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Wanda Jackson has enduring popularity as the 'Queen of Rockabilly,' and to this present day continues to sing her fiery rockers to crowds across the globe, even though her rockin' sides only comprised the years 1956 through 1961 in a career that has spanned five decades.

What most don't realize is that it was country music that inspired Wanda to begin singing, and it was country music that paid the bills after rockabilly went out of vogue. For most of her life, Wanda Jackson has been a honky-tonk country music singer.

Wanda Jean Jackson was born on October 20, 1937, in the tiny town of Maud, Oklahoma, some fifty-seven miles southeast of Oklahoma City. Her father, Tom Jackson, was a professional musician who played guitar, fiddle, and sang, constantly playing music around the household. Although times were tough in the Depression, and her father had a hard time making money through music, he nurtured a love for music in his young daughter.

Wanda was an only child, with a father who had a passion for music—a detail that was probably more important than any other in fostering Wanda's own musical ambitions.

From 1956 until 1961, Wanda recorded her great rockers for Capitol, including her only real hit, Let's Have A Party, which charted at Number 37 in 1960, several years after the song had been recorded by both Elvis and the Collins Kids. 


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Wanda Jackson: Santo Domingo - deutsche Aufnahmen
Art-Nr.: BCD15582

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1-CD with 20-page booklet, 18 tracks. Playing time approx. 52 mns. Features 18 German sides, recorded between 1965 and 1970 in Hollywood and Cologne. Except a translated version of My Gal Sal , all tracks are German originals, four of which climbed into the charts....

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Wanda Jackson: Wanda Jackson (10inch LP)
Art-Nr.: BAF11006

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BEAR FAMILY Vinyl Club Exclusive - limited collector's edition, order now from Bear Family's Shop and Mailorder - no terms and conditions for dealers! 10inch LP (limited edition - colored vinyl) 12 tracks. Unique 10inch in our 11000 collectors series...

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Wanda Jackson: Tears Will Be The Chaser..(8-CD)
Art-Nr.: BCD16114

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8-CD box (LP-size) with 48-page book, 219 tracks. Playing time approx. 578 mns. This eight-CD collection contains all of Wanda Jackson 's Capitol recordings from 1963 to 1973, including nine Top 30 country hits, The Box It Came In, Because It's You, Tears Will Be...

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Wanda Jackson: Wanda Jackson - Wanda Rocks
Art-Nr.: BCD16631

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1-CD DigiPac (6-plated) with 48-page booklet, 35 tracks, playing time 79:56 minutes. The rockabilly queen who transfixed us on those early Capitol LPs is now 65. That's right Wanda Jackson has reached retirement age, although she shows no signs of slowing down....

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Wanda Jackson: Right Or Wrong (1954-62) (4-CD)
Art-Nr.: BCD15629

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4-CD boxed set (LP-size) with 39-page book, 124 tracks. Playing time approx. 308 mns. How Wanda Jackson could sing! At 17 she was dating Elvis, and when he told her she should switch to rock 'n' roll, she did! Then the fireworks started. All the great rockin'...

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Wanda Jackson: Love Me Forever - Blues In My Heart (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDTBIRD0021

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​(2010/T-Bird) 24 tracks (62:10)

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Wanda Jackson: 20 Rock & Roll Hits (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDP780917

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(1995/EMI) 20 Songs

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Wanda Jackson: Wanda Jackson meet The Head Cat (7inch, 45rpm, PS)
Art-Nr.: 45MR713008

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US custom pressing few copies only !!! real gone versions of two all time Rock'n'Roll greats - Top Sound!  - The Head Cat is an American rockabilly supergroup formed by vocalist Lemmy Kilmister (of Motörhead), drummer Slim Jim Phantom (of The Stray Cats) and...

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Wanda Jackson: Rockin' With Wanda! (1962) re 180g US
Art-Nr.: LPCAP120561

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(2013/CAPITOL) 12 tracks - limited original Capitol USA pressing!

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Wanda Jackson: Wanda (CD)
Art-Nr.: CD5406822

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(2002/CAPITOL) 18 tracks, Wanda's original Capitol album from 1958 plus six bonus tracks an an 8-page booklet.

