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Bear Family Records Press Archive

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Automatically scanned from the original press reviews by an OCR software, the text files in our Press Archive may contain errors and mutilations. We will eliminate these errors whenever time allows. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

Press Archive - Carl Perkins - Discovering Carl Perkins - Eastview, Tennesse 1952-1953 (LP, 10inch) - The Daily Corinthian
Press Archive - Carl Perkins - Discovering Carl Perkins - Eastview, Tennesse 1952-1953 (LP, 10inch) -
We’ve just made a startling discovery that will rewrite rockabilly history. Carl Perkins recorded at least two years earlier in a small studio in rural Tennessee. Those records make it clear that he was far from the clueless hillbilly who had to be dragged kicking and screaming into the rockabilly revolution. In fact, one of the four songs he recorded was Good Rocking Tonight, perhaps two years earlier than Elvis Presley cut it at Sun!

In October 2019 Bear Family Records will release Discovering Carl Perkins. It contains for the first time anywhere, these historic recordings – complete and remastered for the best possible sound – along with several rare outtakes from Carl’s earliest Sun period. They will appear on a ten-inch LP that includes previously unseen vintage photographs and detailed liner notes about the music, and how the local culture gave rise to these historic, one-of-a-kind recordings. It’s quite a landmark event for those interested in early rock & roll history, Sun Records, Carl Perkins and the birth of rockabilly.
Press Archive - Destination Moon - 50 Years-First Man On The Moon - Old Time Review UK The 28-page booklet, included in the set, provides a bit of background information on each artist and song, along with relevant illustrations and photographs. The included material is an interesting read, especially when a track is so rare that not much is known about the artist. The booklet is an extra that is not always needed, but it is certainly welcome.


Bear Family Records have compiled an interesting compilation to mark the anniversary of a historic event. Rather than fill a CD full with a bunch of well-worn tracks, they have assembled an intriguing list of known tracks and rarities that evoke an era. The sound quality is good for recorded material of this age, with only a few noticeable issues on some tracks; more to do with the original production techniques than the reproduction. If you’re planning a vintage themed space party to celebrate the milestone, give this a try.
Press Archive - Del Shannon The Drugstore's Rockin' - Two Silhouettes (CD) - Old Time Review UK
Bear Family Records have presented this set in an attractive looking digipak and includes a 40-page booklet containing extensive liner notes by Bill Dahl, along with a discography and rare photographs from the era.

Bear Family Records have done themselves proud on another set that represents an era of change in music, between the first wave of Rock n Roll and the British invasion. Del Shannon’s distinct and unmistakable sound still sounds fresh, in places, and has possibly never sounded better. Including hard to get rare material alongside more established hits make this a must for enthusiasts and collectors alike.
Press Archive - Narvel Felts - Narvel Felts Rocks - Old Time Review UK
While not musically groundbreaking, this collection is a nice diversion from the usual names that appear in conversations about the genre. Anyone who enjoys good authentic Rockabilly music will get a good kick out of the selection but may be bemused by other influences that occasionally seep through. Bear Family Records have created a full package that represents a prolific but underrated era in the career of Narvel Felts. There may be one or two issues, but none detract from the excellent sound quality and raw Rockabilly. If you’re unfamiliar with Narvel, this is a great place to start.
Presse - Various Artists Sun Shines On Hank Williams - Sun Artists Sing The Songs Of... Old Time Review
The liner notes are an interesting delve into the included artists, many of which may be unfamiliar to a wider audience. Sun historian Hank Davis, who has an unreleased track on the album, has done an excellent job on compiling the information together. There are some fascinating stories contained within the booklet, including the mystery of the whereabouts of singer Annette McGee. It also includes several rare images from the time.

