet till Björn Borg, vars lugn och uthållighet initialt tog sig uttryck i hela dagars slående med bollen mot en garageport - ensam!


Press Archive - Blue Sky Boys - maverick
William A. 'Bill' Bolick, half of the influential country harmony duo the Blue Sky Boys, passed away on March 14 at his home in Hickory, North Carolina. He was 90 years old. He was the tenor harmony vocalist in the duo, and he and brother, Earl A. Bolick (who died in 1998), were probably one of the greatest of the brother duet teams to emerge in the 1930s. Both brothers were born in Hickory, North Carolina: Bill on October 28, 1917, Earl on December 16, 1919, they were the sons of Garland Bolick, who grew tobacco and worked in a textile mill. The two brothers began playing traditional material in their mid-teens.


Press Archive - Blue Sky Boys - dirty linen
Bill Bollick was born in 1917 in Hickory, North Carolina, two years before brother Earl. Anno-tator Bill Malone points out that this is the Piedmont part of the state and not really the mountains, though one imagines that residents of the area feel more at home in Asheville than they do in Raleigh. Malone makes many inter-esting points in the lengthy notes that are only part of the deluxe, 75-page hardback book that comes with this beautiful package


His early style really was bluegrass, though with less room for the banjo, mandolin, and fiddle to stretch out than in the Monroe model, and it's interesting to hear how the sound shifted toward the smoother flavor of the later discs here, first by adding twin fiddles, then by adding drums and electric guitar, and finally by giving up the five-string. By the mid-50s, Wiseman was really a C&W artist, not that he had ever been a million miles removed.


Press Archive - Blue Sky Boys - Old Time Harold
123 songs (too numerous to list but including such classics as "No One to Welcome Me Home," "Midnight On the Stormy Sea," "Katie Dear," "The Lightning Express," "Why Not Confess," "The Sweetest Gift A Mother's Smile," and "Mary of the Wild Moor.")


Press Archive - Blue Sky Boys - Bluegrass Unlimited
Bill Malone has provided useful brief histories for each one. Foreshadowing bluegrass, the Blue Sky Boys were among those who kept older songs and styles flourishing in the 1930s. Sharing a musical mindset with the Mainers and Monroes, Bill and Earl plowed, sustained, and nourished the ground that made the bluegrass revolution possible a few years later. Each brother saw extensive service in World War II before resuming their careers in 1946. Though they could have turned to bluegrass. the Bolicks wisely chose instead to further polish the style they first brought to records in 1936. What did evolve was their ensemble sound, enhanced by the brothers' mature voices. With the addition of fiddle and bass to their postwar records. Bill's mandolin could expand interior harmonies and add further depth to the music.


Press Archive - Blue Sky Boys - No Depression
Maybe a handful of acts from country music's den age of close harmony singing belong in the pantheon of great brother duos, most nota-bly the Monroes and the Delmores (and maybe the Sheltons). The two siblings who produced the most sublime harmonies of all, though, were Bill and Earl Bolick, a.k.a. the Blue Sky Boys, the children of devout textile workers from Hickory, North Carolina. (The Louvin Brothers didn't come along till after the second world war, by which time the era of classic duo singing had passed, giving way to solo crooners such as Red Foley and Eddy Arnold, honky-tonkers such as Hank Williams and Webb Pierce, and bluegrassers such as the Stanley Brothers and Monroe's Blue Grass Boys.) The Bolicks sang all manner of material, from broadside ballads to centuries-old Anglo-Celtic folk songs to the sacred numbers they learned as boys in church.


Press Archive - Blue Sky Boys - Blues & Rhytm Magazine
The five CDs are complemented by a 76 page, 'LP sized', hardback book, which is loaded with photographs supporting a dual biography. complete lyric transcriptions (not really necessary for fluent English speakers as the Boys' vocals are perfectly clear) and a comprehensive discography. The sound quality is really splendid and I can only re-iterate my plea about supporting the labels that do the actual restoration work that others so often just rip off. Before you point out that not many people can afford a Rolls Royce ... I concur and hope that Bear Family will produce a more generally accessible single or double CD of tracks carefully selected to produce a balanced overview for the benefit of all those still subsidising their offspring, on the dole, living off grants or otherwise struggling to feed a CD habit in these Modern Times.
Keith Briggs


Press Archive - Blue Sky Boys - Maverick
Bill, the older brother, learnt to play guitar from a neighbour and subse-quently taught Earl though, eventually, the latter took up the mandolin, which led to them perform-ing as a local duo. Bill also performed with another local group, the Crazy Hickory Nuts. A major stage in their profes-sional career occurred in 1935 when, with fiddle player Homer Sherrill, they won a sponsorship from JFG Coffee and became the Good Coffee Boys. Originally heard on radio in Ashville, they later moved to Atlanta and changed their name to Blue Ridge Hillbillies before the brothers split from Sherrill and began performing as a duo. It was then that they began recording for RCA Victor (on its Bluebird label), with a name change to the Blue Sky Boys because, as the company's Eli Oberstein pointed out, there were already several 'brothers' recording —like the Monroes and the Delmores. The first CD in this box set opens with the selections they recorded at that first recording session on June 16, 1936 in Charlotte, North Carolina


