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Press - Clive Zanda - Clive Zanda Is Here With 'Dat Kinda Ting - Mojo March 2018Recorded at Trinidad's KH studios in 1975 and originally issued as a limited edition 350-copy run on his own Gayap Production imprint, Is Here! With "Dat Kinda Ting" captures pianist/percussionist Clive Zanda Alexander with his trio, its line-up completed by drummer Toby Tobas and bassist Mike Georges, on a set of conscience jazz which mixes calypso with the New Thing! Songs are driven by frenzied percussion and thudding bass, with Zanda's piano vamps atop. The result is compelling, especially on s the album's opening and


Press - Sly & Robbie present Taxi Gang In Discomix Style - United Reggae
Top 10 Reggae Album Reissues in 2017.


Press - Arthur „Big Boy" Crudup - Rocks - Living Blues
Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup brought his blues up from the Mississippi Delta to Chicago, where he made his earliest recordings with RCA. His thrumming and banging guitar style, and his propulsive rhythms, have often earned him the title of “Father of Rock and Roll.”


Press - Woody Guthrie - The Tribute Concerts - Goldmine
We see from a 1940 draft that "This Land Is Your Land" started out titled "God Blessed America." Penned merely as an adver-tising jingle for hydroelectric power, "Roll On Columbia" has become a timeless anthem for the Pacific Northwest. And when, in "Biggest Thing That Man Has Ever Done (The Great Historical Bum)," Woody — himself a great historical bum — glided in just two lines from the Garden Of Eden to modern-day apple pickers unionizing, we witness how he wrote not only for his own time but for all time. — Bruce Sylvester


Press - Woody Guthrie - The Tribute Concerts - The Alternate Root
Will Geer introduces Woody by his full name, Woodrow Wilson Guthrie, and points to the instruments he played… ‘guitar, mouth harp, mountain fiddle, mandolin’. Robert Ryan shows the man’s commitment as he describes the guitar in Woody’s hands and its message of ‘this machine kills fascists’. The narrations are part of a recent triple-disc release from Bear Family Records, Woody Guthrie, The Tribute Concerts. Will Geer and Robert Ryan are on stage at the Carnegie Hall performance (January 20, 1968), with Will Geer and Peter Fonda at the microphone for the Hollywood Bowl tribute (September 12, 1970). After a fifteen-year battle with Huntington’s Disease, Woody Guthrie passed away on October 3, 1967. The outpouring of songs come from artists inspired by Woody Guthrie, the events a celebration as they remember the man. Musical backing for the shows was provided by The Band (Robbie Robertson, Levon Helm, Rick Danko, Richard Manuel, Garth Hudson) at Carnegie Hall, and a cast of players at the Hollywood Bowl that included Ry Cooder along with then-current and future members of The Flying Burrito Brothers, Chris Etheridge, Gib Gilbeau, and John Beland among other west coast Folk and Roots music luminaries.


Presse - Various - That'll Flat Git It! Vol.28 - Jukebox
Le pionnier Charlie Gracie est également présent avec « Cool Baby » tiré de la B.O. du film Jamboree. Les obscurités sont sou-vent savoureuses comme « Shimmy Shake » par Billy Land, parfait exemple de rock teenager, « The Monster Twist » par Tyrone A Saurus & His Cro-Magnons (!), « I Wanna Rock » (Johnny Sardo), « Monster Movie Bail » (Spike Jones) et » Drum Twist » par le bat-teur de studio virtuose Buddy Harman. La sélection des titres est parfaite et plonge dans la Californie du début des années 60. Quant au livret, rédigé par Bill Dahl. il four-mille d'anecdotes sur cette période charnière. Tony MARLOW


Press - Various - At The Louisiana Hayride Tonight (20-CD) - relix


Press - Various - At The Louisiana Hayride Tonight (20-CD) - jambands
While the Grand Ole Opry—which both preceded it and continues into the present day—is better known, the Louisiana Hayride, broadcast from Shreveport in that state from 1948-60, has earned an indisputably vital place in the history of country music. Unlike the Opry, the Hayride demonstrated a willingness to showcase up-and-coming talent, like a kid from Tupelo with the odd name Elvis, who first appeared on the radio program in 1954 and then returned a year later for the Hayride’s television version. Presley sang 15 songs in all during his visits, all of them included on this massive boxed set from the German Bear Family label.


