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Jake Calypso: Downtown Memphis
Art-Nr.: CDRPR36

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(2015/Chickens) 14 tracks - Recorded at the legendary Sun Records Studio in Memphis, Tennessee. 11 of the 14 tracks are written by Jake Calypso himself, except 'Trouble Bound', 'Blue Moon Of Kentucky' and 'That's All Right'! Jimmy van Eaton, one of Sun's regular...

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Jake Calypso: Babe, Babe, Baby! - The Sun Session
Art-Nr.: 45CR311214

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(2015/Chickens) Jake Calypso's first Sun EP, recorded at the legendary Sun Records Studio in Memphis, Tennessee!

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Jake Calypso: Jake Calypso And His Red Hot - Born And Die 7inch, 45rpm, EP, PS
Art-Nr.: 45CR010114

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Brandnew four-tracker of Jake Calypso and his Red Hot! On the backside is a little game, while you're listening to the record!

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Jake Calypso: Father & Sons (2014)
Art-Nr.: CDRPR31

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(2014/Rock Paradise) 16 tracks, another freaky album from Jake Calypso & his Red Hot, the 'Today's Hick-Up King Of Rockabilly'! Primitive and wild Rockabilly - a mixture of Charlie Feathers and Slim Whitman on Speed! All songs are written by Calypso except two...

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Jake Calypso: Grandaddy's Grease
Art-Nr.: CD211009

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(2010/CHICKEN) 11 tracks - digipac

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Jake Calypso: Downtown Memphis (LP, 10inch)
Art-Nr.: LPRPR109

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(2015/Chickens) 9 tracks - Recorded at Sun in Memphis, Tennessee, featuring Sun drummer Jimmy Van Eaton on 'Trouble Bound' which is the only cover song on this LP album! Fantastic stuff and another nugget in your 10inch LP record collection!

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Jake Calypso: Father And Sons
Art-Nr.: LPRPR06

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(2013/Chicken Records) 11 tracks of old school rockabilly originals.

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