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Nobody Loves Me Like You

The Flamingos were on the roll of their career. The Chicagoans had been recording since 1953, first for Chance and then Parrot and then Checker (where they hit in '56 with I'll Be Home and A Kiss From Your Lips) before signing with Decca in '57. Then they landed at George Goldner's New York-based End Records.

Founders Jake (their bass singer) and tenor Zeke Carey were still on board when The Flamingos signed with End, along with original baritone Paul Wilson and lead tenor Nate Nelson, who came in during their tenure on Parrot. Future soul star Tommy Hunt was there, as was tenor Terry 'Buzzy' Johnson, who doubled on guitar. He and Wilson co-wrote and co-fronted the group's first End hit Lovers Never Say Goodbye. Both that and their '59 smash I Only Have Eyes For You, their career peak (it's on our previous edition), were dreamy ballads. Sam Cooke's pen provided an upbeat change of pace.

"I had asked Sam to write us a song, because I loved Sam Cooke," says Johnson. "We were very dear friends. And I wanted a song like 'You Send Me' or 'For Sentimental Reasons,' all those beautiful slow ballads that he sang. And I was waiting for him. He said, 'I'll write you a song! I'll write you a song!' He had his own office. He had really elevated in life. He said, 'I'll write you a song.' And every time we'd see him, I'd say, 'Where's the song?' He'd say, 'I'm working on it.'

"One day at the Regal Theater, Sam came in and he said, 'Buzzy, give me a guitar! I got your song!' And he played it, and it was slow, the way he did it. And George Goldner heard it fast. And I liked it slow, because it had more of a feeling. But then George Goldner wanted it to sound more like 'Shout,' those chords.

And Sam didn't mind. He said, 'Well, just get the song out there. I don't care.'"

Released in February of 1960 as Nobody Loves Me, End quickly repressed Cooke's tune, led by Nate and Terry, as Nobody Loves Me Like You (Besame Mucho gave way to a Johnson-penned You, Me And The Sea as the flip). Nobody Loves Me Like You rose to #23 R&B and #30 pop.

The Flamingos  scored four more charters at End, but Mio Amore, a lilting Your Other Love (a Drifters-styled Doc Pomus/Mort Shuman composition), Kokomo (which they'd previously cut for Parrot), and Time Was failed to crack the Top 40. Hunt, Johnson, and Nelson left before the end of 1961, Hunt scoring a solo hit that year for Scepter with the dramatic Human. The Careys pointed The Flamingos in a soul-oriented direction that led them back to the R&B charts in '66 with The Boogaloo Party. Nelson died June 1, 1984; Wilson passed May 6, 1988; and Jake and Zeke Carey left us in December 10, 1997 and December 24, 1999 respectively.


Various - Street Corner Symphonies 1960 Vol.12

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The Flamingos: Flamingo Serenade - Flamingo Favourites (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDWESM532

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(Westside) 24 tracks. ENDLP 304: "FLAMINGO SERENADE" ...was originally released in April 1959. It represents George Goldner's ambitious concept to create an entire album with an R'n'B vocal group singing popular standards (a concept he repeated successfully...

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The Flamingos: Flamingo Favorites (1960) re-issue Vinyl LP
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12 tracks - Reproduction of END LP 307 (1960)

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The Flamingos: Requestfully Yours - Sound Of The Flamingos (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDWESM537

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(West Side) 24 tracks ENDLP 308: "REQUESTFULLY YOURS" ...was issued in October 1960 and was the only Flamingos album to be released solely in mono. (However. many of its tracks were originally recorded in stereo. and those that were appear in the latter format...

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The Flamingos: Time Was
Art-Nr.: CDJAS253

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2013 'Jasmine', 54 tracks, 2-CD, their later recordings until 1962

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The Flamingos: For Collectors Only (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDCOL8803

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(Collectables Records) 42 tracks 'I had the rare privilege of interviewing Zeke and Jeke Carey, in Brooklyn, New York' . They are the organizers and original members of one of the most renowned rhythm and blues vocal groups to come from the fifties, the Flamingos....

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The Flamingos: I Only Have Eyes For You (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDCOL1344

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(2009/Collectables) 20 tracks - Doo Wop Classics

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The Flamingos: Dream Of A Lifetime 1953-1959 (2-CD)
Art-Nr.: CDJAS554

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CD on JASMINE RECORDS by FLAMINGOS - Dream Of A Lifetime 1953-1959 (2-CD)

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The Flamingos: Flamingo Serenade (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDCOL5424

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The Flamingos: I Only Have Eyes For You - The Best Of The End Years (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDNEM609

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(Sequel) 20 tracks - 4 page notes by Donn Fileti plus sessiongraphy ​

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The Flamingos: I Only Have Eyes For You
Art-Nr.: CDCOL9916

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The Flamingos: The Chess Sessions (LP)
Art-Nr.: LP30112236

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​(1988/Serdisco/Charly) 16 tracks

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The Flamingos: Lovers Gotta Cry b-w Your Other Love (7inch, 45rpm)
Art-Nr.: 45END1081

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Original 45rpm record on the 'End' label from 1960

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The Flamingos: Heavenly Angel b-w I Was Such A Fool (7inch, 45rpm)
Art-Nr.: 45END1062

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Original 45rpm record on the 'End' label from 1959

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The Flamingos: Requestfully Yours
Art-Nr.: LPSR59033

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(1984/Roulette) 12 tracks

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