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Rosco Gordon Just A Little Bit (2-CD)

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(2016/Jasmine) 56 tracks. Shambolic – not a word often used to describe musicians, their...more

Rosco Gordon: Just A Little Bit (2-CD)

(2016/Jasmine) 56 tracks.
Shambolic – not a word often used to describe musicians, their recordings or their careers but in the case of Rosco Gordon it seems to fit. Certainly his piano stylings are often referred to as shambolic, however his looping piano style and his ability to place the accent on the offbeat helped to form the foundation of bluebeat and ska in Jamaica. Presented here are the A & B sides of every release he made up to 1961, major hits include “Booted”, “No More Doggin’”, “Saddle The Cow” plus great tracks such as “Just A Little Bit”. This is the first time his exciting recordings have been presented in this way. An undeniably original talent whose contributions to the development of popular music cannot be underestimated and this collection fully demonstrates that.

Article properties:Rosco Gordon: Just A Little Bit (2-CD)

  • Interpret: Rosco Gordon

  • Album titlle: Just A Little Bit (2-CD)

  • Label JASMINE

  • Genre Blues

  • Artikelart CD

  • EAN: 0604988305623

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Gordon, Rosco - Just A Little Bit (2-CD) CD 1
01City womanRosco Gordon
02Rosco's boogieRosco Gordon
03Ouch pretty babyRosco Gordon
04Saddled the cow (and milked the horse)Rosco Gordon
05Dime a dozen (women women women)Rosco Gordon
06A new remedy for loveRosco Gordon
07Booted (chess version)Rosco Gordon
08Love you 'til the day i dieRosco Gordon
09Booted (rpm version)Rosco Gordon
10Cold, cold winterRosco Gordon
11Tell daddyRosco Gordon
12Hey, fat girlRosco Gordon
13No more doggin' (rpm version)Rosco Gordon
14MariaRosco Gordon
15I remember your kissesRosco Gordon
16New orleans wimmenRosco Gordon
17Two kinds of womenRosco Gordon
18What you got on your mindRosco Gordon
19New orleans womenRosco Gordon
20T-model boogieRosco Gordon
21Too many womenRosco Gordon
22Wise to you babyRosco Gordon
23Ain't no useRosco Gordon
24Rosco's mamboRosco Gordon
25TryingRosco Gordon
26Dream babyRosco Gordon
27Lucille (lookin' for my baby)Rosco Gordon
Gordon, Rosco - Just A Little Bit (2-CD) CD 2
01Blues for my babyRosco Gordon
02Three cent loveRosco Gordon
03You figure it outRosco Gordon
04Just in from texasRosco Gordon
05I'm in loveRosco Gordon
06Tomorrow may be too lateRosco Gordon
07We're all loaded (whiskey made me drunk)Rosco Gordon
08Just love me babyRosco Gordon
09Weeping bluesRosco Gordon
10The chicken (dance with you)Rosco Gordon
11Love for you babyRosco Gordon
12Bad dreamRosco Gordon
13Keep on doggin'Rosco Gordon
14Shoobie oobieRosco Gordon
15Cheese and crackersRosco Gordon
16Tummer teeRosco Gordon
17I've loved and lostRosco Gordon
18Sally joRosco Gordon
19TorroRosco Gordon
20No more doggin' (vee-jay version)Rosco Gordon
21A fool in loveRosco Gordon
22Goin' home (tomorrow)Rosco Gordon
23Just a little bitRosco Gordon
24That's what you do to meRosco Gordon
25Surely i love youRosco Gordon
26The dilly bopRosco Gordon
27You'll never know (the way i feel)Rosco Gordon
28What wouldn't i doRosco Gordon
29Let 'em tryRosco Gordon
Rosco Gordon Just A Little Bit Rosco Gordon Just A Little Bit Get ready for a... more
"Rosco Gordon"