Press - Various - At The Louisiana Hayride Tonight (20-CD) - Rolling Stone
A 20-CD set perfectly captures the show where rock & roll began
On October 16th,1954, Elvis Presley made his first appearance on Loui-siana Hayride, performing "That's All Right," recorded weeks earlier. "They've been looking for some-thing new in the folk-music field for a long time," the radio show's host Frank Page told the 19-year-old.


Press - Various - At The Louisiana Hayride Tonight (20-CD) - Vive Le Rock, UK
20-CD mega-box of musical gold. 9/10 This is a huge box chronicling the weekly radio show 'Louisiana Hayride', broadcast live on Saturday nights spanning three decades. There's also a lavish 225-page hardback LP-sized book, rammed with info on the shows and artists. The show proved to be a cradle of stars, not least Hank Williams.


Press - Woody Guthrie - The Tribute Concerts - Vive Le Rock
A sumptuous boxset of a legendary gig. 011 When Woody Guthrie died in 1967, after a long battle with Huntington's Disease, his loss was mourned widely by fans and musicians alike. His friends organised a tribute gig that took place in Carnegie Hall in 1968 and two years later another huge re-enactment of sorts took place at Hollywood Bowl. 18,000 people were there to witness the likes of Bob Dylan pay their re-spects.


Press - Various - At The Louisiana Hayride Tonight (20-CD) - shreveport-bossier
New Louisiana Hayride Boxed Set Celebrates Shreveport Music History

Know someone who loves Louisiana music history? An expansive new boxed set from Bear Family Records, At the Louisiana Hayride Tonight, chronicles the lifespan of the Louisiana Hayride in a way that it has never been chronicled before. The release of this set has generated a wave of press coverage including articles in Rolling Stone and the New York Times. Spanning 20 (!!!) compact discs and 559 tracks, the set compiles 24 hours of live recordings from the legendary country music showcase that broadcast from Shreveport Municipal Auditorium and other locations, helping to launch the careers of artists like Elvis Presley, George Jones, Johnny Cash and more.


Press - Various - At The Louisiana Hayride Tonight (20-CD) -
The Louisiana Hayride was one of dozens of syndicated radio broadcasts scattered across America in the wake of World War II. Most of these have been forgotten to all but historians, but the Louisiana Hayride endures, albeit not to the extent of its rival and role model, the Grand Ole Opry. Based out of Nashville and founded in 1925, the Opry embraced its role as a standard-bearer, whereas the Hayride was an upstart, happy to take a chance on unknowns.


Press - Woody Guthrie - The Tribute Concerts - Regenstreif
Here are my picks for the Top 17 folk-rooted or folk-branched albums of 2017. As in past years, I started with the list of hundreds of albums that landed on my desk over the past year and narrowed it down to a short list of about 30. I’ve been over the short list several times over the past couple of weeks and came up with several similar – not identical – Top 17 lists.


Press - Various - At The Louisiana Hayride Tonight (20-CD) - New York Times
In the 1950s, country singers made sure to visit the Shreveport Municipal Auditorium to appear on the Louisiana Hayride, a weekly three-hour broadcast featuring performers like Hank Williams, Kitty Wells, George Jones and, starting in 1954, a newcomer named Elvis Presley who got the crowd roaring. Famous names and local sensations mingle on this exhaustive, c


Press - Various - At The Louisiana Hayride Tonight (20-CD) - Wall Street Journal
Based in Shreveport, La.’s 3,800-seat Municipal Auditorium and broadcast by 50,000-watt KWKH radio from 1948-60, with some segments picked up for even wider audiences by CBS and Armed Forces Radio, “Louisiana Hayride” had a rambunctious style all its own. Chicago’s “National Barn Dance” and Nashville’s “Grand Ole Opry” had preceded it by decades, but this vaudeville-style show was born and thrived just as country music found mass acceptance, a commercial explosion it contributed to smashingly.


