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Helmut Zacharias

Helmut Zacharias (1920-2002), son of a violinist and composer, was considered a child prodigy, he learned to play the violin and to play music with his father at an early age. When he came to school, he could already read music. From 1939 to 1941 he was a member of the Berlin Chamber Orchestra, as well as performing as an entertainer in Berlin's Uhland-Eck and as a guest soloist with various dance orchestras on recordings. At the end of November 1941 Helmut Zacharias made his first recordings under his own name with a studio cast. Beautiful weather from this early period is modelled on the Hot Club de France and the violinist Stéphane Grappelli. Helmut Zacharias is accompanied by the Italians Eraldo Romanoni (Celesta), Alfio Grasso (guitar) and Cesare Cavaion (bass) as well as the stateless Meg Tevelian and the Hungarian Jani Nemeth (both guitars).

Helmut Zacharias I Got Rhythm
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Helmut Zacharias: Und seine Zaubergeige (CD)
Art-Nr.: CD77453

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(SONIA) 12 tracks (31:04) Stereo, produced in Nashville and featuring top players: Fred Carter/Harold Bradley (gtr.), Bobby Dyson (bass), Weldon Myrnick/Hal Rugg (steel), Charly McCoy/Terry McMillan (harmonica) a.o.

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Helmut Zacharias: Die grossen deutschen Tanzorchester 1949-55
Art-Nr.: CD222952

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(2005/MEMBRAN) 24 tracks (73:05)

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Helmut Zacharias: On Lover's Road & Candlelight Serenade
Art-Nr.: CDLK4442

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(2011/VOCALION) 24 tracks 1963/69 Stereo

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Helmut Zacharias: Romantisches Intermezzo (LP)
Art-Nr.: LP46835HIFI

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​(Polydor) 12 tracks - Original 'Polydor' album from 1963

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Helmut Zacharias: Die großen Tanz-Orchester 1930-1950 (CD)
Art-Nr.: CD662882

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(Universal) 24 tracks, 12 Seiten Booklet

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Helmut Zacharias: Zauberklang Der Violine
Art-Nr.: CD589430

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CD on POLYDOR RECORDS by Helmut Zacharias - Zauberklang Der Violine

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Helmut Zacharias: I Got Rhythm
Art-Nr.: BCD15642

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1-CD with 20-page booklet, 27 tracks. Playing time approx. 64 mns. Without a doubt Helmut Zacharias is one of the greatest violinists of all time. If he had been a classical musician, everyone would have known his name; instead, he decided to play pop music. But...

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Helmut Zacharias: Respect - The 1968 Capitol Hit
Art-Nr.: CD081627

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(2006/bureau b) 12 tracks 1968/69 digipac with 20 page booklet

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Helmut Zacharias: Tea Time In Tokyo - Film Melodies (1964)
Art-Nr.: CDLK4425

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(2011/VOCALION) 26 tracks Stereo

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Helmut Zacharias: Charmaine (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDLATA218

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(WMG NL) 14 Tracks -

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Helmut Zacharias: Schlagerjuwelen - Seine grossen Erfolge (CD)
Art-Nr.: CD5326657

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CD on POLYDOR/UNIVERSAL RECORDS by Helmut Zacharias - Schlagerjuwelen - Seine grossen Erfolge

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