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Corey Stevens: Albertville
Art-Nr.: CDRUF1125

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(2006 'Ruf Records') (46:44/10) Hier versucht Corey Stevens, den Sound und die Songs von Albert King auferstehen zu lassen. Braucht man das? / Do we really need a white guy trying to revive the sounds and songs of the late great Albert King? COREY STEVENS -...

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Corey Stevens: Rumors in the Ether (CD-R)
Art-Nr.: CD2410266

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(2014) 9 tracks. 'Rumors In The Ether' is his 9th CD and was released on October 25, 2014.

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Corey Stevens: Alone At Last
Art-Nr.: CD3725591

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(2006) 10 tracks. Delicate folky pop with the hint of southern blues.

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Corey Stevens: Dreaming Man
Art-Nr.: CD2410247

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(2010) 12 tracks.

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Corey Stevens: Galaxy Radio
Art-Nr.: CD2619865

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(2012) 13 tracks. From the artist who brought you 'Ocean Songs' in 2011, comes a vibrant and mind bending new album 'Galaxy Radio'. Packed full of exciting, spacey, rock songs with many unexpected twists and turns, 'Galaxy Radio' is a throw back to a time when music...

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