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Dudley Taft: Live In Europe (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDTAFT2016

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(2016Taft Enterprises) 13 tracks. Dudley Taft is considered as one of the best American blues-rock musicians of recent years. He won the American blues arward in 2013 and also a successful composer for film music (the six sense). He is owner of the former Peter...

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Dudley Taft: Screaming In The Wind
Art-Nr.: CDTAFT61908

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(2014/Taft Enterprises) 12 tracks. Dudley Taft - gtrs/voc, John Kessler - bass, Jason Patterson - drums, Reese Wynans - B3 organ.

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TAFT, Dudley: Left For Dead
Art-Nr.: CD134800

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He grew up in the midwestern part of the USA. Later on, he toured the country as a member of Sweet Water, and other rock bands. Now he is turning his attention back to the roots of the music. Here you will hear his unique blend of classic electric guitar blues fueld...

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TAFT, Dudley: Deep Deep Blue
Art-Nr.: CDMIG20122

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(2013 'MIG-Musik') 48:35/11, 4-plated Digipak with 8-page booklet Recorded in the USA. Dudley Taft hails from the Midwest region and joined Seattle-based hardrock bands Sweet Water and Second Coming in the 1990s. Today, he’s mixing his hard rock roots with blues...

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Dudley Taft: Skin And Bones
Art-Nr.: CDTAFT2015

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(2015/Dudley Taft) 11 tracks. Dudley Taft brings his own version of the blues to the table with Skin And Bones, a hair-raising collection of blues, rock and a slice of grunge pie. If you listen close, his influences range from Johnny Winter, Elmore James and ZZ Top...

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