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Harrison Kennedy: This Is From Here (LP)
Art-Nr.: LP3445

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(2016/Electro Fi) 12 tracks. With his new album Harrison Kennedy tells numerous musical memories of his youth in the mountains of Tennessee and the streets of Detroit. He uses the whole range of blues - from pre-war acoustic sounds to the rhythm and blues rock....

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Harrison Kennedy: Voice And Story (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDBT025

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Outstanding album by the ex-Chairmen Of Board-member. Based on the blues, 'Vice + Story' is lot more than a regular blues album. It's a melting pot, a mix of African-American music. You'll hear soul, blues, funk, also r&b, zydeco, gospel roots and folk. His songs...

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Harrison Kennedy: One Dog Barking
Art-Nr.: CD3414

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Great new album by this talented blues singer/songwriter. Awesome songs, well performed and produced. Recommended. - Digipak. HARRISON KENNEDY - voc/gtr/hca/bjo/mand/perc, KEITH LINDSAY - kbds, JUSTIN DUNLOP -bass.

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Harrison Kennedy: Soulscape
Art-Nr.: CDDFG8753

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(2013 'Electro-Fi') 53:41/14 . Harrison Kennedy - voc/banjo/mand/hca/spoons/fife/perc/bread pan, Keith "Nappy Lindsay - kbds/acc.pno, Justin Dunlop - bass/gtr on 1 track, Alec Fraser - perc.

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Harrison Kennedy: This Is From Here
Art-Nr.: CDDFG8772

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(2015/Dixifrog) 12 tracks.

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Harrison Kennedy: Who U Tellin'? (CD)
Art-Nr.: CD3451

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(2017/Electro-Fi) 13 tracks. Harrison Kennedy - voc,banjo,hca,acoustic gtr, spoons,tambourine, Jimmy Bowskill - fiddle,mandolin, Jack de Keyzer - gtrs, Julioan Fauth - pno, Alec Fraser.

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Harrison Kennedy: High Country Blues
Art-Nr.: CD3404

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In 2005, this man recorded a fabulous album in Europe for 'Black & Tan'. I'm sorry to say, but 'High Country Blues' is two steps back. Back to well-known country blues stereotypes. Probably, 'Voice & Story' was too radical a concept. HARRISON KENNEDY -...

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Harrison Kennedy: Shame The Devil
Art-Nr.: CD3428

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Another album with stories of self-experience, sparsely supported by (mostly) just acoustic guitar and harmonica. - Green packaging.

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