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John Leyton,

born John Dudley Leyton in Frinton, Essex, on Feb. 17, 1939, was another actor who turned to singing by chance. He played Ginger in the ATV Biggles series and then Johnny St. Cyr in another TV series, Harper's West One which is where he got his first chance to sing 'Johnny Remember Me' and which led to the record's success in 1961. It was expertly produced by Joe Meek and featured an echo effect that masked the inadequacies of Leyton's voice.

His other records were all remarkably similar and the public quickly tired of him. Written by Geoff, Goddard, they were 'Wild Wind', 'Son This Is She' and 'Lonely City' in 1962. He later returned to acting and appeared in The Great Escape (1963), Von Ryan's Express (1965) and Krakatoa (1968). Possibly his only lasting claim to fame was that he was one of the first artists to be handled by Robert Stigwood, later to find his fortune as the producer of Jesus Christ Superstar and owner of RSO records.

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John Leyton: John Leyton & The Flames - Live In Concert
Art-Nr.: CDLRR004

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(2012/Lone Rider Records) 27 tracks, recorded live the Amersham Rock & Roll Club! Seven tracks on this album are from the rehearsal sessions at the Farm Factory studios!

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John Leyton: Two Sides Of - Always Yours (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDWESA839

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(2000/WESTSIDE) 24 tracks produced by Joe Meek - last copies

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John Leyton: The Best Of... (LP)
Art-Nr.: SEE201

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(1987/SEE FOR MILES) 20 tracks 1961-64 Mono

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John Leyton: Complete Western All-Stars Sessions -2005-10
Art-Nr.: CDLRR003

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(2011/LONE RIDER) 32 tracks

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John Leyton: John Leyton & The Flames (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDLRR002

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(2009/LONE RIDER/WESTERN STAR) 22 tracks, John Leyton's 'Johnny Remember Me' from the early 60s is well-known to every Rock & Roll collector! These recordings are from 2009 and Leyton still has a fantastic voice! This album will bring you back to when it all...

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John Leyton: Johnny Remember Me
Art-Nr.: CDJAS278

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(2014 JASMINE) 32 tracks (76:04) original 1960 HMV recordings incl.1 unreleased bonus track

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