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Billy Don Burns

"Friend forever. Billy Don is wise beyond his years. Great writer. Great man. A leader in all walks of life. The best man to have on your side no matter how dangerous the situation" - Billy Joe Shaver 

"Every now and then... in this day of cookie cutter auto-tuned singers... every now and then I get to hear a voice singing songs that remind me of why I fell in love with music... Billy Don Burns with Nights When I'm Sober - A Portrait of a Honky Tonk Singer did that for me this morning... It's late afternoon now and I'm still being reminded... Thank you Billy Don." 
- Chuck Cannon (writer of many of Toby Keith's hits)

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Billy Don Burns: Graveyard In Montgomery (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDRTKN41

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(2017/Rusty Knuckles) 11 tracks  - I was on my way to do some gigs in Alabama and Florida, heading down I-65 through Montgomery. Once again I was telling myself, 'Don’t stop at Hank’s grave' After so many trips there over the years, I had the itch to stop in...

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