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Roy Rogers

Born 5 November 1911 in Cincinnati - Ohio
Record Labels: Columbia, RCA, Capitol, Word, Bear Family
First Top Ten Hit: Blue Shadows On The Trail (1948)

Long before he could celebrate his first hit parade success, Leonard Slye aka Roy Rogers, was famous in America as "King Of The Cowboys". He began his musical career in 1931 as a member of Uncle Tom Murray's Hollywood Hillbillies. He sang with the International Cowboys, the Rocky Mountaineers, the O-Bar-O-Cowboys, the Texas Outlaws and finally became one of the four founding members of the probably most famous Western singing group, the Sons Of The Pioneers. However, he left it as early as 1938 to devote himself entirely to the film business in Hollywood.

The first film starring Roy Rogers was called "Under Western Skies" in 1938. Roy Rogers quickly became a Western hero and idol of an entire generation. By 1951 he had appeared in 88 films, mostly together with his horse "Trigger", which can now be admired stuffed in the Roy Rogers Museum. Many of his old films were shown again and again in the ZDF series "Western From Yesterday".

Although Roy Rogers has always appeared as a singer in his films, he has nevertheless become more famous as a film actor. His records were always just by-products of his film work. When the great time of the singing film cowboys came to an end in the 50's, Roy Rogers also became calm. A comeback in 1970 with country music brought him only temporary success in the country charts. Roy Roger's records as a soloist and as a member of Sons Of The Pioneers are important for the friends of country music."

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Roy Rogers: Blues On The Range
Art-Nr.: LPCCR1026

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-Blues On The Range (1989 San Francisco) CrossCut

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Roy Rogers: Into the Wild Blue
Art-Nr.: CDCNC40115

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(2015/Chops Not Chaps) 11 tracks. It has been five years since Roy Rogers' last solo recording - and it has definitely been worth the wait. The renowned slide guitarist once again offers his own eclectic mix of truly great songs. His 'manic slide guitar riffs' are...

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Roy Rogers: Badman Of Deadwood
Art-Nr.: DVDALP4147

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(2003/ALPHA) engl., 1941, b&w, 53 min.

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Roy Rogers: Sunset Serenade (0)
Art-Nr.: DVDALP4148

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(2003/ALPHA) NTSC, engl., 1942, B&W, 53 Minutes starring Roy Rogers and Dale Evans

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Roy Rogers: Young Buffalow Bill (0)
Art-Nr.: DVDALP4126

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(2003/ALPHA) english, 1940, B&W, 53 min., starring Gabby Hayes;

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Roy Rogers: Home In Oklahoma (0)
Art-Nr.: DVDALP4488

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(2004/ALPHA) NTSC, engl., 1947, B&W, 71 Minutes starring Roy Rogers, Dale Evans a.o.

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Roy Rogers: A Lonely Ranger Am I (1938-52)
Art-Nr.: CDD251

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Rogers, Roy - A Lonely Ranger Am I (1938-52)

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Roy Rogers: Slidewinder
Art-Nr.: BPLP2687

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(1987) Blind Pig Limited edition HQ 180g vinyl.

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Roy Rogers: A Man & His Song (CD-R)
Art-Nr.: CDD018

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Roy Rogers: Split Decision
Art-Nr.: CDBP5130

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West coast slide guitar genius, and the producer of John Lee Hooker's 1980s comeback albums. Roy Rogers is back, back on Blnd Pig Records! And he sounds as good as ever. Along with Sonny Landreth, he's the leading slide guitar player in the US performing a unique...

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Roy Rogers & Bob Nolan: Bob Nolan - Happy Trails To You - The Sound Of A Pioneer (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDMRLL31

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(2014/Morello Records) 21 tracks - 2 Classic Albums on 1 CD - Roy Rogers (The King of the Cowboys) plus Bob Nolan (The Greatest Writer of Cowboy Songs) = two legendary artists on one CD. Both Roy and Bob were founder members of the highly successful cowboy music...

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