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Wanda Jackson: Rock Your Baby
Art-Nr.: LP80010

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​(2011/Vinyl Passion) 21 tracks

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Wanda Jackson: Wanda Jackson (180g Vinyl)
Art-Nr.: LPDOX622

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​(2012/Doxy) 18 tracks

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Wanda Jackson: Rockin' With (CD)
Art-Nr.: CD5406832

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CD on EMI RECORDS by Wanda Jackson - Rockin' With (CD)

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Wanda Jackson: Unfinished Business (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDSH4087

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(2012/SUGAR HILL) 10 tracks (32:51) produced by Justin Townes Earle.

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Wanda Jackson: The Ultimate Collection (2-CD)
Art-Nr.: CD3971202

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(2007/EMI) 48 tracks Capitol 1956-70 with 12 page booklet

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Wanda Jackson: Jackson, Wanda Unfinished Business
Art-Nr.: LPSH4087

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(2012/SUGAR HILL) 10 nouveaux enregistrements, réalisés par Justin Townes Earle.

$26.95 *

Wanda Jackson: I Remember Elvis (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDCLP1568

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(2006/Goldenlane) 16 tracks (48:00) produced by Danny B.Harvey (Rockats) - Highlight Album!

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Wanda Jackson: Rock Around The Eiffel Tower
Art-Nr.: CDBBR00062

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(2000/BIG BEAT) 11 tracks - Musicorama 1965 - recorded at the Olympia, Paris. Digipac with photo inlay - beautiful collectors item ! back in stock - wieder lieferbar !

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Wanda Jackson: The Very Best Of The Country Years
Art-Nr.: CDCHD1125

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(2006/ACE) 30 tracks Capitol 1961-72 with 16 page booklet

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Wanda Jackson: Best Of The Best
Art-Nr.: CDGT2029

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(2005/GUSTO) 12 tracks poduced by Moe Lytle & Tommy Hill

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Wanda Jackson: Rockabilly Queen
Art-Nr.: CDCLP6794

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(2011/CLEOPATRA) 17 tracks (50:38) digipac. 15 tracks from her 2006 album 'I Remember Elvis' plus 2 rarities.

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Wanda Jackson: Live At Town Hall Party 10'Vinyl
Art-Nr.: SEP10-171

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(2008/SUNDAZED) 8 tracks, recorded November 29, 1958 (previously unreleased on vinyl) nice full color sleeve;

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Wanda Jackson: Jackson, Wanda Rockin' With Wanda! 180g Vinyl EU
Art-Nr.: LP771825

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(2012/WAxTime) 16 titres - Mastering DMM.

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Wanda Jackson: Rockin' Party
Art-Nr.: COMBO93300

Currently not available

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Wanda Jackson: The Party Ain't Over (2011) 180g Vinyl Ltd.
Art-Nr.: LP525263

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(2011/THIRD MAN) 11 tracks - Gatefold/Klappcover with 4 page inlay.

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Wanda Jackson: The Party Ain't Over (2011)
Art-Nr.: CD525263

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(2011/NONESUCH) 11 tracks (39:11) digipac with 8 page booklet. New studio album! produced by Jack White III (White Stripes). - also available on Vinyl (LP 525-263) -

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Wanda Jackson: The Ballads of Wanda Jackson
Art-Nr.: BCD16848

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1-CD-Album DigiPac (4-plated) with 28-page booklet, 30 tracks, playing time 77:36 minutes. Another fabulous release in our new series, 'The Ballads Of'. For the first time, all of Wanda Jackson ’s finest country ballads and torch songs on one CD. 30...

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Wanda Jackson: Heart Trouble
Art-Nr.: CD0310002

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(2003/CMH) 16 tracks - 12 page booklet new studio recordings feat. Rosie Flores, Lee Rocker, The Cramps, Elvis Costello, Dave Alvin, James Intveld a.o.

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Wanda Jackson: Wanda Jackson (1958)
Art-Nr.: LP771902

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(2014/WaxTime) 16 tracks, Includes Free MP3 Album Download

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Wanda Jackson: Queen Of Rockabilly
Art-Nr.: CDCHD776

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