Press - Various - At The Louisiana Hayride Tonight (20-CD) - rolling stoneAmericana begins here. From 1948 to 1960, Louisiana Hayride was the rougher cousin, on radio and television, to Nashville's Grand Ole Opry, the show where the beginners and unknowns, the bad boys and strong women in country music, first came to make friends and become family. Produced at the Municipal Auditorium in Shreveport, the Hayride gave early exposure


Press - Various - At The Louisiana Hayride Tonight (20-CD) - mother jones
Prepare to Time Travel Through Louisiana’s Version of the Grand Ole Opry
Country music fans will find plenty to like in this massive music collection.


Press - Various - SUN Records Great Guitars At Sun - richieunterberger
Various Artists, Great Guitars at Sun (Bear Family). There were great piano players at Sun (Jerry Lee Lewis and Charlie Rich), and good performers on several instruments, but guitars are what first come to mind when you think of the Sun sound.


Press - Woody Guthrie - The Tribute Concerts - Holiday Gift Guide
There is truly something for every music lover on your holiday list this season. From enticing hardcover fully-illustrated books focusing on AC/DC and David Bowie to essential new audio and/or visual collections featuring Jeff Lynne's ELO, Neil Young, Alvin Lee and more,


Press - George Jones - Birth Of A Legend - The Truly Complete Starday And Mercury Recordings -
6 GEORGE JONES Birth Of A Legend (1954-61) I won't apologise for listing a second George Jones release in my "Best of the Year" especially as its the long awaited complete Starday/Mercury recordings, a catalogue that had been poorly represented over the years with haphazard compilations. Now it's all here, 195 tracks (including 20 previously unissued recordings) with a magnificent 172 page, hardcover book — a presentation that only Bear Family could create.
7 WILLIE NELSON God's Problem Child There seems no stopping Willie


Press - Various - At The Louisiana Hayride Tonight (20-CD) - elmoremagazine
When it comes to deluxe box sets, the Bear Family has long ago set the bar at the top. Lately it seems they are into topping even themselves with each new release. Consider the sheer size of what they have assembled here: 20 CDs containing a total of 529 live tracks, 30 live transcriptions and commercial records made at the mothership, radio station WKHW, 167


Press - Various - At The Louisiana Hayride Tonight (20-CD) - Hyperbolium


Press - Various - At The Louisiana Hayride Tonight (20-CD) - No Depression
In 1925, the Grand Ole Opry started up a radio program from Nashville that allowed the rural community access to some of their favorite string pullin', family harmonizin', good ol' boys and girls, filling the air waves with all the major league plunkin' and wailin' a body could want. All the big stars showed up and entertained the live audience as well as taking it to the fields via the airwaves.


Press - Woody Guthrie - The Tribute Concerts - Deccan Chronical
A more or less complete recording of both concerts, issued late last year by the German record label Bear Family.
In a year peppered with the 50th anniversaries of events that shaped, or distorted, late 20th-century history — from revolutionary upsurges to tragic assassinations and key moments in the Vietnam War — let us begin with a relatively innocuous event.

On January 20, 1968, an audience consisting largely of folk music aficionados packed New York’s Carnegie Hall for a memorial concert commemorating Woody Guthrie, who had died three months earlier at the age of 55 of Hunting-ton’s chorea.


Press - Woody Guthrie - The Tribute Concerts - hyperbolium
Bear Family’s lavish three CD, two book set collects material from two live tribute shows, featuring performances by Arlo Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Judy Collins, Bob Dylan (his first appearance after his motorcycle accident), Odetta, Joan Baez, Richie Havens, Jack Elliott, Country Joe McDonald, Tom Paxton and Earl Robinson, along with narration from actors Robert Ryan, Will Geer and Peter Fonda. The first tribute included an afternoon/evening pair of concerts staged at Carnegie Hall in 1968, the second tribute was staged at the Hollywood Bowl in 1970. Material from both tributes was released in edited, collated and resequenced form on a pair of 1972 LPs, Part 1 on Columbia and Part 2 on Warner Brothers, and eventually reissued on CD and MP3.


