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The German chanson and its history(s)

100 years of board art

Unique documentation - the history of German-language chanson from its beginnings a hundred years ago to the present day.
Poetic and political world theatre in three hundred times three minutes.
A total of about 300 chansons on 12 CDs.
The most important representatives of their respective epochs.
Famous stars and (new) discoveries.
Extensive, attractively designed booklets, information about the songs, their authors and each individual performer.

In France almost everything that is sung is chanson, but German chanson is a very special kind of song. In return, the French term'le lied' also means only one particular genre of singing, the German art song. C'est si bon, as it says in a chanson classic, or with Hildegard Knef's line: "what does it matter? What matters is how it sounds!

What's a chanson anyway?
When you sing: "I love you" - then it's an opera
When you sing: "I am in love" - then it is an operetta.
When you sing: "Be nice to me" - then it's a hit.
But when you sing, "I'm set on love from head to toe."
then it's a chanson!

(Friedrich Hollaender)

Poetic world theatre of life, love and suffering in three minutes - 100 years ago, the new tone of chanson suffered in Germany too. Modern are light but not shallow songs with German lyrics in the 21st century. The media, SWR's list of best songs, the Deutschlandradio's Chanson of the Month, venues such as Frankfurt's Chanson-Club Mosaik and the ever increasing number of German chanson festivals, for example in Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart and Heidelberg, bear witness to this.

Lots of opportunities for the'announcement of a chansonette'. Which would be misleading in France, however, because there'Chansonette' means a frivolous or funny song and the chanson singer is a'Chanteuse'. According to the'Chanteur', as the singer is called there and not as in Germany'Chansonnier' - in turn in the motherland of chanson one calls a cabaret artist solo entertainer. Not enough of confusion, for the female form'Chansoniere' or'Chansonnière' is also widespread in our country and means the same thing as'Diseuse' - a dazzling diva of chansong. Under whatever name, everyone may feel advertised by the'announcement of a chansonette', which Erich Kästner begins with the words during the first heyday of German chanson in the Golden Twenties:

She's not very pretty. But it doesn't matter.
It works without beauty.

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Sie ist eine Frau. Und steht ihren Mann.
Und hat Musik im Bauch.


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