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Devon Allman: Turquoise
Art-Nr.: CDRUF1186

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(2012 'Ruf Records') (41:56/11) DEVON ALLMAN - voc/gtrs, YONRICO SCOTT drums/perc, MYLES WEEKS - upright & electric bass. Special guests: LUTHER DICKINSON, SAMANTHA FISH, RON HOLLOWAY, BOBBY SCHNECK JR., RICK STEFF.

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Devon Allman: Ragged & Dirty
Art-Nr.: CDRUF1205

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(2014/Ruf) 12 tracks. The dark blonde mane is the same, even the posture is consistent and even the voice has similarities. But Devon Allman has worked hard to build up his own image in the music scene , regardless...

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Devon Allman: Ride Or Die (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDRUF1231

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(201/Ruf) 12 tracks. The album contains twelve soulful and powerful tracks that showcase Allman's maturity as a songwriter, a singer, and his continuous evolution into one of the top guitarist on the scene today. Co- produced along with Grammy winning Tom...

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Devon Allman: Turquoise
Art-Nr.: RUF2010

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​(2013) Ruf, 11 tracks, 180 gram vinyl

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