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North Mississippi Allstars

North Mississippi Allstars ist eine US-amerikanische Southern Rock - Blues Band aus Hernando, Mississippi, USA, gegründet 1996. Die Band besteht aus zwei Brüdern, Luther Dickinson und Cody Dickinson.

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The North Mississippi Allstars: Prayer For Peace (CD)
Art-Nr.: CD5423992

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(2017/Songs Of The South/Legacy) 12 tracks Eighth studio album from the southern rock-blues band. Founded in 1996, North Mississippi Allstars is composed of two brothers, Luther Dickinson (guitar, lowebow, vocals) and Cody Dickinson (drums, keyboards, electric...

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The North Mississippi Allstars: Prayer For Peace (LP)
Art-Nr.: LPSOS424001

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(2017/Songs Of The South) 11 tracks - 8th studio album, produced by the Dickinson Brothers, includes download of album and bonus remix

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The North Mississippi Allstars: Do It Like We Used To Do (2-CD&DVD)
Art-Nr.: CD149002

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Exciting audio documentation, looking back on 15 years of groundbreaking musical experience. Bonus dvd contains footage filmed on ten different locations. 8-plated cardboard packing w/ 32-page booklet. LUTHER DICKSON - gtr/voc, CODY DICKINSON - drums, CHRIS CHEW -...

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The North Mississippi Allstars: Electric Blue Watermelon
Art-Nr.: CD215412

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Outstanding new album from this young trio. Like no others, they are building a bridge from the blues grandfather's music to the urban ghettos of today. The results are a masterpiece. This CD easily combines hard rock, country blues, hip-hop, and all kinds of...

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The North Mississippi Allstars: Keys To The Kingdom
Art-Nr.: CDSOS6118

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New studio recordings from the Dickinson Brothers Band. LUTHER DICKINSON -gtr/voc, CHRIS CHEW - bass, CODY DICKINSON - drums. Special guests: MAVIX STAPLES - voc, RY COODER - gtr, SPOONER OLDHAM - pno, GORDIE JOHNSON - gtr, ALVIN 'YOUNGBLOOD' HART - hca/voc.

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The North Mississippi Allstars: Early Years (2-CD)
Art-Nr.: CDCOMP6545

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Their first two albums. - Digipak. LUTHER DICKINSON - gtr/voc, DUWAYNE BURNSIDE - gtr/voc, CHRIS CHEW - bass, CODY DICKINSON - drums.

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The North Mississippi Allstars: World Boogie Is Coming
Art-Nr.: CDSOS14

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​2013 'Songs Of The South', 17 tracks. Includes download card to access short films and bonus songs

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The North Mississippi Allstars: Upstairs At United, Vol.4: 06 - 7 - 2012
Art-Nr.: LP1966

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(2012) 453 Music Recorded live, direct to analog tape.

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The North Mississippi Allstars: Keys To The Kingdom
Art-Nr.: LPSOS10

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(2010) Songs Of The Sout

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