Who was/is The Velvet Candles ? - CDs, Vinyl LPs, DVD and more


Vocal Group from Barcelona, Spain


Doo Wop, Rhythm & Blues, Rock n' Roll


Augier Burr - Lead vocals & chorus
Eddie Peregrin - Lead vocals & chorus
Mamen Salvador - Leads & chorus
Juan Ibañez - Vocal Bass & chorus
Miguel A. G. Garro - High Tenor



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The Velvet Candles Sing Their Favorites (7inch, EP, 33rpm, PS, BC)
The Velvet Candles: The Velvet Candles Sing Their Favorites (7inch,... Art-Nr.: 45ETEP15076

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(El Toro) 4 tracks - 33rpm Too many years have passed since the Velvet Candles released their first album "The Story of our love", years where the group has grown in popularity all over the world. They have been a constant attraction on...
Two Candles Sing Carlos Slap (7inch, 45rpm)
The Velvet Candles: Two Candles Sing Carlos Slap (7inch, 45rpm) Art-Nr.: 45ET15136

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(El Toro) 2 tracks My Old Place - Agusti Burriel One Rose - Juan Ibanez
$11.26 $13.52
The Velvet Candles (7inch, 45rpm)
The Velvet Candles: The Velvet Candles (7inch, 45rpm) Art-Nr.: 45ET15180

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(El Toro) 4 tracks Immerse yourself in The Velvet Candles' latest EP, featuring soulful originals such as "Hello Stranger" by Jackson Sloan and "Your Eyes" by doo-wop maestro Ralf zur Linde. This musical journey also includes...
Today (CD)
The Velvet Candles: Today (CD) Art-Nr.: CDET6095

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(El Toro Records) 12 tracks - AUGIE BURR, EDDIE PEREGRIN und MAMEN SALVADOR (Lead, Chorus) sowie JUAN IBAÑEZ (Bass & Chorus) und MIGUEL A. G. GARRO (High Tenor) - The Velvet Candles... Today... And we should add... At Last! Eight years...
The Story Of Our Love (CD)
The Velvet Candles: The Story Of Our Love (CD) Art-Nr.: CDET6049

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(El Toro) 15 tracks (36:42) Great spanish Doo Wop group with early 60s vanilla sound, recorded in 2009!