Bear Family Records have compiled an intriguing selection of tracks, celebrating a legendary figure in the world of Country music, through the work of an iconic recording studio. The sound quality on this album is outstanding, especially on the unreleased material, and a testament to their work. I highly recommend this set.
Presse Archiv - Another Banana Split, please! (No.2) - Old Time Review UK
Another Banana Split, Please
30th July 2019 Jamie Dyer 0 Comments
The weather has been scorching over the last week or so, and many BBQs and summer parties will be held. If you are looking for a vintage vibe to your shindig, Bear Family Records‘ latest release may be the answer. A follow up to 2018’s ‘A Banana Split For My Baby’, it continues the theme of summer through another collection of recordings spanning 1938 to 1962.

The album features forays into Rock n Roll, Jazz, Novelty, Doo-Wop and Pop; predominantly focused on the 1950s and early 1960s. Obligatory classics from Jerry Keller, The McGuire Sisters, Eddie Cochran, Brian Hyland, Andy Williams and The Four Voices are all here, alongside rarer gems from Sammy Salvo, The Lifeguards (a spin-off from Bill Haley’s Comets), Bikinis and The Kittens. It is also nice to hear the nostalgic vocal version of ‘(Theme from) a Summer Place’, sung by Joanie Sommers. The only song, in my opinion, that appears a little out of place is 1938’s Tutti Frutti by Slim & Slam; sounding odd next to a large amount of material from a later period. There is no denying, however, this recording has the summer factor that the label is striving for. It’s a mixed bag of tunes, with plenty of variety.

The historical nature of the included material means there are occasional questionable moments; Gerry Granahan’s ‘Too Big For Her Bikini’ being one. The sound quality, despite the vintage of tracks, is mostly excellent with a few minor issues.

Something Extra:
The 28-page booklet, included in the set, provides a bit of background information on each artist and song, along with relevant illustrations and photographs. A regular feature for Bear Family Records, but always a welcome one.

Bear Family Records have compiled a colourful and intriguing selection of summer-themed tunes from yesteryear. The eclectic nature, seen in many of the label’s compilations, is a real selling point. Perfect for a vintage themed summer BBQ, your guests will be singing along in no time!
Presse - Tommy Steele Doomsday Rock - The Brits Are Rocking, Vol.1 - Vive Le Rock issue #65
TOMMY STEELE DOOMSDAY ROCK (Bear Family) Early rockin' tracks. 7/10 This looks to be the first in a series subtitled 'The Brits Are Rockin' Vol I'. Tommy Steele is a fitting artist to kick off the series, he was a true UK original with the first track here 'Rock Around The Town' dating from 1956 from which the title track also dates. Steele's style was a mixture of Elvis Presley but musically more akin to Bill Haley's Comets still hugely popular at the time. His early recording backing band were seasoned jazz musicians which also lent to the latter. Prolific doesn't doesn't cut it when it comes to describing the speed at which Decca recorded and churned out his records. Quite telling that the first 'Tommy Steele Story' EP was out in 1957. Of the 34 tracks included most were recorded in that rockin' 56/57 period, when Tommy Steele was the top of the pile of UK rock 'n' roll, here's why. Simon Nott
Presse Archiv - Various - That'll Flat Git It! Vol.32 - Vive Le Rock issue #65
VARIOUS ARTISTS THAT'LL FLAT GIT IT — VOL 32 (Bear Family) The burgeoning series keeps delivering. 8/10 The train keeps rolling on for Bear Family's long-running series and it shows no sign of slowing down let alone hitting the buffers. This is the series' fourth plundering of the Dec-ca, Coral and Brunswick rich seem of music. Of the 33 tracks the artists range from virtual unknowns like Dodie Randle who had their moment in the studio and vanished, her 'Man Hunt' is breathless and flushed like it should be, to three rumbustious Buddy Holly recordings from 1956 including 'Ting-A-Ling' a rockabilly stomper. This volume illustrates the musical experimentation that was taking place within the rock 'n' roll sphere, tracks here were recorded from New York to Nashville and LA, there was so much talent hitting pay dirt occasionally was a certainty, the downside some musical gold was missed in the melee too. Simon Nott
Presse - The Everly Brothers - Studio Outtakes - Twoj Blues, Polen
Studio Outtakes Bear Family Productions Charakterystyczne współbrzmienie głosów braci Dona i Phila Everly przeszło do historii rock'n'rolla. Pierwsze przeboje nagra-li w 1957 r. dla niezależnej wytwórni Cadence. Ich muzyka nie miała żadnego związku z bluesem, raczej była przykładem, jak rock podany w kulturalny sposób, staje się produktem maso-wej konsumpcji. Nowa kompilacja archiwalnych nagrań zawiera aż 34 utwory. Na pewno zainteresuje poszukiwaczy rzeczy nieznanych, staroci i nostalgicznych przeżyć. Największym ma-gnesem wydawnictwa jest to, że są to niepublikowane wersje wielu piosenek The Everly Brothers, jak Poor Jenny występują-ca w trzech wersjach. Poznajemy talent wykonawczy zespołu w czystej formie — śpiew najczęściej jedynie z akompaniamen-tem gitar akustycznych. Bear Family specjalizuje się w udostęp-nianiu rarytasów wszelakiej muzyki i ma przebogaty katalog. Ryszard Gloger
BEAR FAMILY PRESSE Magazin: Twoj Blues, Polen Ausgabe Sommer 2019
BCD 17590 LOU CIFER "Rockville Revelation"