Press Archive - Blue Sky Boys - Country Music Peolple
Where to start? Bill and Earl Bolick, the Blue Sky Boys, were one of the major brother duets in the history of country music. As the Monroe Brothers led the way with their hard driving style, the other paradigms of the genre were the Bolicks with their gentle, more folksy approach to the music, and Rabon and Alton, the Delmore Brothers, with a soft bluesy style. Until now Bill and Earl have been sadly neglected by CD compilers, but all this is rectified by this superb Bear Family box set that offers a hardback book in addition to the faultless quality of their CDs. When they started recording in June 1936, Bill was just 18 years old and his brother Earl a mere lad of 16, and listening to their music that fact is nigh impossible to comprehend. The second side they cut, which would remain their theme tune throughout their career, was Sunny Side Of Life, learned from an old holiness hymn. Earl sang lead in a strong baritone voice and played guitar, with Bill singing tenor and playing mandolin.


Press - Fats Domino - Out Of New Orleans - Now Dig This Dez. 1993
Here it is, the box-set that was deferred for two years after EMI released their 4xCD box in 1991. I bet that the modest Fats can't believe it - two box-sets of his Imperial output in two years, and Rick Coleman's book to come around the end of 1994!


Press - Fats Domino - Out Of New Orleans - Juke Box 1994
Fats Domino had two distinctly different periods of stardom during the 1950s: his first as a successful R&B artist, with his output aimed at and tailored to suit the black record buying public of the post-war years, his second with unforeseen success as an international rock 'n' roll star selling to an increasingly white audience with his style suitably modified. There can be few who are not familiar with Fats' R&R hits, and most either love them or hate them, but what went before, between and even after them may be of far more interest than expected to those yet to explore Domino's output. This excellent box gathers together for the first time Fats' entire recordings for Imperial Records, from 1949 to 1962, in chronological order, on to eight CDs.


Press - Fats Domino - Out Of New Orleans - Blues & Rhythm
Tony- Watsori Looks at the new Fats Domino Bear Family Box Set
Of all the fabulous collections that Richard Weize has put together on Bear Family this is the one that has been, perhaps the most eagerly awaited, at least in R&B and rock and roll circles. As every single available Imperial master recorded by the Fat Man between 1949 and 1962 is included here, there is little need for a track listing.


Press - Fats Domino - Out Of New Orleans - Record Collector 1993
Mining the rich seams of Fats' original recordings for the Los Angeles-based Imperial label in the 1950s and early 1960s, this compilation promised much, and certainly delivered. With 100 tracks, and an excellently researched booklet featuring verbatim interview material, this could have easily survived the decade as the last word in Domino retrospectives. But then came Bear Family. The German reissue label which does nothing by halves has done it again.


Press - Fats Domino - Out Of New Orleans - Blueprint April 1994

This is Bear Family's long-planned release of the complete Domino Imperial canon, put on ice when EMI issued their 'Best 100' set. That information alone will be enough for many of you. 'Complete Works' sets really allow the CD format to come into its own (with programming permitting all shades of listening, from the casual to the obsessive) and Richard Weize has set unsurpassable standards in the field.


Press - Lefty Frizzell - Life's Like Poetry 12-CD-Box - Music City Texas
Not so much a record, more a way of life-270 tracks,the entire recording career, tragically cut short by his death at 46, including alternative versions in strict chronological sequence, of one the greatest, most successful and influential of all country artists.


Press - Lefty Frizzell - Life's Like Poetry 12-CD-Box - Country Music Round Up May 1992
Bear Family's 12 CD Box Set 'Life's Like Poetry' BCD 15550, leaves no stone unturned in it's quest to deliver Lefty Frizzell's entire listenable works, including unissued tracks, demos (some basic) and Navy, Airforce and Marine Corps transcriptions. Richard Weize precisely details the 330 track discography, where, apart from Lefty's stock numbers repetitions are nominal. Among those who've paid tribute in song to Lefty we've had Merle Haggard, 'Goodbye Lefty', and Willie Nelson recording the album 'To Lefty From Willie', George Strait covering Whitney Shafer's 'Lefty's Gone', the list goes on, as does his music . .


Press - Lefty Frizzell - Life's Like Poetry 12-CD-Box - International Country Music News May 1992
Someone recently wrote that if you took the Lefty soundalikes
out of the Country Top 50, it would become the Country Top 25.


Press - Lefty Frizzell - Life's Like Poetry 12-CD-Box - Los Angeles Times May 9 1992

Hail to the Real King
A new box set showcases soulful singer-songwriter Lefty Frizzell, an influential cornerstone of country music


Press - Lefty Frizzell - Life's Like Poetry 12-CD-Box - Tony Byworth
Undoubtedly the most discussed country music release of recent times, if not one
of the most impressive releases of all times (no exaggeration!)


Press - Lefty Frizzell - Life's Like Poetry 12-CD-Box - New Musical Express 04-18-1992

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