Press Archive - Gene Vincent - This Is Gene Vincent - Vintage Rock 11-12-2017
Gene Vincent And His Blue Caps
This Is Gene Vincent
Bear Family has reissued a repro of the rockabilly mauler's 1959 Japanese album as a collector's edition. Vincent's early classics are here in abundance: Be-Bop-A-Lula, Blue Jean Bop, Ain't She Sweet, and Jezebel all featuring the astonishing lead guitar of Cliff Gallup.


Press - Willie B. - Bad Mouthin‘ - This I Gotta See - Vintage Rock
Willie B. (Darrell McCall)

Darrell McCall was a young country singer from Ohio in 1961 when he cut the two delightfully blues-soaked songs on this Bear Family single. After jamming with Jimmy Reed, McCall brought harpist Charlie McCoy and guitarist Wayne Moss into a studio and waxed both sides as demos, but he never did manage to hand them to the Chicago blues legend


Press - Various - Cree Records Doing Our Thing - More Soul From Jamdown - BLUES IN BRITAIN 12/17.Doing Our Thing: More Soul From Jamdown 1970 - 1982 Cree Although the influence of forties and fifties rhythm & blues on early Jamaican recorded music has been well researched over the last few decades, it is sometimes overlooked that as soul music became prominent in America, reggae was evolving in Jamaica and taking on a lot of soul influence. This set examines some of that process, every track connected American soul in some way.


Press - Jerry Lee Lewis I Can't Seem To Say Goodby (LP, 180gram Vinyl) - Vintage Rock
Instead of reprising the same seminal Sun hits, the Bear Family dug deep into The Killer's middle and later years at Sun for this new comp, digging up 14 alternate takes never before transferred to vinyl. The Pumping Piano man rocks his way through the ancient Carry Me Back To Old Virginia, tries his best to wrest Sweet Little Sixteen aw


Press - Jerry Lee Lewis In The Beginning (LP, 180gram Vinyl) - Vintage Rock
JERRY LEE LEWIS In the beginning

Every one of the 14 performances that comprise this Bear Family LP are alternate takes on Jerry Lee's classics, and with the lone exception of 1 Could Never Be Ashamed Of You, raging rockers at that. They're all here: Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On, Great Balls Of Fire, Breathless, Down The Line, It'll Be Me — but each track is different from the smash version that we know so intimately


Press - Woody Guthrie - The Tribute Concerts - Colorado Springs Independent
One noteworthy exception is the Bear Family label’s meticulous new Woody Guthrie: The Tribute Concerts, which boasts three bona fide CDs and two hardcover books that chronicle the 1968 and 1970 concerts honoring Woody Guthrie in NYC and LA, respectively.

The books give us unique pictorial glimpses of concert production, and of Woody’s life from the 1920s until his death from Lou Gehrig’s disease in 1967.

While the remastering of the live recordings is exceptional, the real accomplishments here are twofold: acquiring rights to original releases that were split between Columbia and Warner Brothers, and adding a third disc of interviews with participants and family, including Arlo Guthrie. It may be tempting to skip to Bob Dylan’s or Joan Baez’s contributions first, but it’s the lesser lights like Odetta and Tom Paxton that make this definitive box such a tribute to Woody.


Press - Woody Guthrie - The Tribute Concerts - the devils music
Woody Guthrie is widely considered – and rightfully so – as the Grand Daddy of Americana music. Guthrie’s career was incredibly short, considering his accomplishments, spanning from the early ‘30s until the late ‘50s, when Huntington’s disease rendered him unable to perform until his too-young death in 1967 at the age of 55 years. S


Press - Woody Guthrie - The Tribute Concerts - mojo
Various ****
Woody Guthrie: The Tribute Concerts
BEAR FAMILY. CD Songs to Woody by his legendary "children". Two tributes to quintessential American troubadour Woody Guthrie were held in New York, in 1968, and Los Angeles in 1970. This handsome 3-CD box contains both concerts in their entirety for the first
time, accompanied by two books of essays, lyrics and ephemera.

At the heart of the collection is Woody's music performed by son Arlo Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Joan Baez, Odetta„ Judy Collins, Richie Havens, Tom Paxton, Country Joe McDonald and Earl Robinson The New York show was a!, Bob Dylan's first public appearance in 19 months performing with The Ban,. (the highlight of their eat three-song set was an emotional Dear Mrs Roosevelt), while Ry Cood, and others backed up LA singers.