LOU CIFER AND THE HELLIONS Rockville Revelation Bear Family Productions Jest to jeden z najpopularniejszych zespołów niemieckiej sceny tzw. „Teddy Boy". Oto otrzymujemy szósty album praw-dziwie rock'n' rollowego zespołu z Zagłębia Ruhry, dużego ob-szaru przemysłowego w zachodnich Niemczech. Zespół po-wstał w 1995 roku.
Nowa płyta, to kolejne wydawnictwo niezwykle prężnie i perfekcyjnie działającej firmy Bear Family, silnie propagującej klasyczny rock and roli z przełomu lat 50. i 60. Lou Cifer hołduje właśnie temu gatunkowi. Na krążku znajdujemy osiemnaście nowych piosenek, wszystkie to oryginalne kompozycje zespo-łu, zagrane z werwą i niezwykle stylowo. Słuchając płyty mamy wrażenie, jakby była nagrana około 1959 roku...! Zbyszek Jędrzejczyk
Magazin: BLUES TWOJ , Polen Ausgabe Sommer 2019

LITTLE JUNIOR PARKER Rocks Bear Family Productions

Kolejna część dużej serii „Rocks" wydawanej przez prężną niemiecką firmę Bear Family Re-cords. Tym razem płyta ukazuje sylwetkę szybko zdobywającego popularność w latach 50. blues-mana. Tradycyjnie dla Rodziny Misiów, otrzymu-jemy fantastyczne wydawnictwo prezentujące aż 31 nagrań artysty oraz niesamowicie dokład-ną i do bólu perfekcyjnie przygotowaną, 40-to stronnicową książeczkę! Maty Junior Parker byt gwiazdą świata Chitlin' Circuit ale w dużej mierze pozostawał nieznanym na białej scenie blues-rockowej. Ta kompilacja zawiera nie tylko świetne wczesne numery rock and rollowe, ale co ważniejsze, także bluesowe nagrane dla firmy Sun Records z Memphis. Rów-nież jego późniejsze nagrania dla wytwórni Duke Records w Houston świadczą także o tym, jak wielkim muzykiem bluesowym i rockerem byt Little Junior Parker. Oto otrzymujemy pierwsze w historii wspomnienie jego najwspanialszych nagrań, ciekawe szczegóły dyskograficzne oraz obszerne noty historyczne autorstwa popularne-go eksperta muzycznego Billa Dahla. Znajdziemy tu 31 utworów nagranych dla obu wytwórni płytowych między latami 1953 a 1963 i wydaje się, że będą one równie interesujące dla fanów bluesa jak i rock'n'rolla. Na płycie znajdują się znane klasyki, które od lat są inspiracją dla muzyków obu kierunków. Najbardziej znanym jest chyba Mystety Train , któ-ry byt właściwie skromnym przebojem dla mło-dego, urodzonego w 1932 r. Parkera. Dopiero wersja stworzona przez Sama Phillipsa dla zna-nego już Elvisa Presley'a uczyniła tę kompozy-cję Hermana Parkera, jak naprawdę nazywał się Junior, nieśmiertelną. Parker zmarł na guza mózgu w szpitalu Blue Island w stanie Illinois w wieku 39 lat. Pozosta-wił po sobie obfite dziedzictwo bluesowe, nie-zwykle cenione do dziś przez rzesze muzyków i melomanów. Zbyszek Jędrzejczyk
Magazin: BLUES TWOJ , Polen Ausgabe Sommer 2019

