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Watermelon Slim: Golden Boy (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDDFG8796

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(2017/Dixie Frog) 10 tracks. Watermelon Slim is well-known as an unconventional and extraordinary blues artist. His 2017 production is called 'Golden Boy'.

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Watermelon Slim & Workers: Escape From The Chicken Coop
Art-Nr.: CDNBM054

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For years, he had driven trucks on American freeways. Finally, Slim wanted to record a country music CD. Here we are. Supported by producer Miles Wilkinson and songwriter Gary Nicholson this set of country tunes was recorded in Nashville. Songs, not just about life...

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Watermelon Slim: Wheel Man
Art-Nr.: CDNBM038

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Fine new album from the Oklahoma bluesman. He's mixing different blues styles and is adding extra spices like zydeco and vintage rock. Excellent. Recommended. WATERMELON SLIM -voc/hca/Dobro, RONNIE McMULLEN - gtr, IKE LAMB - gtr, CLIFF BELCHER - bass, MICHAEL...

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Watermelon Slim & Workers: Ringers
Art-Nr.: CDNBM059

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What will happen when a bluesman comes to Nashville to record his new album Right. He will record a country album. This a good one! Slim is a real outlaw. He experienced the songs he is singing. Mostly originals, great singing, great playing. Excellent traditional...

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Watermelon Slim & Super Chikan: Okiesippi Blues
Art-Nr.: CDNBM061

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Oklahoma meets Mississippi. Watermelon Slim meets Super Chikan. In other words, two story tellers reporting stories written by their lives, communicating over everyday life, and the unusual experience. The color of their skins was not a topic ...! - Digipak. SUPER...

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Watermelon Slim & Workers: Bull Goose Rooster
Art-Nr.: CDNBM064

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(2013 'Northern Blues') 62:19/16, 6-plated green packaging Powerful yet rather conventional blues album by the Southern roots musician, presenting a set of nine originals plus several covers. Great harmonica sounds and slide guitar playing. Watermelon Slim –...

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Watermelon Slim: Watermelon Slim
Art-Nr.: APO016

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(2011) APO Records Direct to disc pressed at Quality Record Pressings.

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