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Si Cranstoun: Smokehouse Sessions (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDSI002

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(2013/Galley) 10 tracks, again a fantastic dancable Rhythm & Blues album by Si Cranstoun, one of the most requested today's artists for Rock & Roll festivals! Get your copy quick!

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Si Cranstoun: Modern Life (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDEW622130

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(2014/East-West UK) 14 Tracks, 1950s styled Rhythm'n'Blues mixed with late Sixties Soul and a brand of Reggae! Fantastic album!

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Si Cranstoun: Old School
Art-Nr.: CDGALLEY117

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(2015/Galley) 13 tracks - Wow! The newest album from Si Cranstoun finally is on my desk and in the player! To be honest - I've had no big exspectations because the last crappy major company album was in my mind - but fortunately was wrong! This is the best one he...

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