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Scotty McKay Rocks

Bear Family ( At first glance Scotty McKay a would be one of the more obscure artists to join the burgeoning 'Rocks' series. is You've probably heard him at several times though, he was th briefly a member of Gene fa Vincent's Blue Caps, briefly, SI but long enough to record ea with him, including 'Baby ar Blue' and appear on the Ed sc Sullivan show in 1957. Bear 4,\ Family have dug deep in the vaults for this compilation spanning 1956 to the 1966 hi including some acetates.

It's cfi fascinating to follow Scotty's ri career from the early youthful ti rockers through to the 1960's. There's no barrel scraping, it's constant good stuff, this is a iE multi-instrumentalist (guitar ti and piano) artist that deserved to hit big but in an echo of is countless other bad luck stories of the time, never got ri the breaks. This is fascinating as it is rocking, the sleeve notes are extensive, this r It elease is a tremendous tribute 1 to the career of an unsung artist tragically dead at the age of 50. Delve deeply into this and meet Scotty McKay, you'll be glad you did. Simon Nott

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Scotty McKay Rocks (CD)
Scotty Mckay: Scotty McKay Rocks (CD) Art-Nr.: BCD17519

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