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Pat Travers: Retro Rocket
Art-Nr.: LPCLP1942

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(2015/ Cleopatra) 9 tracks. Legendary guitarist Pat Travers dug deep into His archives with early works of his distinguished career and recorded Retro Rocket - as the name suggests - some of his best songs.

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Pat Travers: Can Do
Art-Nr.: LPBOBRC042

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2013 'Back On Black Rock Classics', 12 tracks, 2-LP

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Pat Travers: Can Do
Art-Nr.: CD9106082

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​2013 'Frontiers', 55:25/12. Songs: Pat Travers. Produer: Sean Shannon & Pat Travers.

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TRAVERS, Pat: Blues On Fire
Art-Nr.: CDCLP8991

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Performing songs of the pre-war blues masters. And he does it so well! After learning the basic harmonies of these early blues tunes, Travers transformed the old songs into pieces of his own. Great rocking versions, highly recommended. PAT TRAVERS - gtrs/bass/voc,...

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Pat Travers: Blues On Fire
Art-Nr.: CLP9009

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(2012) Cleopatra

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Pat Travers: Live At The Bamboo Room (CD-DVD)
Art-Nr.: CDCLP436

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(2013/Purple Pyramid) 30 tracks, incl. CD & DVD. Lake Worth, Florida - Dec. 8th, 2012

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TRAVERS, Pat: Live At Iridium NYC
Art-Nr.: CDFR677

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(2015/Frontiers) 12 tracks. Travers knows how to play guitar. Absolutely recommendable ..

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