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Rudolf Rock & the Shockers

In 1976, the Leinemann group discontinued its live activities. Django Seelenmeyer, Berry Sarluis and Lonzo Westphal founded 'Okko, Lonzo, Berry Chris and Django', Jerry Bahrs became an architect, I produced records and wrote lyrics - and Uli Salm founded 'Rudolf Rock & die Schocker'.

Already in Leinemann's time Uli and I had experimented with a colourful rock 'n' roll troupe à la 'Shanana', but didn't get the hang of it. Uli finally came up with the ingenious name 'Rudolf Rock & die Schocker' and the simple yet brilliant idea of trying to parody the repertoire of Peter Kraus, Ted Herold & Co. from the 50s and 60s with German lyrics for a change, which carries a very special kind of humour.

I was gratefully commissioned to write appropriate texts for my own compositions, which were to be based on this zeitgeist. With some top-class friends from the Hamburg scene, Uli immediately set about putting his idea into action. He assigned me as a singer.

With Alex Conti (Lake) and Erich Doll (Truck Stop) on the guitars, Bernd Schulz (Rattles), Berry Sarluis (Leinemann) and Geoff Peacey (Boston Show Band, Lake) on the keyboards as well as drummers Dieter Ahrendt (Lake) and Curvin Merchant, who later played for Boney M., the group recorded the LP 'Man müsste mal halbarkark sein' in a few days.

As guests: Lonzo (Leinemann), Eckart Hofmann (Faces/Hamburg, Truck Stop), Neil Landon (Fat Mattress) and many others. What was initially intended to be a gag was very well received by the audience and the media.

Bravo' from March 18th, 1976: "...an incredibly lively and lively rock 'n' roll is played, with fabulous solo parts and beautifully kitschy background choirs. If you're looking for a change from the current disco sound at a party, this LP brings it. And not too close!"

The 'Musikladen' of Radio Bremen contacted Uli to sign this new sensational band. "When?" Uli asked. - "In two days," was the answer. Since Rudolf Rock & Die Schocker had only been in the studio so far and the participants had been on the road again with their actual bands, he quickly put together a live formation for the TV appearance and started rehearsing. Two days time!

With Rale Oberpichler (later Paso Doble) and Ingeburg Thomsen, who would go down in Rudolf Rock history as 'Sexy Hexy', 'Rudolf Rock & die Schocker' competed in the 'Musikladen'.

The 'Hamburger Abendblatt' wrote on August 14th, 1976: "As soon as the Hamburg band Rudolf Rock & die Schocker had the motto 'the drummer knocks on the beat like great - to good old Rock 'n' Roll' their performance behind them, the phones at the secretary's office were hot. Director Mike Leckebusch: 'We've never seen anything like it.'"

Excerpt from BCD16159 -

Auszug aus BCD16159 - Rudolf Rock & Die Schocker Man müßte nochmal halbstark sein

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Lederzwang (LP)
Rudolf Rock & Die Schocker: Lederzwang (LP) Art-Nr.: LPPL74951

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(1991/RCA) 12 tracks
Herzlichst (LP)
Rudolf Rock & Die Schocker: Herzlichst (LP) Art-Nr.: LP848518

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(Polyphon) 16 tracks 1976-1980​
Herzilein (LP, Maxi, 45rpm)
Rudolf Rock & Die Schocker: Herzilein (LP, Maxi, 45rpm) Art-Nr.: MAXIPT44184

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​(RCA) 4-track Maxi
Rudolf Rock & Die Schocker: Halbstark Art-Nr.: CD554005

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(1998/Spectrum) 16 tracks, very rare CD of this German Fun-Rock'n'Roll band! Everything sung in German language! MM/Bear Family Records
Herzilein - Rock Rudolf Rock 7inch, 45rpm - maxi, PS
Rudolf Rock & Die Schocker: Herzilein - Rock Rudolf Rock 7inch, 45rpm -... Art-Nr.: PB44183

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(1990/BMG) LP sized 45RPM record.
Man müßte nochmal halbstark sein (CD)
Rudolf Rock & Die Schocker: Man müßte nochmal halbstark sein (CD) Art-Nr.: BCD16159

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1-CD with 16-page booklet, 25 tracks, duration 79:53 minutes. Founded in 1976 in Hamburg by Uli Salm alias Rudolf Rock, the fun rock'n' roll formation kicked off a long-lasting rock'n' roll revival with original German lyrics in the...
$14.95 $18.41
RUDOLPH & DIE RENNTIERE: Herzlichst Art-Nr.: CD848518

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​(Polyphon) 18 Songs