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Big Joe Williams: Southside Blues (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDROC3383

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(2017/Rock Beat) 12 Tracks - Ecopack - Original 1963 Chicago live recordings!

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Big Joe Williams: Big Joe Williams - Revisited (CD)
Art-Nr.: CD0613772

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(2004/Fuel) 16 tracks (54:56) 1957-1968 / sort-of a 'best of' compilation; recordings made for Cobra, World Pacific, Storyville, Liberty. Notes by Bill Dahl.

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Big Williams Joe & J.D.Short: Stavin' Chain Blues
Art-Nr.: CDDD609

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(1958 'Delmark') (51:18/15) Eine der lange Zeit raresten Delmark-LPs mit drei erstmals zugänglichen Titeln. Mississippi style Country Blues, Harmonica und Gitarre / long-time hard-to-find collector's item, incl. three prev.unrel.takes/alternate versions

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Big Joe Williams: Piney Woods Blues
Art-Nr.: CDDD602

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(1958 'Delmark') (39:47/12) BIG JOE WILLIAMS - 9-string gtr/voc, J.D. SHORT - hca (4 tracks).

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Big Joe Williams: I Got Wild
Art-Nr.: CDDE767

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Eight cuts were recorded for 'Delmar', as 'Delmark' was originally named - in St. Louis. Later recordings were made in 1961 in Chicago. Great stuff from one of the most unique and original of all bluesmen. BIG JOE WILLIAMS - gtr/voc, RANSOM KNOWLING - bass (3 tracks).

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Big Joe Williams: Tough Times
Art-Nr.: LPARH1002

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(1960 'Arhoolie') Contains download card.

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WILLIAMS, Big Joe & FRIENDS: Going Back To Crawford
Art-Nr.: CDARH9015

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(1971 'Arhoolie') (76:51/26) Recorded in Crawford, and Starkville, Mississippi. BIG JOE WILLIAMS - gtr/voc, AUSTEN PETE - gtr/voc, JOHN 'SHORTSTUFF' MACON - gtr/voc, GLOVER LEE CONNOR - voc, AMELIA JOHNSON - gtr.

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Big Joe Williams: The Audition Tapes 1978
Art-Nr.: CD97080

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Previously unissued recordings, made by Thomas Blewett in a trailer parked before Big Joe's house, near Crawfold, Miss. This set contains six songs, and six orla histories and recollections. Liner notes by T. Blewett, and Charlie Musselwhite. Inside photos by Axel...

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Big Joe Williams: Shake Your Boogie
Art-Nr.: CDARH315

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(1959-69 'Arhoolie') (66:57/24)

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Big Joe Williams: Walking Blues
Art-Nr.: CD2424

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(1961 'Prestige/Bluesville'(75:30/22)

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