Electricity opponent Seeger demurre. Some listeners will notice that Collins' and Baez's two renditions of Deportee -the story of "illegal" Mexicar, immigrants killed in an accident ring tragically true today. Michael Simmons


Press - Woody Guthrie - The Tribute Concerts - nodepression
Bear Family’s lavish three CD, two book set collects material from two live tribute shows, featuring performances by Arlo Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Judy Collins, Bob Dylan (his first appearance after his motorcycle accident), Odetta, Joan Baez, Richie Havens, Jack Elliott, Country Joe McDonald, Tom Paxton and Earl Robinson, along with narration from actors Robert Rya


Press - Sandy & The Wild Wombats Devoted To Rock 'n' Roll - UK Rock and Roll Magaziner Family Records of Germany have long since held the crown for the kings of quality re-issues. Their back catalogue of boxsets lavished on artists hardly household names has borne testament that they are a rare entity a label in it for the music and not just the money.


Press - Various - At The Louisiana Hayride Tonight (20-CD) - Grammy Award News
New "Louisiana Hayride" Box Set Celebrates Early Country & Rock Facebook Twitter Email With rare gems from Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Hank Williams, and more, new compilation shows depth of iconic radio show's catalog NATE HERTWECKGRAMMYS OCT 31, 2017 - 12:19 PM Long before YouTube channels, Spotify Discover Weekly playlists, "Louisiana Hayride" provided a springboard for many great country artists. Broadcast out of Shreveport, La., on KWKH AM 1130 from 1948 to 1960, the legendary radio show hosted blossoming talents such as Hank Williams, Johnny Cash and of course, Elvis Presley. In a massive new 20-disc, 559-song compilation titled At The Louisiana Hayride Tonight,


Press - Various - At The Louisiana Hayride Tonight (20-CD) -
All in all, Hawkins is very proud that the set is available to music fans who might not be aware of other radio shows of the time besides the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. "This is the biggest project that I've been involved with. I did a 12-CD set on Sun Records, and some other country and blues boxes, but this one is twice the size of those, and we're very pleased to get these out. Bear Family has done a great job in presenting this audio as clearly as possible


Press - Various - At The Louisiana Hayride Tonight (20-CD) -
‘At the Louisiana Hayride Tonight’ chronicles 12-year program run in astonishing detail Bear Family’s latest box-set is their biggest ever, weighing in at 9.5 pounds and consisting of 20 compact discs and a 224-page hardback book. It’s the size of 20 LPs stacked on top of one another, clocking in at an astonishing 25+ hours of audio. At the Louisiana Hayride Tonight is an astonishing historical record of the country music program’s 12-year run (and then some), broadcasted on Shreveport’s KWKH-AM. The Louisiana Hayride was a radio program akin to Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry or Los Angeles’ Town Hall Party, in that it presented popular country musicians of the day on the airwaves. However, the Hayride was notable in its presentation of early rock ‘n’ roll acts, as well as the fact that the show wasn’t just one headliner and a bunch of undercard performers.


Press - Sandy & The Wild Wombats Devoted To Rock 'n' Roll - UK Rock and Roll Magaziner Family Records of Germany have long since held the crown for the kings of quality re-issues. Their back catalogue of boxsets lavished on artists hardly household names has borne testament that they are a rare entity a label in it for the music and not just the money.


Press - Jerry Lee Lewis I Can't Seem To Say Goodby (LP, 180gram Vinyl) - Vive Le Rock, UK.This album really is testament to the great man's talent. Considering these outtakes haven't seen the light of day for 50 odd years, they probably all could have been (hit) it singles and as you'd expect, the sound quality is superb throughout. Simon Nott


Press - Various - At The Louisiana Hayride Tonight (20-CD) - No Depression
Bear Family Records has released many outstanding sets over the years, but this time it has surpassed even its own high standards. The At The Louisiana Hayride set is a 20-CD set comprised of 559 tracks from 167 different artists from 1948 to 1960 and a lavish 224-page hardback book (LP sized) full of photos and memorabilia. Most of the tracks have not been heard since they were first broadcast, and many of the photos have never been seen outside the radio station's walls, let alone published.


