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Ritchie Valens: Ritchie - Cut Out
Art-Nr.: RNLP70232

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(Del Fi) 11 tracks - Reproduction of the original album! Cut-Out!

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Ritchie Valens: The Best Of Ritchie Valens - Cut-out
Art-Nr.: LPRNDF200

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(1981/Rhino) 14 tracks, recorded for the DelFi label in 1958 and 1959!

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Ritchie Valens: In Concert At Pacoima Jr.High (LP Album, Cut-Out)
Art-Nr.: LPRN70233

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(1987/Rhino) 10 tracks - Reproduction of the original 1960 DelFi album!

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Ritchie Valens: Rockin' All Night - The Very Best Of Ritchie Valens (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDDEL9001

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(1995/Del-Fi) 22 tracks (from the original master tapes including rare stereo versions) with 8 page booklet of rare photos and notes by Art Fein.

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Ritchie Valens: For Always (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDRMB75157

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(2010/Remember) 23 tracks

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Ritchie Valens: The Ritchie Valens Story (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDR276496

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(1993/WARNER/RHINO) 19 tracks (61:29) includes key hits plus rarely heard demos & b-sides - Narration from his manager Bob Keane - 12 page photo booklet - re-issue by popular demand. Neuauflage dieser gesuchten Veröffentlichung - Ein Muss für Rock & Roll...

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Ritchie Valens: La Bamba (1958) - papersleeve
Art-Nr.: CD3930884

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CD on MAGIC RECORDS by Ritchie Valens - La Bamba (1958) - papersleeve

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Ritchie Valens: The Complete Ritchie Valens (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDJAS581

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CD on JASMINE RECORDS by Ritchie Valens - The Complete Ritchie Valens

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Ritchie Valens: The Ritchie Valens Story (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDRN71414

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​(1993/Del-Fi/Rhino) 19 tracks

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Ritchie Valens: Ritchie Valens + Ritchie
Art-Nr.: CD263425

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(2012/Hoodoo) 31 tracks digital remastered

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Ritchie Valens: Strictly Instrumental! 7inch, 45rpm, EP, PS, small center
Art-Nr.: 45ET15029

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(2013/El Toro) 6 track EP with great picture sleeve and notes by espagnol Guitar Wiz Mario Cobo. superb release!

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Ritchie Valens: La Bamba
Art-Nr.: CDSROLL835

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