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Review by Gary Hill
This new compilation CD captures some solid rock and roll music. This is very much old school music. There is a decent range here, though. It's all pretty solid, and there are some highlights. The disc comes with a large booklet, making for quite a nice package.

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Track by Track Review

Rollin' Dynamite
This is a high energy old-school rock and roller. I dig the retro rock and roll guitar solo.

Tommy & The Tom Toms: Baby Let's Play House
Feeling very much like Elvis Presley, this rocker is fun stuff.

The Girl Next Door
The Elvis Presley vibe is on display here, too. This is fun number. In fact, I like it better than the first couple numbers.

Bad Times (Acetate)
I love the hard rocking, high energy groove on this tune. It's one of the highlights of the set.

I've Got My Eyes On You
Another classy old-school rock and roller, this is fun, but not a standout. I dig the harmonica on the outro.

You're So Square
More of a melodic rocker, this has a real classic sound to it.

I've Been Thinkin'
With lots of backing vocal elements, this has more of a theatrical old-school rock and roll sound to it.

Little Miss Blue
This has more of a pop music (at least for the time) sound to it. That said, there is still plenty of rock and roll built into it.

I expected a bit more energy here. This is solid enough, but just not the kind of cool rock and roller it could be.

Let It Rock
After a false start, they turn in a smoking hot rendition of this Chuck Berry tune.

Evening Time (Acetate)
Another solid rock and roller, this is classy stuff. It has some of that Elvis Presley thing on display.

Midnight Cryin' Time
There is a bit of "Secret Agent Man" thing on display here. I dig the surf guitar fills. The saxophone brings some magic to the table, too.

Tommy & The Tom Toms: Somebody Help Me
High energy old school rock and roll is on display here. There are some things about this that make me think it must have been an influence on Steve Miller.

Don't Wait (Key C) (Acetate)
The piano brings something special to this energized rock and roller.

Tommy & The Tom Toms: Oh Boy
This feels quite a bit like Buddy Holly with some Big Bopper in it to me. Of course, Buddy Holly did this song. This is an energetic rock and roller that's fun.

Another classy old-school rock and roller, this is fun stuff.

Rollin' Danny (Acetate)
Not a big surprise, this is another classy rock and roller.

Tommy & The Tom Toms: So Tough
Another energetic and catchy rock and roller, this is effective.

Pull Down the Sky
The horn is a nice touch on this rock and roller. It's a fun cut.

Who Do You Love
A lot of people are probably familiar with George Thorogood's version of this number. This is a solid old-school rendition.

All Around The World
Another classy old school rock and roller, I dig the guitar presence on this a lot.

Waikiki Beach
Just from the title, you can get the idea of what this is like. It's Island meets rock and roll sound. It's a nice bit of variety, but not the best tune here.

Cry Me A River
Starting with a weird mellow bit, this works out to more smoking rock and roll from there. This is another that calls to mind Buddy Holly. The guitar led instrumental movement brings hints of jazz.

Little Lump Of Sugar
There is a lot of doo wop music on this number. It calls to mind both Elvis and the Big Bopper.

Sea Cruise
The honking horn is a nice touch. This is another energetic rock and roller.

Tommy & The Tom Toms: You Can't Catch Me
Another energized tune, this is solid stuff.

Dixie Doodle Dandy
This has a bit more of a 60s rock and roll sound to it.

Tommy & The Tom Toms: Jambalaya
I dig the guitar fills on this thing. The vocal performance is on fire, too. Energized rock and roll is the order of business here.

Evenin' Time
More high-energy old-school rock and roll is on display here.

Scotty McKay Quintet: The Train Kept-A-Rollin
Here's a song that has been doing by artists ranging from The Yardbirds to Aerosmith over the years. This lands in the garage band kind of vein. It's the most modern sounding piece here. It really rocks well. It's one of the highlights for me.

Don't Wait (Key F) (Acetate)
This version of the tune we heard earlier sounds a lot like Elvis Presley.

Tommy & The Tom Toms: It's Too Late
We get more of an old-school rock and roll ballad here.

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