Press - Various - At The Louisiana Hayride Tonight (20-CD) - Jeff Burger
As I mentioned in a recent review of Woody Guthrie: The Tribute Concerts, Germany’s Bear Family label is renowned for its over-the-top archival box sets. You may practically have to rob a bank to afford some of them, but they’re almost invariably worth every penny, thanks to excellent remastering, extensive and meticulously researched liner notes, imaginative packaging, and—last but not least—fine and mind-bogglingly comprehensive programs.


Press - Woody Guthrie - The Tribute Concerts - Restless and Real
In the end, there was and is nobody else quite like Woody Guthrie. When I listen to his music, I get the same feeling as when I read or see Shakespeare performed - that it is hard to believe that someone actually wrote those songs. They've become so deeply interwoven in our consciousness, our words, beliefs, desired actions as they play out in the world we see around us that it doesn't seem possible that they originated from a single person.


Press - Woody Guthrie - The Tribute Concerts - FROOTS, UK
The package contains two twelve-by- twelve-inch hardbacks. These contain essays, historical analysis and come copiously illustrat- ed and full of photos courtesy of David Gahr, Jim Marshall and others. The books not only detail the history of the galas but really add to a canon which, until Joe Klein’s 1981 biogra- phy Woody Guthrie – A Life, took up next to no room on a bookshelf. Bear Family’s boxed set takes Guthrie’s legacy into new space.


Press - Woody Guthrie - The Tribute Concerts - Mother Jones
Dylan buffs can also check out the three-CD Woody Guthrie: The Tribute Concerts, combining two all-star events celebrating the folk icon that were held at New York’s Carnegie Hall in 1968 and the Hollywood Bowl in 1970. Given the enormous influence Guthrie had on the young Dylan in his earliest incarnation, Bob was a logical participant, but his three-song ’68 segment signified more than that: It was his first public appearance since a 1966 motorcycle accident and he was backed by The Band, still to release their debut.


Press - Jerry Lee Lewis I Can't Seem To Say Goodby (LP, 180gram Vinyl) - Simon Nott
.This Sixty years in the making - and worth waiting for! For the first time in more than a generation there are two entirely new vinyl Jerry Lee Lewis Sun LPs to celebrate! Whilst many of the song titles may be well known, each album features no fewer than fourteen recordings which, until now, have never been pressed onto vinyl.


Press - Woody Guthrie - The Tribute Concerts - relix
The passing of Woody Guthrie in October 1967, just as the great folk revival of the early ‘60s gave way to the rock revolution, left an enormous gap in the American music landscape—there wasn’t a singer-songwriter out there who didn’t acknowledge Guthrie’s influence.


Press - Woody Guthrie - The Tribute Concerts - globalist ITWoody Guthrie, il sogno dell'altra America che continua In un sontuoso cofanetto escono per la Bear Family i dischi tributo del 1968 e del 1970: tre cd, due libri. Per celebrare il menestrello che con una chitarra "ammazzava" ogni forma di fascismo di Rock Reynolds D’accordo,


Press - Woody Guthrie - The Tribute Concerts - globalist ITWoody Guthrie, il sogno dell'altra To say that this box set from the Bear Family is comprehensive, would be like saying the Rockefeller family can spare a dime. Or as Ed McMahon used to say to Johnny Carson, “Everything you would want to know is in there!” I would say if you can’t hear, read, or see it in this set friend, you really don’t need to.


Press - Woody Guthrie - The Tribute Concerts - Folk Roots/Folk Branches
VARIOUS ARTISTS Woody Guthrie: The Tribute Concerts – Carnegie Hall 1968, Hollywood Bowl 1970 Bear Family Records Woody Guthrie, one of the most important, iconic and influential of 20th century folksingers, songwriters, authors, activists, and social commentators died 50 years ago this month on October 3, 1967. Woody was 55 when he died after spending 13 years in hospitals due to Huntington’s disease, a hereditary neurological disease. Woody left an extraordinary body of work created in a remarkably brief career. It used to be said that he wrote about 1,000 songs. Now thanks to the archival work of Nora Guthrie, Woody’s daughter, we know that he wrote about 3,000 songs


Press - Woody Guthrie - The Tribute Concerts -
The Germany-based Bear Family label doesn’t tend to put words like “ultimate” and “super deluxe” in the titles of its box sets, but if any record company should be entitled to employ such adjectives, it’s this one. Its boxes are typically lavishly packaged, often with hardcover books, and mind-bogglingly comprehensive. They’re not cheap, but none of them will leave you complaining about audio quality or a lack of extras, and certainly not about missing tracks.


