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Sabrina Ascacibar

Ascacibar - sounds like the South Seas, salt water and tropical islands. Longing, soul-sellers and port divestments. Maritime, through and through.

No wonder she starts to sing from the sea sometime, her ancestry is full of sailors, captains, freebooters and adventurers. The sea was literally thrown into her cradle.

This is exactly what Sabrina Ascacibar sings about, and she does it with a passion and a devotion and honesty as if she were the reincarnation of Lale Andersen on the Bounty.

For over 70 minutes Sabrina Ascacibar takes us to the ocean, up to the starry sky above, and back down to its depths. She is sometimes the pithy sailor, sometimes the coquette sailor's bride, sometimes the shy but dangerous mermaid, an expedition through the musical setting of shipping at all times.

Pre-war maritime hits or hits of the conservative 1950s, and from La Paloma to Aloha Oe, from the old song to the new tearjerker, much is woven into a sounding, colourful mosaic. Fine sailor's yarn, sewn with little poems, anecdotes, full of poetry, wit and myths. Modernized, with electric guitar, electric bass and electric harmonium and analog keyboards, but not overdriven by electronics, samples, digitality. Novel, but deeply nostalgic, yet melancholy and cheerful at the same time.

And it's about hope, the hope that the pop song also wanted to convey in difficult times. A little unsuspecting diversion amidst all the rubble. Ascacibar wants to rehabilitate the often frowned upon songs of the time after their demise, and literally plucks them to pieces with the changeability of their octave-rich organ. Freddy Quinn's famous Mary Ann gets a somewhat rebellious rubbing voice, Lolitas sailor, let the dreaming be desculpted by stirred slide guitar.

She slips into a full soprano of the radio years, interpreting Iradiers La Paloma as Edith Piaf sang a duet with Nina Hagen. And in between big opera and small bourgeois ballads, light-hearted jazz elements and casual shower songs. All the classics, from classic to over-excited, just now and here.

The moving waltzes in Spanish, the sultry tangoes in German, the Caribbean Habaneras, plus spherical thunderstorms of sound under water and a little lullaby at the end. "Too much modernization," she says, "does music no good, its yearning sound, its depth and heaviness.

"The Hamburger Morgenpost raved about Sabrina Ascacibar's maritime Kammerrevue. "Wonderful", judged another great pop nostalgic: Ulrich Tukur. There were real applause from the demanding Hanseatic audience, night after night.

Sabrina Ascacibar tells more sounding stories than just singing. However, the fact that she is now moving to sea is not just a facet, it is almost the vocation of the sailor's descendant. The most beautiful declaration of love to the sea in a long time!




Sabrina Ascacibar Ahoi !
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Bill & Eve
Sabrina Ascacibar: Bill & Eve Art-Nr.: BCD17251

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1-CD Digipak (4-plated), 9 tracks. Total playing time approx. 29 mns. ‘Bill & Eve’ is waltz, milonga, blues, chanson, rumba – quite a wild mixture. In all these songs Sabrina Ascacibar caresses, hurts, spoils us with her voice, and yet...
$9.44 $14.19
Wo bist Du?
Sabrina Ascacibar: Wo bist Du? Art-Nr.: BCD17214

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1-CD-Album Digipac with 24-page booklet, 14 tracks. playing time approx. 48 minutes.
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Ahoi !
Sabrina Ascacibar: Ahoi ! Art-Nr.: BCD16996

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1-CD-Album Digipak (4-plated) with 22-page booklet, 30 tracks. Playing time 78:12.
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