RITCHIE VALENS Rocks Bear Family Productions
Ii To nowa część dużej serii „Rocks" wydawa-nej przez prężną niemiecką firmę Bear Family Re-cords. Tym razem płyta ukazuje sylwetkę szybko zdobywającego popularność w latach 50. Rit-chiego Valensa. Tradycyjnie dla Rodziny Misiów, otrzymujemy fantastyczne wydawnictwo prezen-tujące aż 36 nagrań artysty oraz niesamowicie dokładną i do bólu perfekcyjnie przygotowaną, tym razem 40-stronnicową książeczkę! Richard Steven Valenzuela urodził się 13 maja 1941 r. W Los Angeles. Już we wczesnej młodości Ritchie opanował gitarę, trąbkę i per-kusję. W październiku 1957 roku dołączył w LA do lokalnego zespołu The Silhouettes. Miał za-ledwie szesnaście lat. W maju 1958 roku Bob Keane, właściciel hollywoodzkiej wytwórni pły-towej Del-Fi Records, zaprosił młodego muzyka na przesłuchanie do swego domu i na tej pod-° stawie został on zatrudniony na umowę.
Magazin: BLUES TWOJ , Polen Ausgabe Sommer 2019
BCD 17585 V.A. "The Great Tragedy - Winter Dance Party"

VARIOUS ARTIST The Great Tragedy —Winter Dance Party 1959 Bear Family Productions