Press - Woody Guthrie - The Tribute Concerts - ink19
If ever a time needed the wisdom and enthusiasm of Woody Guthrie, it is now. The things that Woody wrote about – the power of people joined together in strife, the need for compassion for all, and the call for judgement of our leaders, well, no time like the present. When Guthrie wrote “This Land is Your Land”, “Do Re Mi” or “Pretty Boy Floyd” – and literally thousands more – he etched the conscience of America into history. Hell, he wrote “Old Man Trump” about our President’s father. Woody knew.


Press - Woody Guthrie - The Tribute Concerts - the second disc
Bound for Glory: Dylan, Baez, Paxton, Havens, Collins Celebrate Woody Guthrie on New Bear Family Box NOVEMBER 8, 2017 BY JOE MARCHESE LEAVE A COMMENT BUY NOW FROM AMAZON.COM Bob Dylan once said that, upon hearing Woody Guthrie’s songs, “it was like I had been in the dark and someone had turned on the main switch of a lightning conductor.” Steve Earle opined that “Woody is my hero of heroes and the only person on earth that I will go to my grave regretting that I never met.” No less a literary eminence than John Steinbeck noted, “Woody is just Woody,” before explaining, “Harsh voiced and nasal, his guitar hanging like a tire iron on a rusty rim, there is nothing sweet about Woody, and there is nothing sweet about the songs he sings. But there is something more important for those who will listen.


Press - Jerry Lee Lewis In The Beginning (LP, 180gram Vinyl) - pure vintageJERRY LEE LEWIS In the beginning

Album vinyle 180 g publié fin juin 2017 chez BEAR FAMILY. Avec 14 morceaux des archives du label SUN publiés pour la première fois en vinyle. IR be me (Take 3), Put me down (Take 5), Great balls of fine (Version 1 take 6)... et d'autres alternates. Le second volume sortira en septembre 2017.


Presse - Various - Cree Records Doing Our Thing - More Soul From Jamdown - Blues & Rhythm, November 2017
DOING OUR THING: More Soul From Jamdown 1970-1982 Cree CCD 1206 (42:19) How you define this CO depends on how you listen to it. A reggae album? Well, that reggae rhythm chop Is prominent on atl the tracks. A soul set? Every tracks has at the least a strong connection with American soul music.


Press - Various At The Louisiana Hayride Tonight (20-CD) - That Nashville Sound
Truly Historic Box Set At The Louisiana Hayride Tonight Features Previously Unheard Recordings From Hank Sr, Elvis, Cash & More


Press - Various At The Louisiana Hayride Tonight (20-CD) - Country Rebel


Press - Various At The Louisiana Hayride Tonight (20-CD) - Wideopencountry
Unearthed Live Recording of Hank Williams’ ‘Jambalya’ Will Take You Back in Time


Press - Various At The Louisiana Hayride Tonight (20-CD) - Vintage Vinyl News
Broadcast by Shreveport, Louisiana’s KWKH-AM from 1948-1960, Hayride stood as the chief rival to the now better-known Grand Ole Opry. While the Opry favored established Nashville stars, Hayride offered headliners and newcomers alike an opportunity to perform. It was this policy that led Hayride to say “yes” to a young singer from Tupelo, Mississippi after the Opry said “no.” That singer, Elvis Presley, debuted on the show in October 1954 and later made his first TV appearance on the television version in March 1955.