Rosco Gordon

Just A Little Bit

Rosco Gordon

Just A Little Bit

Get ready for a story of byzantine complexity. “It was Christmastime 1959,”said Jimmy McCracklin, “and I was playing in a Chicago nightclub. I ran into Rosco Gordon, and I taught Rosco one of my new songs, ‘Just A Little Bit.’”The two artists practised the song, said McCracklin, and Rosco wanted to record it. “I asked Rosco if I would get writing credit,”McCracklin told Howard DeWitt, “and he said, ‘Yes, Jimmy, you sure will.’ I didn’t get a damn thing.”Later, Rosco said that he’d developed the song from a one-liner by McCracklin. “That’s bullshit,”asserted McCracklin. “To this day, Rosco is nervous as hell when he sees me. He knows I wrote the damn thing.” In yet another version of events, Rosco told Hank Davis that he wrote Just A Little Bit while on tour with Jimmy McCracklin, and, in an attempt to account for the fact that Ralph Bass and sundry others currently have the composer credit, he said that he recorded a demo which he offered to Ralph Bass at King Records. Bass, said Rosco, insisted that he wasn't interested, but copyrighted the demo in his name. Gordon then recorded the song for Vee-Jay, and it became his biggest pop hit (with a composer credit to his first wife Del Gordon).

So what actually happened? It’s likeliest that singer and songwriter Piney Brown (aka Columbus Perry) and two others wrote the song for Bass, who pitched it to Tiny Topsy for a 1959 session that predated Rosco’s by several months. What led McCracklin to insinuate himself in the picture? Well, Topsy’s record has a geeky Tequila-type rhythm, while the familiar Just A Little Bitriff can be found in embryonic form on an earlier McCracklin record, Country Baby,so it’s likely that McCracklin inserted the now familiar riff, rewrote a few words, and came to believe that he’d made a hit (which, in a sense, he had). 

What’s certain is that this song became a valuable copyright because the Animals, Elvis Presley, Delbert McClinton, and a multitude of others have recorded it. This would be Rosco’s last R&B hit...some nine years after the first. Born in Memphis (not in 1934, as he often claimed, but on April 10, 1928), Rosco had already moved to New York, and within ten years he would exit the business until his rediscovery in the early 1980s. His death on July 11, 2002 was preceded by years of steady work and fresh acclaim, and his later records were barely less exuberant than the first.

Various - Blowing The Fuse 1960

Classics That Rocked The Jukebox

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Gordon, Rosco - Just A Little Bit (2-CD) CD 1
01 City woman
02 Rosco's boogie
03 Ouch pretty baby
04 Saddled the cow (and milked the horse)
05 Dime a dozen (women women women)
06 A new remedy for love
07 Booted (chess version)
08 Love you 'til the day i die
09 Booted (rpm version)
10 Cold, cold winter
11 Tell daddy
12 Hey, fat girl
13 No more doggin' (rpm version)
14 Maria
15 I remember your kisses
16 New orleans wimmen
17 Two kinds of women
18 What you got on your mind
19 New orleans women
20 T-model boogie
21 Too many women
22 Wise to you baby
23 Ain't no use
24 Rosco's mambo
25 Trying
26 Dream baby
27 Lucille (lookin' for my baby)
Gordon, Rosco - Just A Little Bit (2-CD) CD 2
01 Blues for my baby
02 Three cent love
03 You figure it out
04 Just in from texas
05 I'm in love
06 Tomorrow may be too late
07 We're all loaded (whiskey made me drunk)
08 Just love me baby
09 Weeping blues
10 The chicken (dance with you)
11 Love for you baby
12 Bad dream
13 Keep on doggin'
14 Shoobie oobie
15 Cheese and crackers
16 Tummer tee
17 I've loved and lost
18 Sally jo
19 Torro
20 No more doggin' (vee-jay version)
21 A fool in love
22 Goin' home (tomorrow)
23 Just a little bit
24 That's what you do to me
25 Surely i love you
26 The dilly bop
27 You'll never know (the way i feel)
28 What wouldn't i do
29 Let 'em try