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Velvetone: Velvetone vs. Vampyre State Building 7inch, 45rpm
Art-Nr.: SRR38683

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Single (7 Inch) on SWAMP ROOM RECORDS by Velvetone - Velvetone vs. Vampyre State Building 7inch, 45rpm

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Velvetone: Lil' Bad Thing - Seven
Art-Nr.: 45CCR4501

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(2007 'CrossCut')

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Velvetone: Lil' Bad Thing - Seven (White Vinyl)
Art-Nr.: 45CCR4501LTD

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Roots/rock band Velvetone blends the pure energy and grease of rockabilly sounds with vintage rock and roll, urban rhythm'n'blues, soul and country music. To deliver a foretaste of Velvetone's forthcoming full-length CD release on CrossCut Records ('Yip-Yip!') we...

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VELVETONE: Switchback Ride
Art-Nr.: CDCCD12008

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(2004 'CrossCut Records') (52:41/14) Fantastisches neues Album von einer der faszinierendsten europäischen Roots/Rock Bands! Längst haben sie sich vom straighten Rock'n'Roll der frühen Tage verabschiedet. Mit ihrer Mischung aus Rockabilly, schwarzem R&B, Blues und...

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Art-Nr.: CDCCD12010

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Their best to date! Great sound, fabulous music from one of Europe's leading roots rock bands. Their style is one-of-a-kind, a unique blend of vintage rockabilly, soul, early r&b, instrumental twang, and country music. The songs (11 originals, 3 covers) vary from...

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VELVETONE: Dark Blossom
Art-Nr.: CDCCD12003

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members of Europe's premier roots/rock league (American style), Velvetone (there's no 'S' in their name!), with their latest effort. 'Dark Blossom' is a master piece in performance, sound and packaging. If you are not familiar with Velvetone, they sound reminiscent...

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