3 lutego 1959 r. w pamięci melomanów za-pamiętany będzie na zawsze jako „dzień śmierci muzyki". Małym samolot wiozący pomiędzy kon-certami trasy „Winter Dance Party" jej głównych artystów, Buddy'ego Holly, Ritchiego Valensa i The Big Boppera roztrzaskał się na polach sta-nu lowa. Niezmordowana rodzina Bear populary-zującą wczesny rock'n'roll właśnie wydała w 60. rocznicę tragedii w hołdzie trzem gwiazdom tej muzyki płytę przypominającą większość ich naj-lepszych nagrań. Obok nich słyszymy też innych artystów występujących w tej swoistej rock'n'rol-lowej rewii. Byli to Dion, Frankie Sardo, Waylon Jennings i Debbie Stevens. Są tu również umieszczone pieśni przyjciaciół Trzech Wielkich, którzy w hołdzie dla nich po wy-padku napisali swego rodzaju hymny. Słyszymy Eddiego Cochrana, Ray'a Campiego, Benny'ego Barnesa i Hershela Almonda, a także fragmenty audycji radiowych z epoki, przekazujące drama-tyczne wiadomości. Wygląda na to, że Buddy, Ritchie i Bopper nigdy się nie zestarzeją. Zbyszek Jędrzejczyk
Press Archives - Nate Gibson Nate Gibson & The Stars Of Starday - Country Music People
24 tracks (plus a bonus track) Producer: Nate Gibson Bear Family 63:00
The Starday record company may be best known for giving George Jones his first break, but it did much more than that. Boss Don Pierce, in charge from the late 50s, had a maverick's taste for recording "unfashionable" honky tonk, bluegrass, old timey and Gospel at a time when Nashville was increasingly focused on smoother sounds. And by giving a second bite of the cherry to older stars, Starday was doing what enlightened operators like of Heart of Texas for country artists and Fat Possum for blues and soul artists have done more recently. To Starday we give thanks for the biggest hit of the Cowboy Copas's career Alabam, and a slightly more minor one for Moon Mullican (Ragged But Right). But Starday might have been forgotten had it not been for the bright young light, part musician, part scholar, part preservationist, that is Nate Gibson. He recorded his first record with Kenny Roberts, another former Starday favourite widely recognised as the finest yodeller in the business, back in 2001. Then, working with Pierce just before he died, he wrote The Starday Story: The House That Country Music Built, which is recommended reading.
Press - Fats Domino I’ve Been Around - The Complete Imperial and ABC Recordings - Now Dig This
That package has now been completely overhauled and expanded into a 12xCD collection also con-sisting of a DVD (Joe Lauro's acclaimed 'The Big Beat - Fats Domino And The Birth Of Rock n Roll'), together with a 240-page full colour book containing an updated Imperial discog-raphy. "We've found a lot of new material", says a Bear Family press release, "[including] some things that were thought to be lost and other things that nobody knew existed. We have alternative takes that have never before been issued.
Press Archive - Various Artists - The Bakersfield Sound 1940 - 1974 -
When Buck Owens and Merle Haggard emerged from the dim lights, thick smoke and loud, loud music of Bakersfield, California’s thriving honky-tonk scene of the 50’s and 60’s, they changed country music forever. “We represent the end results of all the years of country music in this town,” Haggard once remarked about the California city that served as home base for the two Country Music Hall of Fame inductees. But how were the twin pillars of the “Bakersfield Sound” shaped by the Central California’s city’s larger musical community? Who paved the way for their successes and who were their influences? The Bakersfield Sound 1940-1974 answers these questions and more. Due from Bear Family on August 9th, this sprawling 10 CD box set is the first multi-disc anthology to cover Bakersfield’s country music heritage. Diving deep into the “Bakersfield Sound,” the compilation’s 307 tracks include plenty of fan favorites as well as a vast quantity of deep cuts, alternate takes, radio recordings, demos, live material, and previously unreleased studio recordings. The massive collection begins with 40’s field recordings of migrants who arrived in Central California to find a better life, and proceeds to trace the development of this historic country music scene all the way through 1974.

Press Archive - Various Artists - The Bakersfield Sound 1940 - 1974 - Billboard
Bear Family Records' upcoming The Bakersfield Sound 1940-1970 box set, due out Aug. 9, was a labor of love for producer Scott Bomar. He found even more to love when he was presented with was thought to be a lost early recording of Merle Haggard singing "I'm Gonna Break Every Heart I Can," featured on the box and premiering exclusively below.

Haggard recorded the version included on the set for the independent Tally Records label, where Haggard was signed before Capitol. "I'd heard he'd recorded it for Tally, but nobody ever heard it and it was assumed it was lost," Bomar -- who also annotated Omnivore Records' recent Buck Owens reissues -- tells Billboard. "When I started beating the bushes and putting things together, someone handed me a tape box that was just labeled 'Merle' -- I think it was under somebody's bed somewhere -- and said, 'I don't know if anything on here would be of any interest, but check it out to see.' It turned out to be the original version of that song, which is quite a bit different than the Capitol version he recorded a few years later. It was a real find, quite a nice historical glimpse into that moment in the studio."
Presse - The Everly Brothers - Studio Outtakes - musikreviews
Großer Raritäten-Alarm rund um eine Bruderlegende – ausgelöst durch Bear Family Productions.
Diesmal also sind die EVERLY BROTHERS mit einer kunterbunten Zusammenstellung von größtenteils bisher unveröffentlichten Studio-Aufnahmen dran, die es als zweiter Outtake bis hin zur 15 Alternativ-Variante nicht auf die offiziellen Alben schafften.

