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Peanuts Wilson: I've Had It - I Fell In Love (Ken Cook) (7inch, 45rpm, PS, Ltd.)
Art-Nr.: BLE003

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(Bear Family Records) 2 tracks - big centerhole - limited, numbered (500) edition.  - Johnny 'Peanuts' Wilson was born in West Virginia. He played rhythm guitar in Roy Orbison's Teen Kings in 1956. After leaving Orbison, he made a few recordings (on...

$17.49 *

Jesse Lee Turner: Put Me Down - Boppin' Blue Jeans (The Leonard Brothers) (7inch , 45rpm, PS, Ltd.)
Art-Nr.: BLE002

Currently not available

A-Side: Really great mid-tempo piano Jiver! Kinda Jerry Lee Lewis feeling on this one. This is an unissued SUN recording and on 45rpm for the very first time! B-Side: An ultra hot rockin' Jiver from Arizona. It's not so much known about these fellas. But this...

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Skip Stanley: Satellite Baby - Red Hen Hop (7inch, 45rpm, Company Sleeve, Ltd.)
Art-Nr.: BLE004

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(Bear Family Records) 2 tracks - big centerhole - company sleeve,  limited, numbered (500) edition.  - Skip Stanley : brings you the wild R&B version of 'Satellite Baby' (Spotlight 399) - this a bomb! The Rockabilly version which is completly...

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Eddie Noack: Psycho b-w Dolores
Art-Nr.: BLE005

Currently not available

7” vinyl single (45 rpm) with picture sleeve. Numbered edition, strictly limited to 500 copies, worldwide. Painting © Reinhard Kleist • Direct Metal Mastering, manufactured by Pallas. Cult favorites from a cult favorite! The classic hillbilly songwriter goes wild...

$11.70 *

The Drifters: The Drifters - The Drifters Rock (CD)
Art-Nr.: BCD17278

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1-CD Digipak (6-plated) with 52-page booklet, 32 tracks. Playing time approx. 81 mns. -- The finest black vocal group of all time on a long overdue compilation of their rock'n'roll classics. The original versions of songs like 'Money Honey', 'Such A Night'...

Instead of:$19.83 * $17.49 *

Bill Yates: Blues Like Midnight - The Sun Years, Plus
Art-Nr.: BCD17277

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1-CD Digipak (4-plated) with 48-page booklet, 33 tracks. Playing time approx. 87 mns. Contains all the singles made by Bill Yates in Memphis at the turn of the 1960's and an astonishing collection of unknown and unissued sides! Includes the three renowned Sun...

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Billy Adams: Rock Me Baby, The Sun Years Plus
Art-Nr.: BCD17116

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1-CD Digipak (4-plated) with 48-page booklet, 31 tracks. Playing time approx. 80 mns. -- A wondrous CD reissue containing all the fabulous rocking R&B music Billy Adams made for Sun Records - and all the little-known sides he made for Home Of The Blues and Pixie...

Instead of:$18.66 * $16.32 *