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GLEN GLENN PICK 'EM UP AND LAY 'EM DOWN! BEAR FAMILY VINYL CLUB 0000 Even if some of the titles on Bear Family's freshly compiled 12-song 10" by rockabilly stalwart Glen Glenn look familiar, they'll likely be new to your collection. Compiler Deke Dickerson digs deep into Glenn's Era label catalogue for the set, opting to use take one of Glen's classic One Cup Of Coffee and alternate versions of Everybody's Movin', Blue Jeans And A Boys' Shirt and the Wynn Stewart-penned Would Ya. Not everything hails from Era's archives and Glenn's country roots are spotlighted via Company's Comin' and You're Not Mine. 


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Glen Glenn: Pick 'Em Up And Lay 'Em Down...

‘Glen Glenn is a name held in high esteem by rockabilly fans and was a second generation artist who developed his own style’. • 12 recordings from the Era label catalog, 1955–1963. • Contains different versions from the originally released records. • 10“LP. •        Information and liner notes from Deke Dickerson. • Carefully restored and mastered for our high-quality 10“ LP series. Glen...

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