Die beiden in einer musikalischen Familie aufgewachsenen Brüder Don und Phil setzten die musikalische Tradition ihrer Eltern Margaret und Ike, welche als Hillbilly-Musiker eine eigene Radio-Show präsentierten, fort und gelangten mit ihrem Superhit „Bye Bye Love“, nachdem er 1957 auf Anhieb Platz 2 der US-Charts eroberte und zugleich das „Studio Outtakes“-Album eröffnet, Weltruhm. Nun folgte ein Nummer-1-Hit dem nächsten und Millionen-Dollar-Verträge ließen die Brüder auf einer riesigen Erfolgswelle schwimmen.
Press - Little Junior Parker Rocks - Big Beat Finnland
LITTLE JUNIOR PARKER: Rocks (Bear Family Records BCD 17535) 31 raitaa Herman "Little Junior" Parker (1932-1971) ihaili junnuna Sonny Boy Wil-liamsonin harpun soittoa ja roikkui idolinsa perässä niinkin paljon, että heitä luultiin isäksi ja pojak-si. Alkuvaiheessa Parker yritti kovasti kuulostaa blues shouter Roy Brow-nilta, kunnes omaksui pehmeämmän ja moder-nimman laulutyylin. Bear Familyn ansiok-kaiden "Rocks"-kokoel-mien tarkoitus on esitellä nimensä mukaisesti kul-loisenkin artistin rokah-tavampaa puolta, mutta Parkerin vuoden 1952 ensilevytys Modernille "You're My Angel" / "Bad Women Bad Whiskey" on jätetty pois, vaikka biisit olisivat tähän pirtaan so-pineet mainiosti. Hällä väliä, sillä kokoelman kol-me ensimmäistä Sunille tehtyä levytystä ovat juu-ri ne, joista hänet erityi-sesti muistetaan: "Feelin' Good" (jota James Cot-ton on väittänyt omaksi tekeleekseen), "Mystery Train" (joku Elvis Presley levytti tämän) ja "Love My Baby" (Toinen Sun-hemmo Hayden Thomp-son asialla).
Presse - Nate Gibson Nate Gibson & The Stars Of Starday - Le Cri Du Coyote # 161
NATE GiBSON & THE STARS OF STARDAY How to make something new with musical memory? Produced by Nate Gibson, the author of The Star-day Story (Univer-sity Press of Mis-sissippi), this 25-track album was recorded with the support of Marty Stuart and his Fabulous Superlatives and Chris Scruggs.

Nate Gibson. who is also a musician. has selected songs once released on Starday (country, rock-kabilly, bluegrass. honky tonk, gospel. western swing). He re-recorded them half a century after the originals with the artists he convinced to revive these titles, some of which are part of the heritage of any classical country music fan. Thus the presence of Betty Amos, Judy & Jean. Bill Clif-ton, Rudy Grayzeil. Wade Jackson. Sleepy LaBeef, Little Roy Lewis. Jesse McR eynolds, Darnell Miller, Frankie Miller, Arnold Parker, Margie Singleton. June Stearns, etc. gives a good taste of living history without distorting the compositions, with a real dynamism and a flawless sound.

A very beautiful 56-page booklet provides detailed testimonies on this magnificent project. Emotion guaranteed, with Bear Family quality. (JB) (BCD 17588►
Presse - Little Junior Parker Rocks - Le Cri Du Coyote # 161
LiTTLE JUNIOR PARKER: Junior Parker Rocks "Rocks"? Oh, my God! Oh, my God! The blu-esman with his velvet voice, the black crooner whispering ballads could thus "rock" during a long CD of 31 tracks? Of course, it was Junior Parker who composed and created Mystery Train (inspired, according to his own words, by the way. of Cannonball Blues of the Carter Family of which he was a fan), one of the most obvious rock standards' n' roll of course, friend of Elvis Presley, his Barefoot Rock is a very credible loan in the manner of Elvis and of course, Parker has also recorded - amid slow blues and ballads - a good quantity of fast tracks... which.. gathered here with intelligence, effectively give a CD well.... rocking!