Press - Various At The Louisiana Hayride Tonight (20-CD) -
Hear Hank Williams' Rare Live 'Jambalaya' From Massive New Box Set
'At the Louisiana Hayride Tonight' is 20-CD collection of live tracks from Elvis, Johnny Cash, George Jones, Kitty Wells and more


Press - Various At The Louisiana Hayride Tonight (20-CD) -
Louisiana Hayride’ 20-CD Box Set From Bear Family Coming October 20 Featuring Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Hank Williams and more


Press - Woody Guthrie - The Tribute Concerts - the art desk
Woody Guthrie: 'The true voice of the American spirit'
Fifty years on from his death, a box set celebrates the folk singer hailed by Bob Dylan


PressA pioneer of country soul but known more for his deep vocal delivery, Sledge will be forever known for his hit,'When a Man Loves a Woman', the source of more kara-oke gurning than any other song known to man. This LP was originally released in 1967


Press - Sly & Robbie present Taxi Gang In Discomix Style - musikreviews
Sie gelten als die berühmteste Rhythmus-Section in der Geschichte des Reggae, dieser jamaikanische Schlagzeuger Lowell Dunbar alias SLY & der ebenfalls aus Jamaika stammende Keyboarder und Bassist Robert Shakespeare alias ROBBIE, weil es niemanden außer ihnen gelang, mit solcher Perfektion jamaikanischen Reggae, amerikanischen Rhythm‘n‘Blues und britischen Soul zu einem einzigartigen tanzbaren Mix zu vereinen.


Press - Woody Guthrie - The Tribute Concerts -
Tribute concerts are often a mixed bag, especially if the idea is to bring a group of stars together to pay homage to an influential musical figure. The recent tribute to the wonderful singer, Tony Bennett, Tony Bennett Celebrates 90 (Columbia, 2016) is a sad case in point. There is no shortage of stars on that particular album, but the aesthetic understanding of Bennett's music is so limited that it reduces rather than expands the scope of his musical legacy. A good tribute does the opposite of this. It shows the many aspects of an artist and paints a nuanced portrait that goes beyond the easy clichés. It shows the connection between the artist's own story and the musical narrative that he or she has helped to build.


Press - Spiegel Online - Ken Burns’ landmark documentary THE VIETNAM WAR

Vergeblich hatte der Mann auf der Bühne versucht, die Aufmerksamkeit des Publikums zu erregen. Statt Country Joe McDonalds Gesang zuzuhören, unterhielten sich die Besucher des legendären Woodstock-Festivals am 15. August 1969. Plötzlich erschallte ein Befehl aus den Lautsprechern. "Gebt mir ein F!", schrie Country Joe in die Menge. "F", tönte es aus Tausenden Kehlen zurück. "Gebt mir ein U!", ging es weiter. "U", lautete die Antwort. Zum Schluss forderte der Sänger noch ein "C" und ein "K".

"Was ergibt das?", fragte Country Joe. Der Schweiß lief ihm mittlerweile trotz seines aufgeknöpften Uniformhemds in Strömen herunter. "Fuck!", kam es zurück. "Was ergibt das?", rief Joe lauter. "FUCK!", schrien die rund 300.000 Besucher.


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Woody Guthrie died in late 1967. Soon after, two tribute concerts were planned: one in 1968 in New York, and one in 1970 in Los Angeles.

Bear Family, who has always done excellent archival work, has released those two albums in a handsome boxed set. The tributes were done at just the right time, that brief period between mourning his loss and the development of a cynical marketing of memory. Woody Guthrie seems to be revived every decade or so, be it Bruce Springsteen singing him for Obama's inauguration, the Billy Bragg/Wilco albums, or the recent uncovering of a song he wrote about Trump's father.


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“Woody Guthrie & Songs for Social Change” was one of the Panels at the Annual Americana Music Conference and Festival in Nashville from September 12-17, 2017. This is always a great Conference with amazing panels and showcase performances.


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Various artists, “Woody Guthrie The Tribute Concerts: Carnegie Hall 1968; Hollywood Bowl 1970” — This three-CD set expands on the original 1972 albums that documented two all-star concerts for Guthrie held in the wake of the folk/protest song pioneer’s death in 1967. The Carnegie Hall concert featured a who’s who from the ’60s folk scene, including Guthrie’s son, Arlo, Pete Seeger, Odetta, Judy Collins, Richie Havens, Bob Dylan and others.

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