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Jay Willie Blues Band: New York Minute
Art-Nr.: CD201303

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(2013 'Zoho Music') (52:23/15)

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Jay Willie Blues Band: Johnny's Juke Joint
Art-Nr.: CD201510

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(2015/Zoho) 12 tracks. Another fine CD from the Jay Willie Blues Band feat.: Jason Ricci - hca and Bobby T Torello - drums.

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Jay Willie Blues Band: Hell On Wheels (CD)
Art-Nr.: CD201612

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(2016/Zoho) 13 tracks. A funky cruise through nine soulful 1950s and 1960s R+B gems and four band member originals. Jay Willie Blues Band plus vocalist Malorie Leogrande.

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Jay Willie Blues Band: The Reel Deal
Art-Nr.: CD250280

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(2010 'Blues Boulevard') (26:11/08) . Bluesband from the US East Coast with a set of covers. Drummer Bobby T Torello used to play with Johnny Winter during the late 1970s. JAY WILLIE - gtr/slide gtr/hca, ROBERT CALAHAN - voc/gtr, TOMMY T TORELLO - drums. Special...

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Jay Willie Blues Band: Rumblin & Slidin
Art-Nr.: CD201407

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(2014/Zoho Music) 14 tracks. Texas blues at its best!!!!!

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Jay Willie Blues Band: Jay Walkin' (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDZM201710

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(2017/Zoho Roots) 12 tracks - " We are proud to release Jay Walkin’, the Jay Willie Blues Band’s fifth consecutive release with Jochen Becker and his New York based ZOHO Music label. What is consistent with all these releases is that the cover songs on them pay...

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