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Voodoo Swing: Refried Voodoo Beans
Art-Nr.: CDPART699001

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CD on PART RECORDS by Voodoo Swing - Refried Voodoo Beans

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Voodoo Swing: We're Using Code Names (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDNER077

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(1994/Nervous) 14 Tracks - Rough Tough American Rock'n'Roll Rockabilly Dirt! It's great!!​

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Voodoo Swing: Keep On Rollin
Art-Nr.: CDELL011

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(Electric Lotus) 12 tracks - digipac

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Voodoo Swing: fast Cars, Guitars, Tattoos And Scars
Art-Nr.: CDEL100001

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CD on ELECTRIC LOTUS RECORDS by Voodoo Swing - fast Cars, Guitars, Tattoos And Scars

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