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Mac Wiseman's Birthday Roast

Mac WisemanMalcolm 'Mac' B. Wiseman was born on May 23, 1925 in Crimora, near Waynesboro, Virginia. His belated recognition recalls Duke Ellington who, when he was passed over for a Pulitzer Prize at 67, humorously observed that fate didn’t want him to be famous too soon.  The 'Voice with a Heart' has waited even longer, even though his broad appeal has survived for over 65 years since his first solo records. 

Highlights of his unique career include bringing twin fiddles to bluegrass, and introducing banjo geniuses Allen Shelton, Don Bryant and Eddie Adcock to the world.  His love of music begins with bluegrass and extends through the pop and country music worlds to a special love for sentimental heart songs from generations past.

 Both Jimmie Brown The Newsboy (1875) and Love Letters In The Sand (1931) were already classics
Mac Wiseman when Mac’s new interpretations became career hits. On one occasion he even teamed with big band leader Woody Herman to sing My Blue Heaven” (yes, it’s on Bear Family). Mac was toasted in last September‘s Bluegrass Unlimited by Don Bryant, who tells good stories on himself and Mac too.

Friends and colleagues will come from far and wide on Saturday to roast Mac on the occasion of his nine-decade anniversary, the release of a brand new book, 'All that’s Fit to Print,'and a collection of duets with old friend and admirer Merle Haggard.  It’s our good fortune that we continue to enjoy great music from Mac himself, whose long and wondrous career shows no signs of slowing down.

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Mac Wiseman: On Susan's Floor (4-CD)
Art-Nr.: BCD16736

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4-CD Box Set, LP-size with 60-page hardcover book. 114 tracks. Plying time 303:36 minutes.  We did it first...and we do it best! Now here's the second installment of our Mac Wiseman retrospective, including his ultra-rare recordings for Dot, Rural Rhythm,...

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Mac Wiseman: 'Tis Sweet To Be Remembered (6-CD)
Art-Nr.: BCD15976

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6-CD box (LP-size) with 76-page hardcover book, 164 tracks. Playing time approx. 418 mns. For over 60 years, the distinctive voice of Mac Wiseman has thrilled, moved, and inspired listeners across the world. He has taken his music from small-town radio stations...

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Mac Wiseman: Teenage Hangout
Art-Nr.: BCD15694

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1-CD with 12-page booklet, 30 tracks. Playing time approx. 70 mns. Back in 1955 bluegrass veteran Mac Wiseman feared that country music was about to be swept away by rock 'n' roll, so he decided he'd better cut himself some rock 'n' roll. The results are...

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Mac Wiseman: #1 Christmas
Art-Nr.: CDGT0819

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(2007/GUSTO) 9 tracks

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Mac Wiseman: 24 Greatest Hits
Art-Nr.: CDTVC0594

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CD on TEEVEE RECORDS by Mac Wiseman - 24 Greatest Hits

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Mac Wiseman: Letter Edged In Black (2001)
Art-Nr.: CDMAC101

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​(2001/Music Mill) 10 tracks.

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Mac Wiseman: I Sang The Song - Life Of The Voice With A Heart (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDMF170120

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(Mountain Fever Records) 11 tracks -  6 panel digisleeve with 12 page booklet of notes, photos and all lyrics.  - WILLIS, Virginia —Mountain Fever Records is proud to announce the release of a star-studded concept album celebrating the life and spirit of...

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Mac Wiseman: Waiting For The Boys To Come Home
Art-Nr.: CDMM50114

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(2008/WISEMAN) 14 tracks

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Mac Wiseman: Songs From My Mother's Hand
Art-Nr.: CDWR8336

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(2014/Wrinkled Rec.) 12 tracks (36:12) digipac with 16-page booklet. Produced by Thomm Jutz & Peter Cooper.

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Mac Wiseman: Old Likker In A New Jug (2008)
Art-Nr.: CDMAC113

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​(2009/Music Mill) 15 tracks.

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WISEMAN, Mac: Bluegrass 1971
Art-Nr.: CDRRY1059

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(2010/Rural/Man-Do-Lin) 15 tracks

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WISEMAN, Mac: Bluegrass Hits And Heartsongs
Art-Nr.: CDREB7523

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​(2009/Rebel) 14 tracks.

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