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Jackie Lee Cochran: Rockabilly Music (CD-Cut-Out)
Art-Nr.: CDHMG6604

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(1997/Hightone) 20 Tracks - Original Rollin' Rock recordings, 1974-1981, produced by Rockin' Ronny Weiser at his Van Nuys, California, studios! Legendary!

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Jackie Lee Cochran: Rockabilly Legend (LP)
Art-Nr.: LPMF045

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(Magnum Force) 12 tracks, original Rollin' Rock recordings!

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Jackie Lee Cochran: Pity Me - I Wanna See You (7inch, 45rpm)
Art-Nr.: 45REP03033

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All-time Rockabill monster from 'Jack The Cat' - Twin Spin with great guitar break and wild piano action!

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Jackie Lee Cochran: The Rollin' Rock Recordings (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDPART6124001

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(2017/Part) 24 tracks - The two Rollin' Rock albums 'Swamp Fox' and 'Rockabilly Legend' of Jackie Lee Cochran on one CD! Package include a great booklet with extensive linernotes and great pics! Highly recommended!

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Jackie Lee Cochran: with Johnny & The Roccos (1985 Sessions)
Art-Nr.: CDCHD1064

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(2005/ACE) 27 tracks with 12 page booklet / das geniale 1985 Comeback Album von Rockabilly Legende Jackie Lee Cochran mit Johnny & The Roccos plus die seltene Roccos LP mit dem Club Smash 'I Hate The Disco' und drei unveröffentlichte Bonus Titel - Rockin' Higlight...

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Jackie Lee Cochran: Jack The Cat Story - The 50's Recordings
Art-Nr.: CDBCK27102

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With 32 page booklet of notes, rare photos and discography.

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