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Gretchen Wilson: All Jacked Up
Art-Nr.: CDEPC70902

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(2005/EMI EU) 11 tracks (41:54) produced by Gretchen Wilson, John Rich and Mark Wright. Last stock copies (now deleted) of Gretchen Wilson's groundbreaking 2005 album, featuring ' Politically Uncorrect' with Merle Haggard and other working class gems. Absolutely...

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Gretchen Wilson: Snapshot (CD)
Art-Nr.: CD300168

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(2014/Redneck Records) 10 tracks (35:31) digisleeve incl. 4 collectable 7x12cm photos.

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Wilson, Gretchen: Greatest Hits
Art-Nr.: CDSNY761894

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(2009/SONY) 11 songs (1 unreleased live track)

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Gretchen Wilson: Right On Time (2013)
Art-Nr.: CDRR202

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(2013/Redneck) 13 tracks (46:55)

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Gretchen Wilson: Under The Covers (2013)
Art-Nr.: CDRDNK203

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(2013/Redneck) 12 tracks (49:15). Just weeks after releasing her Right On Time cd to rave reviews, Grammy Award-winner Gretchen Wilson has released her much anticipated Under The Covers album. Featuring 12 of Classic Rock's most memorable hits from the 70s....

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Gretchen Wilson: Still Here For The Party (DVD+CD Set) Walmart Exclusive
Art-Nr.: CDRDNK209

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(2014/Redneck) NTSC, Code 0, 55 Minutes plus Audio CD (12 tracks 49:33). Ten years ago, Gretchen Wilson celebrated the release of her record-setting Here For The Party CD with hundreds of her closest friends at the St. Louis nightclub The Pageant. Gretchen and...

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