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The Blue Cats: On A Live Mission (2-LP)
Art-Nr.: LPBLR331701

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(2013/BLUELIGHT) 16 tracks - first Live Album by legendary British neo-rockabilly band The Blue Cats - recorded in May 2013 in front of live audience close to 900 people in rock club Virgin Oil Co in Helsinki, Finland - Limited Edition with nice photos and gatefold...

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The Blue Cats: Best Dawn Yet (2012)
Art-Nr.: CDBLR33165

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(2012/BLUELIGHT) 12 tracks

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The Blue Cats: The Tunnel (1992 & 2012) & BONUS TRACKS
Art-Nr.: CDBLR33167

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(1992/2012/BLUELIGHT) 16 tracks

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The Blue Cats: Billy Ruffians (CD-SINGLE) (2012)
Art-Nr.: CDBLR45102

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(2012/BLUELIGHT) 3 tracks - digipac

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