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 The Rockabilly singer and musician Lew Williams was born on January 12, 1934, in  Chilicothe,  Texas. At the tender age of 4 years he experienced his first public  singing performances  guided by his mother. Soon after young Lew started to learn  how to play a guitar and at age  12 he got the final background for a raising  musician caused by the relocation of the family:  The club circuit of Dallas, Texas.

 Like so many others, young teenage cat Lew Williams got strongly infuenced by  Rhythm &  Blues and Country & Western music, and he soon became a regular on  the 'WFAA Saturday  Night Shindig' radio shows in Dallas performing his own unique  mix of music and finally went to  something like local stardom.

 He soon started to make demo recordings at Jim Beck's legendary studio which led  into a  recording contract with Flair Records in 1953. His first and only 45rpm Single  was issued on Flair which went okay locally. More demo sessions followed at Jim  Beck's and it was him, Jim Beck, who forwarded these demos to Lew Chudd, the  big boss of Imperial Records. It was not the same first name counting, it was  Chudd's opinion after he listened to one specific demo tape of a Lew Williams  composition called 'Cat Talk'. Chudd signed Williams right away as 'Cat Talk' was not only a dance number but an up-to-date song with its lyrics about teen jive talk.

'Cat Talk' was Williams second 45rpm single on Imperial Records issued in June 1956. Two more single issues on Imperial followed until 1957. All of Lew Williams' Imperial sides were hot Rockabilly numbers in very danceable rhythms, they count as
Rockabilly classics today, and therefore it is not understandable that none of these great recordings ever entered the charts.

Williams soon decided to concentrate on songwriting. He recorded some more tracks on a final studio session in Nashville 1958 which produced another single on the Hamilton label under the pseudonym of Vik Wayne. Meanwhile he was on a six months service with the National Guard when he started songwriting of hundreds  of songs. At least he was much more successful as a songwriter than as a musician. His songe swere recorded by such greats as Waylon Jennings, Porter Wagoner, Ferlin Husky, and Floyd Cramer. 

Lew opened his own recording studio in the 1960s and later a delivery service. He worked as a publisher and finally he left the music business completely. A few years later around 1977 and unnoticed by Lew, European record companies started to reissue his early Rockabilly material on several compilation LPs. It was Bear Family Records in 1998 to issue the complete recordings including his demos on CD for the first time and all of a sudden Lew Williams was even more popular than back in the fifties. Lew Williams started to perform again and headlined the legendary 'Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend Festival' in the millennium year of 2000. And once again it was Bear Family Records to issue the first Lew Williams vinyl album (in a 10inch format). Lew Williams still perfoms today on Rockabilly festivals worldwide!

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Lew Williams: Teenagers Talkin' On The Phone (10inch LP)
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(1999/Bear Family) 14 tracks - Original Imperial Records masters, 1954-1958, including the 1956 demo recordings of his Rockabilly monster 'Cat Talk' and the gorgeous title song 'Teenagers Talkin' On The Phone'! On top of it you get all of his great Rockabilly...

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Lew Williams: Cat Talk
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The original Imperial masters plus rarities from Lew's private collection.

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