Press Archive - Various - That'll Flat Git It! Vol.28 - Vive Le Rock

Simon Nott
THAT'LL FLAT GIT IT... VOL. 28 (Bear Family)
The rock keeps rolling.
It's 25 years since the first of this series and seven years since number 27. That's quite an achievement, considering rockabilly lasted the blink of an eye in the bigger musical scheme of things. This one is slightly different and could auger the continuation of the series, veering into what happened next. With the benefit of hindsight, the excellent music herein can be enjoyed ) as it is, but the label in the spotlight, Warner Brothers, made some baffling commercial decisions. Whoever thought Bill Haley, already forgotten at this point, covering Carl Perkins' (also on the wane) 'Blue Suede Shoes' would sell? Ex-wild rocker Johnny Carroll doing a similarly unfashionable Gene Vincent impersonation was equally a bizarre, although gems in retrospect. This is the sound of the old guard encountering the 1960s, only some with an embrace.
Simon Nott

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