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Kai Strauss: Getting Personal (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDCBH2030

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(2017/CBH) 11 tracks. Kai Strauss presents his 2017 album 'Getting Personal' with fantastic guests like Sax Gordon, Tony Vega and Big Daddy Wilson.

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Kai Strauss Band: This Time
Art-Nr.: CDTZ735

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(2011 'Timezone') (48:53/12)

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STRAUSS, Kai: Electric Blues
Art-Nr.: CDCE49

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(2014 CRS) 56:42/14. Special guests: Sugar Ray Norcia, Doug Jay, Boyd Small, Sax Gordon, Keith Dunn, Christian Rannenberg.

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Kai Strauss: I Go By Feel
Art-Nr.: CDCBH2027

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(2015/CBH) 13 tracks. Feat. special guests: Mike Wheeler, Tommie Harris, Tony Vega, Sax Gordon, Big Pete

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